Report with Plan for the Comprehensive Development of the Port of New York ... December Twenty-first, Nineteen Twenty-one

J.B. Lyon Company, printers, 1921 - 56 páginas

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Página 43 - This Act shall take effect immediately. STATE OF NEW YORK, OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY OF STATE. I have compared the preceding with the original law on file in this office, and do hereby certify that the same is a correct transcript therefrom, and of the whole of said original law. Given under my hand and seal of Office at the City of Albany, [L.
Página 46 - The sum of one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000), or so much thereof as may be necessary, is hereby appropriated out of any moneys in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the expenses of the port authority.
Página 47 - The future development of such terminal transportation and other facilities of commerce will require the expenditure of large sums of money, and the cordial co-operation of the States of New York and New Jersey in the encouragement of the investment of capital, and in the formulation and execution of the necessary physical plans; and WHEREAS, Such result can best be accomplished through the co-operation of the two States by and through a joint or common agency.
Página 52 - Xo property now or hereafter vested in or held by either state, or by any county, city, borough, village, township or other municipality, shall be taken by the port authority, without the authority or consent of such state, county, city, borough, village, township or other municipality...
Página 47 - They agree to and pledge, each to the other, faithful co-operation in the future planning and development of the port of New York, holding in high trust for the benefit of the Nation the special blessings and natural advantages thereof.
Página 54 - States shall appropriate, in equal amounts, annually, for the salaries, office and other administrative expenses, such sum or sums as shall be recommended by the port authority and approved by the governors of the two States, but each State obligates itself hereunder only to the extent of $100,000 in any one year.
Página 55 - Either State may by its Legislature withdraw from this agreement in the event that a plan for the comprehensive development of the port shall not have been adopted by both States on or prior to July...

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