Defense Budget: Capital Asset Projects Undergo Significant Change Between Approval and Execution : Report to Congressional Requesters


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Página 30 - Revenues and expenditures applicable to agency operations are properly recorded and accounted for to permit the preparation of accounts and reliable financial and statistical reports and to maintain accountability over the assets.
Página 10 - Net present value is the difference between the present value of benefits and the present value of costs; it is obtained by subtracting the present value of costs from the present value of benefits.
Página 22 - ... the Army activities, on the other hand, needed approval to cancel a project and substitute it with another. The GAO pointed out that the approval, however, was not hard to obtain, as evidenced by the large percentage of canceled projects at the two Army activities GAO/NSIAD-95-20 Defense Budget Comments From the Department of Defense Now on pp. 5 and 6. See comment 2. visited. The GAO found that DBOF activities have not always executed the capital asset program. The GAO acknowledged that, to...
Página 11 - Management (IRM) plan as a material weakness under the Federal Managers...
Página 11 - Department has reported rehabilitation and maintenance of real property overseas as a material weakness in the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act Report.
Página 1 - Fund provides such essential goods and services as the (1) overhaul of ships, tanks, and aircraft and (2) sale of over 5 million types of vital inventory items such as landing gears for aircraft Many of these are essential to maintaining the military readiness of our country's weapon systems.
Página 31 - DoD policy governing economic analysis was developed with substantial participation by the senior financial managers of the Military Services and the other components.

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