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ing life: through JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.

Then you may add any of the Occasional Prayers or Intercessions, further on.

The LORD bless me and preserve me from all evil, and bring me safely to everlasting life. Through JESUS CHRIST Our LORD. Amen.


In the Name of the FATHER, &c. Blessed be the Holy and Undivided TRINITY, &c.

Our FATHER, &c.

I believe in GOD, &c.

Come, O HOLY SPIRIT, &c.


0 my most Gracious GOD, my Creator, Redeemer, Preserver, my only Good, my All. I thank Thee from my inmost heart for all Thy blessings which this day and through the whole course of my life, Thou

hast so bountifully bestowed upon me so utterly unworthy. Especially I thank Thee for Thy great Glory in the Redemption of the world by our LORD JESUS CHRIST, and for the gift of the Blessed Sacraments. Praise and glory be to Thee from me and from Thine Elect in heaven and earth, and from all Thy creatures for ever and ever. Amen.

Prayer for Light.

O GOD Who searchest the heart and markest all our steps, do Thou enlighten my darkness and show me wherein I have this day gone astray in thought, word, or deed.

Here examine your conscience, going through in your mind the whole course of the day. Consider where you have been, in what company, what you have done, said, and thought-especially examine yourself as to your calling, and your sins both of omission and commission therein. Consider also what progress you have made in rooting out your besetting sin or in gaining the opposite grace.

Confess your sins to GOD; and pray for pardon.

O FATHER of Mercies! Who hast no

pleasure in the death of sinners, look upon me in the multitude of Thy mercies. I have sinned against Thee. [Name your sins of the day]. O most Pitiful GOD, I cast all the offences of this day and of all my life into the ocean of Thine everlasting Love, wherewith Thou hast loved us. I grieve from my inmost heart that I have been so ungrateful for Thy many blessings to me, and have so often offended Thee my GOD, and all my Good. I beseech Thee by the Death and by the Love of Thy SON JESUS CHRIST, spare me a poor sinner, and of Thine exceeding Mercy forgive me all that I have this day or ever committed against Thee, my neighbour or myself.

Resolution of Amendment.

O Almighty GOD, before Thee and before all the company of heaven I firmly resolve to amend my ways, to attend more diligently to my duties, to avoid all sins and the occasions of them. Do Thou Who givest me the will give me also the power to perform, that so I may live soberly,

1 "Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight."


righteously and godly in this present world, and in the world to come, with all Thy saints may praise Thee eternally. O LORD, let my prayer come before Thee,

And accept this my evening sacrifice.

Visit, I beseech Thee, O LORD, this habitation, and drive far from it all snares of the enemy; let Thy holy Angels dwell herein to preserve us in peace, and let Thy Blessing be upon us for ever. Through JESUS CHRIST our LORD. Amen.

[General Intercession, page 34.]

Into Thine Hands, O LORD, I commend myself and all my friends, and all that belongs to me. Thou hast given them unto me, O LORD, in Thy goodness; grant us to pass through this night without danger and without fear, awaken me at a fitting time, the time of prayer, and grant me to rise and seek Thee early for Thy glory and Thy Service. Amen.

May the Blessing of Almighty God, the FATHER, the SON, and the HOLY GHOST, be upon me and abide with me this night and evermore. Amen.



"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be always acceptable in Thy sight."

The more busy we are the more necessary. it is not to be wholly taken up with our business, but amid it all to find a place for thoughts of GOD and of our endless life with Him in Heaven.

There are those "in every station of life whose bodies perhaps are busied about the meanest occupations, but their thoughts are on Him the Most High. A man employed in sweeping the streets was overheard speaking to his fellow out of the latter chapters of the Revelation, which he had learnt, of 'the streets of pure gold.' "What comfort could I have,' he said, 'but in thinking of them!""

It is also a remedy against evil thoughts to accustom yourself to lift up your heart to GOD out of what you see and hear in your daily round and your daily work. For example, let the song of birds remind you of the never-ending songs of Paradise,

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