State Trials: Or, A Collection of the Most Interesting Trials, Prior to the Revolution of 1688, Volumen1

Samuel March Phillipps
W. Walker, 1826

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Página 214 - Commons contentment ; assuring you, that the exercise of mercy is not more pleasing to me, than to see both houses of parliament consent for my sake, that I should moderate the severity of the law in so important a case. I will not say, that your complying with me in this my intended mercy, shall make me more willing, but certainly it will make me more cheerful, in granting your just grievances. But if no less than his life can satisfy my people, I must say, Fiat justitia.
Página 353 - You have done, gentlemen, like very good subjects, and very good Christians, that is to say, like very good Protestants , and now much good may their thirty thousand masses do them ; " alluding to the masses by which Pickering was to be rewarded for murdering the king.
Página 318 - Insurrections in order to throw down all inclosures, to alter the established law, or change religion, —to enhance the price of all labour, or to open all prisons,— all risings in order to effect these innovations, of a public and general concern, by an armed force, are, in construction of law, High Treason, within the clause of levying war...
Página 70 - My lords, the jury have found me guilty. They must do as they are directed. I can say nothing why judgment should not proceed. You see whereof Cobham hath accused me : you remember his protestations, that I was never guilty. I desire the king should know of the wrongs done unto me since I came hither.
Página 476 - But swallowed in the mass unchewed and crude. Some truth there was, but dashed and brewed with lies, To please the fools, and puzzle all the wise : Succeeding times did equal folly call, Believing nothing, or believing all. Th' Egyptian rites the Jebusites embraced, Where gods were recommended by their taste.
Página 458 - He was a low man, of an ill cut, very short neck, and his visage and features were most particular. His mouth was the centre of his face ; and a compass there would sweep his nose, forehead, and chin, within the perimeter.
Página 166 - I had been perjured towards almighty God. And for delivering my mind openly and freely, shall I be in danger of my life, as a traitor ? If that necessity be put upon me, I thank God, by his blessing I have learned not to stand in fear of him who can only kill the body. If the question be, whether I must be traitor to man, or perjured to God, I will be faithful to my creator.
Página 186 - And now, my Lords, for myself, I have been by the blessing of Almighty God, taught that the afflictions of this present life are not to be compared to the eternal weight of glory which shall be revealed hereafter. And so, my Lords, even so, with all tranquillity of mind, I...
Página 166 - ... shall be drawn against him, for the attainting of him, his children and posterity — I know not (under favor I speak it,) any wise or noble person of fortune, who will, upon such perilous and unsafe terms, adventure to be counsellor to the King.
Página 240 - God) I cannot say this accursed (but I confess) this unfortunate thing, forth of the way towards that blessed agreement which God, I trust, shall ever establish between you and your subjects. Sir, my consent shall more acquit you herein to God than all the world can do besides. To a willing man there is no injury done...

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