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By Mr. Allen-Of E. P. Crittenden and others, 54.

W. S. Maynard and others, for a state road, 60.
Henry Rumsey and 14 others, relative to usury laws,

Four of citizens of Washtenaw county, relative to
usury laws, 96.

178 ladies, and E. Lawrence and 133 others of Ann
Arbor, 100.

For revival of law against usury, 100.

Clarissa Pomeroy, 103.

State road from Ann Arbor to Moorville, J. R. Bow-
ers and others, 137.

For extension of time to pay school monies, Thomp-
son and others, 147 166.

Reduction of price of lands &c., Sela Squires and
others, 163.

To prevent betting on elections, citizens of Ann Ar-
bor, 163.

C. Foster, 187 208.

Wm. R. Perry and others, relative to poor house farm

in Washtenaw county, 261.

By Mr. Chipman-Of inhabitants of Cass county, for grant of land

to Jeremiah Silver, 14 73.

Abiel Silver and 71 others, relative to bounty on

wolves, 20.

Thomas K, Green, 23.

C. Brown and others to build a dam, 91.

For sale of public works, &c., 70 citizens of St.
Joseph county, 103.

E. G. Adderly, 115 206.

For continuation and completion of Central rail-
road to S. Joseph,resolutions of a meeting, and
petition of 212 citizens of St. Joseph, 120.
For cession of certain streets in the village of
Bertrand, 163.


For an appropriation to grade the Central Rail-
road, &c., inhabitan.s of Western Mich., 172.
Dennis & Wood, 198.

By Mr. Cust-Of John Ercanbrack and Benjamin H. Packhard, for
loan of money, 57 100.

For restoration of usury laws, citizens of Livingston
County, 147.

For foreign emigration agency, 179.

Alteration of state road from Ann Arbor to Livingston
centre, 187.

By Mr. Denton-Of Dennis, Thomas & Wood, 23 81.

A. M. Gould and others, relative to the word
"white," 27.

John Delafield, 27 217.

John B. Hathaway and others of Scio, 42.
Claim of Phoenix Bank, 23 217.

To change the name of Michigan village, 53.
Henry Gurnsey and others, 57.

Silas Beebe and 70 others, and of N. H. Wing and
158 others relative to lands flowed by the erection
of mill dams, 72.

83 citizens of Lenawee co., relative to the same sub-
ject, 89.

Citizens of Lenawee and Washtenaw, for extend-

ing the Palmyra and Jacksonburg rail-road, 100.
Other petitions from the same counties on the same
subject, 108.

For extension of Central rail-road to the river De-
troit, memorial &c., 120.

Relative to lands flowed, &c., citizens of Ingham
County, 138.

To abolish capital punishment, 92 citizens of Wash-
tenaw, 140.

To extend the Central rail-road to the river in De-
troit, 228.

School district No. 11, in the township of Ann Ar-
bor, for loan of money, 243.

By Mr. Hale Of the Misses Clark, 11.

Board of Auditors of Wayne county, for authority to
repair jail, 20 24.

James W. Bennet and 120 others, to dispense with
militia musters, 23.

G. F. Rood & Co, 23 44 51.

Detroit Irish Temperance Society, 159.

For new county, citizens of Monroe and Wayne, 243.

By Mr. Hart-Of 81 citizens of Lapeer and Macomb counties, rela-
tive to license law, 32.

92 citizens of Lapeer, relative to the license law, 40.
Citizens of Wayne county, relative to the word
"white," 42.

Remonstrance of citizens of Wayne county, against
annexation of Texas, 42.

Citizens of Lapeer, to abolish trainings, 44.

Citizens of Lapeer co., to re-attach certain towns, 50.
Citizens of Mayfield, to alter tax laws, 50.

Citizens of Lapeer co., for alteration of tax laws, 53.
S. V. R. Trowbridge and others, relative to license
law, 53.

Citizens of Lapeer county, for alteration of tax taws,

57 65.

Citizens of Lapeer county, that certain towns be re-
attached, 65.

Citizens of Hadley, Lapeer county, for alteration of
tax laws, 72.

Citizens of Lapeer county, to re-attach certain towns,

72 76 96.

do Genesee and Oakland counties, for the re-
peal of the charter of the Kalamazoo Mutual In-
surance Company, 96.

For modification of license law, citizens of Oakland
county, 115.

To prohibit theatrical and circus exhibitions, citizens
of Jackson, 243.

By Mr. Howell-Of inhabitants of Hillsdale county, for a plank road,


Inhabitants of Hillsdale and Lenawee, for a plank
road, 40.

Inhabitants of Livingston county, to abolish milita
musters, 50.
Inhabitants of Wayne and Washtenaw counties, re-
lative to the exemption of the property of the
Baptist association from taxation, 89.

For repeal of law incorporating Baptist associations,


Commutation of highway labor, citizens of Hills-
dale, 163.

Loomis Parmer and others, 344.

By Mr. Littlejohn-Of citizens of Barry and Berrien counties, upon

license law, 53.

Citizens of Kalamazoo and Van Buren counties,

to expunge word "white," 53.

Sundry citizens of Allegan county, relative to li-
cense laws, 65.

For an appropriation of land to improve Kala-
mazoo river, 65.

Citizens of Wayne county, relative to license law,

Citizens of Kalamazoo and Allegan, for an ap-
propriation on Kalamazoo river, 100.

For modification of license law, citizens of Cal-
houn county, 115.

To apply highway taxes on a certain road, citi-
zens of Allegan county, 140.

Subject of License, "peaceable and orderly" citi-
zens of Michigan, 163.

By Mr. Mason-Of inhabitants of St. Clair, to abolish militia mus-
ters, 23.

Inhabitants of Lexington, St. Clair county, 36.

45 citizens of the county of St. Clair, relative to li-
cense laws, 53.

Remonstrance of inhabitants of the city of Detroit,
against revival of laws for the inspection of fish,
65 80.

By Mr. Niles Of 32 inhabitants of Oakland and Macomb counties,
relative to license law, 36.

103 inhabitants of Oakland county, relative to license
law, 40.

A. McFarren, 70 157.

Citizens of Oalkand county, relative to license laws.


To strike the word "white" from constitution, inhabi-
tants of Oakland county, 133.

Relative to repeal of charter of village of Pontiac,


By Mr. Patterson-Of 75 citizens of Blissfield, relative to the annex-

ation of Texas, 69.

Citizens of Lenawee county, relative to license

law, 77.

Inhabitants of Hillsdale county, for a plank road,

E. Smith and others, relative to Palmyra & Jack-
sonburgh railroad, 93.

James Clark, for relief, 120.

W. A. Moore and others, 156.

Inhabitants of Michigan, relative to amendment
of constitution of United States, 216.

Relative to same subject, 227.

Inhabitants of Hillsdale county, for state road to
the Ohio line, 261.

By Mr. Pratt-Of D. Ripley and others, for dissolution of marriage
contract, 11.

Inhabitants of Ionia, Eaton and Clinton, for a state
road, 14.

Joel Clemens, 77.

To extend Central railroad to the river in Detroit, 163.
For appropriation to extend Southern railroad, citi-
zens of Hillsdale, 163.

To extend Central R. R. to the river in Detroit, 243.

By Mr. Richmond-Arad Melvin and John Scoles, to build dam, 11.
E. Bosworth and others, for state road in Otta-

wa county, 36.

Henry Pennoyer and others, for the relief of John
Gardiner, 80

Levi Philips and others, for road to Muskegon
lake, 99.

Inhabitants of town 10 N., and 7 and 8 W., for
organization, 100.

For road to the forks of the Muskegon, 180.
Philo Beers and Anson Ensign, to construct a
dam, 108.

Relative to boundary of township of Tallmadge,

Morse & Burr, 120.

Lucius Lyon, for grant to build a dam, 142.
Against division of township, citizens of Ottawa,


Hicks & Co., 145.

Gen. Sol. Withy and of I. and E. Davis, 157.

By Mr. Smith-Of Josiah Lee, et al, 20.

John Watson and 158 others, relative to the inspec
tion of fish, 42.

Cary Worden and others, and of John James, rela-
tive to the destruction of wolves, 76.

Louis Beaufait and others, relative to the inspection
of fish, 80.

For turnpike company, A. Ashley, et al, 120.

For allowance of claim, Wm. Beers and others, 120.
R. Thompson and others, to incorporate the Romeo
and St. Clair turnpike company, 198.

By Mr. Thurber-Of Lewis E. Baily, 11.

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Citizens of the town of Ash, 14 24.

90 citizens of Monroe county, to abolish militia
musters, 57.

N, N. Kendall, 77 207.

Barber and others, to erect a dam, 116.

James White, executor of David White, 179 208.

By Mr. Turner Of Calvin Marvin, Jerusha Oliver and Franklin

Oliver, 27 36.

Inhabitants of Lebanon, for new township, 53, 59.
Silas Beebe and 42 others, citizens of Stockbridge,
relative to tax law, 72.

Citizens of Clinton and Shiawassee, for a certain
state road, 96.

For modification of tax law, citizens of Greenbush,
Clinton county, 108.

To be taxed for building a Canal, citizens of Clin-
ton county, 115 134.

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