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away—a man able in counsel, wise in Majesty the Emperor of the French, have
debate, conciliatory in manner, possessed lost no time in tendering their friendly
of a knowledge of his fellow-countrymen offices to the Governments of Spain and
seldom attained by any. He secured to Chili, in the hope of preventing a war be-
himself the affection, the confidence, the tween those countries. Your Lordships
esteem, and the respect of the people of will be further gratified to learn that their
this country in a manner seldom if ever good offices have been accepted.
equailed, but certainly never surpassed, by Her Majesty has informed your Lord.
any former statesman. At an age far ex- ships that a Commercial Treaty has been
ceeding that usually allotted to man, he was concluded with the Emperor of Austria ;
selected at a time of peculiar difficulty by and, with the example of the late treaty
the almost unanimous voice of the country with France before us, I am sure we may
as the one man best fitted to be intrusted confidently expect that the commercial in-
with the interests of the Empire, and I am tercourse between the two countries will
sure that his memory will long be regarded be greatly increased.
with affection and respect by the people. My Lords, the next paragraph in Her

My Lords, our commercial relations Majesty's Speech is one which I approach with America are so vast, and, above all, with considerable anxiety, as it refers to a the desire of this country is so general for subject which has led to angry controversy the welfare of that great country, that I before people were in possession of evidence am convinced that your Lordships will to enable them to arrive at any decided hear with peculiar satisfaction of the ter- opinion. Your Lordships are all aware of mination of the civil war which for four the feelings with which the first news of years deluged her fields with blood and the outbreak in Jamaica was received, and wasted her resources. But that satis- you are also aware of the feeling of indig. faction must have been greatly increased nation with which a large and influential by the knowledge that the termination of portion of the people in this country rethat war has been hallowed by the utter ex- ceived the accounts of the severities said tinction of slavery on the North American to have been exercised in the repression of continent. My Lords, could it be neces- that rebellion. Governor Eyre, unfortusary to look for any means to strengthen nately, unadvisedly, and unaccountably, the good feeling which exists in this coun- did not avail himself of the usual means try towards America, I am sure no better of placing before this country the full cirmeans could have been found than in cumstances of the case. Neither did he the fact that her free institutions are no support by evidence the opinion he had longer contaminated by slavery, and that formed of the outbreak. Under these cirall. within her shores, whether white or cumstances, having no evidence before black, are by law free alike. I am sure, them-having no means of deciding upon too, my Lords, the feeling of this coun. the merits of the case—Her Majesty's Gotry will be most general in the anxious vernment I think, wisely-adopted the wish that the Government of America only course open to them in appointing a will be successful in their endeavours to Commission to inquire upon the spot into repair the damages caused by the civil the character of the outbreak. Of the war, and that the whole of the Ame- character of the Commissioners so aprican people will in future be strength- pointed this House and the country can ened and united. I am sure your Lord. have but one opinion—for the character of ships will give the utmost consideration to each and all of these gentlemen is such the correspondence between the Govern- as to secure that any investigation they ments of the United States and of this may undertake will be searching, full, country on the subject of the injuries and impartial; and I myself, my Lords, which have been inflicted upon the com- shall be ready to abide by their demerce of the former country by ships un- cision. But, my Lords, in the meantime, der the Confederate flag.

until it be proved by evidence to the conMy Lords, the renewal of diplomatic re-trary, I shall believe that Governor Eyre lations between this country and Brazil was possessed of information of which we must have been viewed by your Lordships know nothing, and that he had certain with great satisfaction; and your Lord knowledge of the circumstances which he ships will have heard with additional plea- mentioned in his first despatch ; for I cansure that Her Majesty's Government, in not believe that Governor Eyre, whose conjunction with that of His Imperial antecedents are so opposed to such a sup

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position, that the general of the forces, be brought before you by Her Majesty's that every official, and all the influential Government. persons throughout the island could have My Lords, I approach the subject of the been so carried away by panic as to ima- Fenian conspiracy in Ireland with the gine that a general organized system of re- deepest regret; for we must all grieve at bellion was in existence without evidence the disloyalty, the wickedness, and the to that effect having been laid before them.folly of those who organized and who supNeither, my Lords, until it is proved by port this foul conspiracy. But, my Lords, evidence, can I believe that the severities while we do so it appears to me that in said to have been exercised have not been the present condition of Ireland there are grossly exaggerated; for I cannot believe circumstances calculated to raise a lively that except under circumstances absolutely hope of a bright future for that country. necessary for the preservation of the colony At no period of her history has there been and of the lives of the white inhabitants, the same combination, the same union Governor Eyre would have sanctioned among all the respectable inhabitants of severities which would have been an out that country. Irrespective of religion, irrage upon humanity.

respective of class, irrespective of party, My Lords, Her Majesty has been gra- all are ready to join themselves together ciously pleased to intimate that papers will for the protection of law, order, and the be laid before you on the subject of New Constitution. Not one respectable indivi. Zealand;

and I am sure your Lordships dual, not one person of property, not one will learn with satisfaction that a consider- person of consideration in the country, has able portion of Her Majesty's troops em joined the Fenian movement. At no time ployed in that island are ordered to return have the juries more nobly, more justly, home. Most sincerely do I trust that it and more calmly performed their duties. may be long before any considerable force | My Lords, under these cheering circumwill have to revisit that island; because stances, though we may regret the wickednot only do I believe that it is the duty of ness and the folly of those deluded men, the colonists themselves in such a war to we cannot for one moment fear the ultiprotect themselves, but I believe also that mate result of their conspiracy. They may they are far better able to carry it on suc- injure their country, they may drive capi. cessfully than are regular troops whose tal from Ireland, but of the ultimate revery discipline and organization which sult, I repeat it, there can be no doubt. render Her Majesty's army so effective in I trust that sedition once banished from other parts of the world are in a war of the land much of that unanimity, much of that kind actually in the way. The that combination for good which now exists colonists themselves, accustomed to a may still continue, and that all may unite rough life in a new country, unincum- to promote the advancement and prosperity bered by baggage, are far better able than of Ireland. My Lords, in the full informa. any regular forces to cope with the Natives. tion evidently possessed by the Irish GoIf left to themselves they will either come vernment, in the calm, dignified, unimpasto some terms of peace with the Natives sioned conduct of the Lord Lieutenant, we against whom they are opposed, or they have the best guarantee that no outbreak will soon get rid of their antagonists, can take place in that country without the fighting them in their own way upon knowledge of the Government; and, knowtheir own ground.

ing this, knowing the overwhelming force My Lords, Her Majesty has informed which might be brought against them, I your Lordships that the Orders which would fain hope that those who are enhave been issued by the Privy Council gaged in this plot may be induced to see relating to the disease among cattle which the hopelessness of their cause, and that has devastated many parts of the country Ireland may be saved from actual outwill be laid before you. By the blessing break. But if they in their delusion venof Providence, I am happy to say that ture to appeal to the arbitrament of arms, in my own immediate neighbourhood I trust no feeling of mistaken humanity its ravages have not been felt, and I am will prevent them on the first outbreak therefore unable to speak from personal receiving such a lesson as will show the experience upon the subject. But the utter hopelessness of their cause, and, by urgency of the case is such that I am convincing them of the folly of their movesure your Lordships will give the utmost ment, the further effusion of blood may be consideration to any measure which may prevented.

The Marquess of Normanby

My Lords, the various measures which! “We rejoice to learn that Your Majesty's Rewill be brought before your Lordships lations with Foreign Powers are friendly and by Her Majesty's Government will, I am satisfactory, and that Your Majesty sees no Cause sure, receive your careful consideration. to fear any Disturbance of the general Peace. We are informed by Her Majesty that infor

“We trust that the Meeting of the Fleets of mation will be laid before this House as to the rights of voting in the election of France and England in the Ports of the respecMembers of Parliament, and that, when tive Countries has tended to cement the Amity that information is complete, a measure

of the Two Nations, and to prove to the World will be brought before you on that subject.

their friendly Concert in the Promotion of Peace. My Lords, on several previous occasions “We humbly assure Your Majesty that we learn Reform Bills have been brought under the with Satisfaction that the United States, after terconsideration of the Legislature, and at one minating successfully the severe Struggle in which time a Bill was brought in by the noble they were so long engaged, are wisely repairing Earl opposite (the Earl of Derby), at the the Ravages of Civil War; and that with Your time he was at the head of the Govern- Majesty we regard the Abolition of Slavery as an ment. I therefore think it can hardly now

Event calling forth the cordial Sympathies and be said that no discussion on this subject Congratulations of this Country, which has al. is necessary. Neither do I think that in

ways been foremost in showing its Abhorrence of the present day it can well be said that no change in the franchise should take place. tice and Humanity.

an Institution repugnant to every Feeling of JusOf the intentions of Her Majesty's Government on that subject I can, of course, “WE humbly convey our Thanks to Your Maknow nothing. I can only express my jesty for informing us that the Exertions and Perhope that any measure they may bring severance of Your Majesty's Naval Squadron forward will, while protecting the rights have reduced the Slave Trade on the West Coast of property and the intelligence of the of Africa within very narrow Limits. country, secure a fair and substantial re

“We thank Your Majesty for directing Copies presentation of the working classes. My Lords, I thank you for the forbear

to be laid before us of the Correspondence which ance with which you have heard me. I

bas taken place between Your Majesty's Governam fully aware of the imperfection of the ment and that of the United States with respect remarks I have made, and I will not to Injuries inflicted on American Commerce by further trespass on your Lordships' time Cruisers under the Confederate Flag. and consideration, but will move that the “We express our Thanks to Your Majesty for following humble Address be presented to informing us that diplomatic Relations with Brazil Her Majesty :

have been renewed; and that the good Offices of

Your Majesty's Ally The King of Portugal have MOST GRACIOUS SOVEREIGN,

contributed essentially to this happy Result. “We, Your Majesty's most dutiful and loyal

“With Your Majesty we regret the InterrupSubjects, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, in tion of Peace between Spain and Chili ; and we Parliament assembled, beg leave to offer our earnestly trust that through the good Offices of humble Thanks to Your Majesty for Your Ma- Your Majesty's Government, in conjunction with jesty's Gracious Speech.

those of The Emperor of the French, the Causes "We humbly thank Your Majesty for inform- of Disagreement may be removed in a Manner ing us that Your Majesty has declared Your honourable and satisfactory to both Countries. Consent to a Marriage between Your Majesty's

“We thank Your Majesty for informing us that Daughter The Princess Helena and Prince Chris. the Negotiations which have been long pending tian of Schleswig-Holstein Sonderbourg-Augus- in Japan have been brought to a Conclusion tenburg; and with Your Majesty we trust this which has received Your Majesty's entire ApproUnion may be prosperous and happy.

bation; that the existing Treaties have been ra"We assure Your Majesty that we participate tified by the Mikado ; and that Stipulations have in the profound Grief felt by Your Majesty at been made for the Revision of the Tariff in a the Death of Your Majesty's beloved Uncle The Manner favourable to Commerce, and for the King of the Belgians ; but we feel confident that punctual Discharge of the Indemnity due under the Wisdom which He evinced during His Reign the Terms of the Convention of October 1864. will animate His Successor, and preserve for Bel- “We humbly express to Your Majesty our gium her Independence and Prosperity.

Thanks for informing us that Your Majesty has VOL. CLXXXI. (THIRD SERIES.



concluded à Treaty of Commerce with The Em-| Your Majesty's Privy Council, by virtue of the peror of Austria, which Your Majesty trusts will Powers vested in them by Law, with a view to open to that Empire the Blessings of extended prevent the spreading of this Disease, to be laid Commerce, and be productive of important Bene- before us ; and wo humbly assure Your Majesty fits to both Countries.

that our best Attention shall be given to the Es

pediency of an Amendment of the Law relating to “We humbly thank Your Majesty for informing

a Subject so deeply affecting the Interests of the us that in consequence of the deplorable Events

People. which bave occurred in the Island of Jamaica Your Majesty has been induced to provide at “We humbly express our Thanks to Your Ma. once for an impartial Inquiry, and for the Main- jesty for informing us that a Conspiracy, adverse tenance of Authority during that Inquiry, by ap- alike to Authority, Property, and Religion, and pointing a distinguished Military Officer as Go- disapproved and condemned alike by all who are vernor and Commander of the Forces ; that Your interested in their Maintenance, without Distinc. Majesty has given him the Assistance of Two able tion of Creed or Class, has unhappily appeared and learned Commissioners, who will aid him in in Ireland, and that the Constitutional Power of examining into the Origin, Nature, and Circum- the ordinary Tribunals has been exerted for its stances of the recent Outbreak, and the Measures Repression, and the Authority of the Law firmly adopted in the course of its Suppression ; and and impartially vindicated. that the Legislature of Jamaica has proposed that the present Political Constitution of the Island

“WE humbly assure Your Majesty that our should be replaced by a new Form of Govern- serious Consideration shall be given to the Bill to

be submitted to us, founded on the Report of the ment.

Royal Commission, on the Subject of Capital “We assure Your Majesty that we will give Punishment; to the Bills for amending and conour careful Consideration to the Bill on this Sub- solidating the Laws relating to Bankruptcy, and ject which is to be submitted to us.

for other Improvements in the Law; to the Mea“We thank Your Majesty for directing Papers

sures for extending the Syetem of Public Audit on these Occurrences, and on the present State of to Branches of Receipt and Expenditure, which New Zealand, to be laid before us.

it has not hitherto reached ; and for amending

the Provisions of the Law with respect to certain “We convey to Your Majesty our Thanks for Classes of Legal Pensions ; and to the Subject of informing us that Directions have been given for the Oaths taken by Members of Parliament. the Return to this Country of the greater Portion of Your Majesty's Regular Forces employed in

“We thank Your Majesty for having directed the Colony of New Zealand.

that Information should be procured in reference

to the Rights of Voting in the Election of Mem“With Your Majesty we watch with Interestbers to serve in Parliament for Counties, Cities, the Proceedings which are still in progress in and Boroughs ; and we assure Your Majesty that British North America with a view to a closer when that Information is complete our earnest Union among the Provinces, an Object to which Attention will be given to the Result thus obYour Majesty continues to attach great Import- tained.

“With Your Majesty we fervently pray that “We have observed with great Concern the the Blessing of Almighty God may guide our extensive Prevalence, during the last few Months, Counsels to the Promotion of the Happiness of of a virulent Distemper among Cattle in Great Your People." Britain, and it is with deep Regret, and with sincere Sympathy for the Sufferers, that we have

THE EARL OF MORLEY: My Lords, learnt the severe Losses which it has caused in in rising to perform the duty wbich has many Counties and Districts, whilst it is satisfac. on the present occasion devolved upon me, tory to know that Ireland and a considerable part I am fully sensible how greatly I stand in of Scotland are as yet free from this Calamity, need of that leniency and indulgence and we trust with Your Majesty that by the Pre- which your Lordships are wont to extend cautions suggested by Experience, and by the to those Members of your House who are

for the first time addressing you; and I Divine Blessing on the Means which are now being employed, its further Estension may be ar. than ordinary claim on your indulgence,

would venture to say that I have a more rested.

in consideration no less of my own want “We thank Your Majesty for directing the of experience in public affairs than of the Orders which have been made by the Lords of wide range and the varied and important


nature of the subjects to which I have to perience and political sagacity, gained for call your Lordships' attention. Before, himself the respect and the confidence of however, I proceed to these subjects, I the whole nation. I will, my Lords, leave cannot but most heartily congratulate your it to those better qualified than myself to Lordships upon one circumstance which pass an eulogium upon his life, devoted for characterizes the present occasion. It is, more than half a century to the service of I am confident, with feelings of the sin- his country. All that I will say is that his cerest pleasure and gratification that you memory will long be cherished with affechave seen Her Majesty so far restored to tion by the nation which now deplores his health and strength, after her severe af- lo88. Aictions, as to be enabled again to perform My Lords, I will, in the next place, the functions of her high office, and in refer to our foreign relations. Throughout person to open her newly-assembled Par- the civilized world peace and tranquillity liament. Irreparable as is the loss which again prevail. The Chilian and Spanish she and, in common with her, the nation difficulties, it is true, threatened at first to have suffered, it may be that the very give rise to a war; but it may reasonably be affliction itself, and the universal sym- hoped that, before any further acts of hospathy which it has called forth, will be tility are committed which may tend to the means of still further intensifying exasperate both parties, and to render an those sentiments of loyalty and attachment amicable solution of the question at issue which England has ever felt towards her impossible, the friendly interposition of the Sovereign, and which cannot fail to re- Great Powers may effect a reconciliation ceive a fresh impulse from her re-appear between the contending nations. In North ance in the sphere of public life.

America your Lordships will have heard My Lords, the speech from the Throne with great satisfaction that the last year contains matter both for congratulation and has been signalized by the termination of for condolence with Her Majesty-matter the deadly fratricidal contest which has for congratulation in the approaching mar- for four years devastated that country. riage of the Princess Helena-an event Our nation, it is true, was personally inwhich, I am confident, your Lordships terested in the event; but the joy which will cordially welcome, as contributing to it experiences at the restoration of peace is Her Majesty's gratification, and, I trust, not of a purely selfish nature. It unfeignto the happiness of a member of the Royal edly rejoices that a nation possessed of Family; matter for condolence in an event boundless resources, and endowed with inwhich has at once deprived our Sovereign domitable energy, has again freedom to deof a revered and beloved relative, and a velop its constitution, its industry, and its neighbouring and friendly Dation of a commerce. It rejoices that the conclusion wise and sagacious ruler, whose prudent of the war is the signal for the abolition of policy advanced it to its present state of negro slavery-an institution which is the prosperity, and whose counsels spread their bane of civilized society and a barrier to all influence far beyond the comparatively true social progress. It rejoices, further, narrow limits of his own Kingdom through that the victorious have known how to use the whole length and breadth of Europe. their victory with clemency, and to follow The Belgians will, I doubt not, have your a moderate and wise line of policy in the Lordships' sympathy and your best wishes reconstruction of the Union ; and, finally, that their present Sovereign, wisely follow- it sincerely hopes that no untoward events ing in the footsteps of his predecessor, may may tend to counteract the ties of race, of be enabled like him to preserve and to pro amity, and of interest, which should ever mote the welfare and independence of his connect us with the re-United States. Our subjects. My Lords, there is one more sad relations with other foreign Powers are no event which has occurred since we were less calculated to contribute to your Lordlast assembled here which I cannot pass ships'satisfaction. With Brazil we are again over in silence, even though I only echo on terms of amity. With France our union the sentiments expressed by the noble was never more cordial, never more firm. Mover of the Address. This country has The mutual hospitalities which our fleets lost one of its most venerable and one of its have interchanged tend, in no slight demost popular statesmen. It has lost one gree, to quicken those friendly feelings, who, by his affability and by his tact, and to strengthen the entente cordiale be. could conciliate all those with whom he tween the two nations, and in so doing came in contact, and who, by his wide ex- give us the surest hopes that peace will

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