Life and Work of St. Columba

Simplin, Marshall, 1888 - 170 páginas

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Página 128 - Thou shalt lie down With patriarchs of the infant world - with kings, The powerful of the earth - the wise, the good, Fair forms, and hoary seers of ages past, All in one mighty sepulchre.
Página 7 - Scots in no way differ from the Britons in their behaviour ; for Bishop Dagan coming to us, not only refused to eat with us, but even to take his repast in the same house where we were entertained.
Página 166 - Whatsoever little or much thou possessest of anything, whether clothing, or food, or drink, let it be at the command of the senior and at his disposal, for it is not befitting a religious to have any distinction of property with his own free brother. Let a fast place, with one door, enclose thee. A few religious men to converse with thee of God and His Testament; to visit thee on days of solemnity; to strengthen thee in the Testaments of God and the narratives of the Scriptures. A person too who...
Página 5 - Many of the nobility, and of the lower ranks of the English nation, were there at that time, who, in the days of...
Página 3 - Fedelin the ruddy, came early to the well to wash, after the manner of women, and they found near the well a synod of holy bishops with Patrick, and they knew not whence they were, or in what form, or from what people, or from what country ; but they supposed them to be ' Duine sidhe,' or gods of the earth, or a phantasm.
Página 167 - Every increase which comes to thee in lawful meals, or in wearing apparel, give it for pity to the brethren that want it, or to the poor in like manner. The love of God with all thy heart and all thy strength.
Página 76 - ... the bishops contrary to the usual method are subject, according to the example of their first teacher, who was not a bishop, but a priest and monk ; of whose life and discourses some writings are said to be preserved by his disciples. But whatsoever he was himself, this we know for certain, that he left successors renowned for their continency, their love of God, and observance of monastic rules.
Página 137 - O'Clery MSS. preserved in the Burgundian Library at Brussels'1. But much the largest collection is contained in an oblong manuscript of the Bodleian Library at Oxford. Laud 61 j', which embraces everything in the shape of poem or fragment that could be called Columba's, which industry was able to scrape together at the middle of the sixteenth century.
Página 66 - We can give you good advice," said they, " what to do ; we know there is another island, not far from ours, to the eastward, which we often see at a distance, when the days are clear. If you will go thither, you will obtain settlements ; or, if they should oppose you, you shall have our assistance.
Página 134 - ... born for eloquence and gifted with a voice so penetrating and sonorous that it was thought of afterwards as one of the most miraculous gifts that he had received of God...

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