Latin America's Wars: The age of the caudillo, 1791-1899, Volumen1

Brassey's, Incorporated, 2003 - 569 páginas
"The author, leading Latin American military history scholar Robert L. Scheina, begins by discussing the various wars for independence from Spanish and Portuguese domination during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. He also examines Mexico's conflicts with the United States over expansion in the 1830s and 1840s, as well as later French interference in Mexican politics during the reign of Napoleon III. Professor Scheina concludes with the Spanish-American War, which marked the beginning of the U.S. age of imperialism in Latin America. In over three dozen comprehensive and tightly organized chapters, he covers all types of internal and external military activity, including wars of conquest, terrorism, revolutions, coups, border disputes, class conflicts, and civil unrest. Key figures receive capsule biographies, and each chapter has exhaustive endnotes for reference. He focuses on operational history in the context of war as an instrument of politics and society, including insightful analyses of the military as an institution and of its relations with civilian government." --Book Jacket.

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Crítica de los usuarios  - TerryD.Hooker - LibraryThing

A very interesting and well researched book, Robert has spent many years trying to find a publisher for this two volume work, luckily Brassey's obliged. As a Professor of History at the National ... Leer comentario completo

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Crítica de los usuarios  - WaltNoise - LibraryThing

Scheina's three books are the best sources in English for an overview of Latin American military history. Each book is well footnoted and has an extensive bibliography. The Naval History volume covers ... Leer comentario completo

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