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Bacon. Essays. Edited by F. G. SELBY, M.A. 60 cents. “It exhibits great carefulness of research and preparation, summar izing, in a word, the most salient points of information diffused through che various standard authorities.'' - Journal of Education.

Burke. Reflections on the French Revolution, Editeä

by F. G. SELBY, M.A. $1.00. “ Burke's famous Refiections are now accessible both to the generali eader and to the college student in a cheap and excellent form. Prodessor Selby's introduction is good. For an advanced class in Englisb literature ihis book will prove very serviceable."

- University of the South Magazine. Campbell Selections. Edited by CECIL M. BARROW,

M.A. Shortly. Cowper, The Task. Edited by F.J. ROWE, M.A., and W.

T. WEBB, M.A. Shortly. Goldsmith. The Traveller and The Deserted Village.

Edited by ARTHUR BARRETT, B.A. 40 cents. “In the book before us every justice is done to the genius of the poet. The Introduction gives a very good outline of his life, and the notes teem with all manner of information They occupy three times the space of the text, and it would be difficult to point out any omission on the part of the editor. The volume would make an admirable class

Educational Notes.
Goldsmith. The Vicar of Wakefield. Edited by HAROLD

Gray. Poems. Edited by John BRADSHAW, LL.D. Shortly.
Helps. Essays Written in the Intervals of Business.

Edited by F. J. ROWE, M.A., and W.T. WEBB, M.A. 40 cents. “ The book is a valuable one.'

."- Journal of Education. "These essays are, indeed, too good to be forgotten."

- Literary World. Milton. Paradise Lost, Books I. and II. Edited by

MICHAEL MACMILLAN, B.A. 40 cents. « For higher classes there can be no better book for reading, analysis and grammar, and the issue of these books of Paradise Lost must be regarded as a great inducement to teachers to introduce higher literatnre into their classes."-Educational Neu8.

Milton. L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, Lycidas, Arcades,

Sonnets, etc. Edited by WILLIAM BELL, M.A. 40 cents. "A careful study of this book will be as educative as that of any of our best critics on Aeschylus or Sopkocles."-Glasgow Herald.

Milton, Comus. By the same Editor. 40 cents.
Milton. Samson Agonistek. Edited by K. M. PERCIVAL

M.A. 40 cents.
Scott. The Lay of the Last Minstrel, Cantos I.-III

Edited by G. H. STUART, M.A. 40 cents. " The notes are particularly good-full where fullness is needed, yek cerse wherever possible."--School Journal.

Scott. T'he Lay of the Last Minstrel, Cantos III.-VL

By the same Editor. 4) cws

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Scott. The Lady of the Lake. By the same Editor. In

the Press. Scott. Marmion. Edited by MICHAEL MACMILLAN, B.A. 60 cents.

His introduction is admirable, alike for point and brevity. and if this edition of Marmion sends more youthful readers to one of the healthiest and manjiest of poets, the editor's labor will not have been thrown away."-Spectator.

Scott. Rokeby. By the same Editor. 60 cents. “ The introduction is excellent, and the notes show much care and research."— Guardian.

Shakespeare. The Tempest. Edited by K. DEIGHTON,

40 cents. "A handy edition of The Tempest, suitable for the use of colleges and schools generally. Mr. Deighton his prefixed to the volume an introduction on the date, origin, construction, and characters of the play, and has added a pretty full collection of notes, with an index of reference to the passages of the text in question.”-School Guardian.

Shakespeare. Much Ado About Nothing. By the same

Editor. 40 cents. “ The notes occupy a larger space than the text of the play, and are supplemented by a valuable index to the notes, so that if one remembers any notable word he can find at once a reference that leads to the proper explanatory note."--Glasgow Herald.

Shakespeare. The Merchant of Venice. By the same.

10 cents. “We can give no better advice to those who wish to become thoroughly familiar with the play than to read it in connection with the author's notes and comments.” – School Journal.

Shakespeare. Twelfth Night. By the same. 40 cents. “This is an excellent edition of a good play."-Educational News.

Shakespeare. The Winter's Tale. By the same. 40 cents “ The introduction gives a good historical and critical account of the play, and the notes are abundantly full."'-Literary World.

Shakespeare. Henry V. By the same. 40 cents. Shakespeare. Richard III. Edited by C. H. TAWIEI

M.A. 40 cents. “Of Mr. Tawney's work as an annotator we can speak in terms of commendation. Ilis notes are full and always to the point."

- School Guardian. Shakespeare. Julius Cæsar. By K. DEIGHTON. 40 cents. “ The notes are full and precise without being pedantic. It is just îhe book for higher classes in schools.”Christian Union.

Shakespeare. Macbeth. By the same. 40 cents.
Shakespeare. Othello. By the same. 40 cents.

Shakespeare. Cymbeline. By the same. 40 cents. " Mr. Deighton has adapted his commentary, both in Othello and in Cymbeline, with great skill to the requirements and capacities of the readers to whom the series is addressed."-Scotsman.

Shakespeare. Richard II. By the same. 40 cents.



Shakespeare, King John. By the same. In the Press. Shakespeare. A Midsummer-Night's Dream, By the

40 cents. Shakespeare. Hamlet. By the same. 40 cents. Shakespeare. Coriolanus. By the same. 40 cents. Southey. Life of Nelson. Edited by MICHAEL MACMIL

LAN, B. A. 60 cents. Tennyson. Selections. Edited by F. J. ROWE, M.A., and W. T. WEBB, M.A. 60 cents.

The notes give just the requisite amount of help for understanding Tennyson, explanations of the allusions with which his poems teem, and illustrations by means of parallel passages."

- Journal of Education. Tennyson. Enoch Arden. By the same. Shortly. Tennyson. The Coming of Arthur and the Passing of

Arthur. By the same. 40 cents. Wordsworth. Selections. By the same. Shortly. MARLOWE. Edward II. With Introduction, Notes, etc. By

0. W. TANCOCK, M.A. 16mo, 75 cents. Doctor Faustus and Greene's History of Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay. Edited by A. W. WARD, M.A. New

Edition. 16mo, $1 60. MASSON. Three Centuries of English Poetry. Being Se

lections from Chaucer to Herrick. With Notes by ROSALINE

O. MASSON. Globe 8vo, $1.50. MAURICE. The Friendship of Books and ɔther Lec

tures. By FREDERIC DENISON MAURICE. Edited, with

Preface, by THOMAS HUGHES. Fourth Edition. 12mo, $1.50. MAYHEW (A. L.) and SKEAT (W. W.) A Concise Dic

tionary of Middle English from A.D. 1150 to 1580. $1.90. MAYOR. Chapters on English Metre. By JOSEPH B.

MAYOR, M.A. 8vo, $2.00. MILTON, The Poetical Works of John Milton. Edited,

with an Introduction and Notes, by Prof. DAVID MASSON, M.A. With Portraits. A new and revised edition. 3 vols. 8vo. (Uniform with the Cambridge Shakespeare.) $15.00. Poetical Works. Globe Edition. Edited, with Introductions,

by Prof. MASSON. Globe 8vo, $1.25. Poems. Edited by R. C. BROWNE, M.A. % vols. Fifth Edi

tion. 16mo, $1 75. Soid separately. Vol. I., $1.00; Vol. II., 75 cents. In paper covers-Lycidas, 8 cents; L'Allegro, 8 cts.; Il Penseroso, 8 cents; Comus, 12 cents ; Samson Agonistes,

12 cents. Samson Agonistes. Edited by J. C. COLLINS. 16mo, limp,

25 cents. Paradise Lost, Books J. and II. Edited, with Notes, by

M. MACMILLAN, B.A. Macmillan's English Classics Series 16mo, 40 cents. Paradise Lost. Book I. With Notes, by Rev. H. W. BEECH

ING. 16mo, boards, 40 cents; cloth, 30 cents.

MILTON- Continued.

Areopagitica. With Introduction and Notes. By JOHN

W. HALES, M.A. 16mo, 75 cents.
L'Allegro, Il Penseroso, Lycidas, Arcades, Sonnets,

etc. Edited by WILLIAM TELL, M.A. Macmillan's English

Classics Series, 16mo, 40 cents.
Comus. By the same Editor. Macmillan's English Classics

Series. 40 cents.
Samson Agonistes. Edited by H. M. PERCIVAL, M.A.

Macmillan's English Classics Series. 40 cents.
Arcades and Comus. Edited by A. WILSON VERITY.

16mo, 90 cents. MINOT. The Poems of Laurence Minot. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by JOSEPH HALL, M.A. 16mo, $1.10.

The notes on the langnare of the poems, show unusually extensive knowledge of Middle English literature, and there is an ex. cellent glossary.”-- Athenam. MORE'S History of King Richard III. Elited, with Notes,

by J. R. LUMBY. 16mo, 90 cents.
Utopia. With Notes by the Rev. Prof. LUMBY, D.D. 16mo,

90 cents. MORLEY. Aphorisms. An Address delivered before the

Philosophical Society of Edinburgh. By JOHN MORLEY, M.P.
Paper, 25 cents ; cloth, 50 cents.
On the Study of Literature. By John MORLEY, M.P.

Popular Edition in paper, 5 cents.
MORRIS. Works by the Rev. Richard Morris, LL.D,

Historical Outlines of English Accidence, comprising Chapters on the History and Development of the Language, and on Word-formation. New Edition. 16mo, $1.40. “ He has done his work with a fullness and completeness that leave nothing to be desired."--Nonconformist. “ A genuine and sound book."-- Athenæum. Elementary Lessons in Historical English Grammar, containing Accidence and Word-formation. New Edi

tio. 18mo, 70 cents. “Of Dr. Morris' qualifications for the preparation of such a manual of instruction, there is no need to say a word ; there is probably not another English scholar living who is his superior, if his equal, in minile acquaintance with the historical development of our language.

Dr. Morris, in this Historical Grammar' has given us what must be the accepted class-book on this subject.”-New York Times. MORRIS and KELLNER. Historical Outlines of Eng. lish Syntax. By the Rev. R. MORRIS and Dr. L. KELLNER.

16mo. Shortly. MORRIS and SKEAT. Specimens of Early English. A

New and Revised Edition. With Introduction, Notes, and
Glossarial Index. By R. MORRIS and W. W. SKEAT.
Part I. From Old English Hom ies to King Horn (A.D.

1150 to A.D. 1300). Second Edition, revised. 16mo, $2.25. Part II. From Robert of Gloucester to Gower (A.D

1298 to A.D. 1393). Second Edition. 16mo, $1.90.



MORTE D’ARTHUR. Sir Thomas Malory's Book of King

Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table. Revised for modern use by Sir E. STRACHEY. Globe Edition.

Globe Evo, $1.25. MOULTON. Shakespeare as a Dramatic Artist. By R. G.

MOULTON, M.A. 12mo, cloth, $1.50. “Mr. Moulton is himself an excellent and original critic, bringing admirably to light new depth of the riches of both the wisdom and knowledge of Shakespere, and being especially happy in exhibiting Shakespere's constructive skill in the treatment of plot. No critic of Shakespere is more fortunate in colligating the facts of a play under an ingenious hypothesis.“-Prof. DOWDEN, in The Acaderny. MURRAY. A New English Dictionary on Historical

Principles. Founded mainly on the Materials conected by the Philological Society. Edited by JAMES A. H. MURRAY, LL.D., with the Assistance of many Scholars and men of Science. Parts I., II., III., IV., V. 4to, stiff covers.

Each, $3.25. Volume I. A-B. Strongly bound in half morocco, $13.00. “No real student of English, ancient or modern, will wish to be without the work, which is equalled by but two modern dictionariesLittré's for French, and Grimm's for German-and surpassed by none. On the contrary, if Dr. Murray's work is completed as it begins, the English language may boast proudly of having in the best of all modern dictionaries, the greatest bond of union between the people who speak English and encompass the globe."'-Boxton Herald.

“No one will hesitate to say that the speedy completion of this vast undertaking is, or onght to be, an object of great concern to every edicated speaker of English.

"-Athenaeum. “This dictionary is the most important contribution ever yet made to the history of our language. No one is safe in giving the history of an English word without consulting it. No one can consult it without learning something.

No student of langnage can do without it ; every Anglo-Saxon may be proud of it."-Indejendent. NICHOL. A Manual of English Composition. Including

English Composition by JOHN NICHOL, LL.D., and Questions
and Exercises on English Composition by JOHN NICHOL,
LL.D., and W. S. MCCORMICK. 18mo, 60 cents.
Tables of European History, Literature and Art, A.D.

200-1882, and of American History, Literature and

art. By John NICHOL, M.A. LL.D. 8vo, $2.25. OLIPHANT. The Literary History of England. In the

end of the eighteenth and beginning of the nineteentb

century. By MRS. OLIPHANT. 3 vols. 12mo, $3.00. "We should be puzzled, indeed, to name any similar work of more entrancing interest, or of more general utility.

There will hardly be any dispute as to the extraordinary vividness and the substantial accuracy with which she has exhibited the course and spirit of Eng. lish literaruire from the time of Cowper and Burns to the dawn of our day.''--New York Tribune.

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