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DE QUINCEY-Continued.

Vol. IX. Political Economy and Politics.
Vols. X. and XI. Papers of Literary Theory and

Vols. XII. and XIII. Imaginative Writings in the

Shape of Tales, Romances, and Prose Phantasies, in.

cluding Suspiria de Profundis. Vol. XIV. Miscellanea and Index. “Proť. Ma-son's general preface, most agreeably written, ashers in the first volume, which begins with the autobiography, and it promises the kind of editing which one could wish to see. Logical arrangements and exact chronology, careful references to the sources (as in the worked-over mitter), with a completeness as to contents not heretofore attained, and an index to the whole edition,' leave nothing to be desired, while Prof. Masson's competence is not to be disputed. We commend it to all admirers of the Opium-Eater.'”Evening Post. DOWDEN. The Modern Period of English Literature.

By Professor Dowden. 12mo. Shortly. DRYDEN. Poetical Works. Edited with Memoir, Revised Text, and Notes, by W. D. CHRISTIE, C.B. Globe Edition.

$1.25. Essay on Dramatic Poesy. Edited, with Notes, by THOMAS

ARNOLD. 16mo, 90 cents. Seluct Poems. Edited by W. D. CHRISTIE. 16mo, 95 cents

Essays. Edited by C. D. YONGE, 16mo, 60 cents.
EARLE. Works by JOHN EARLE, M.A., Professor of Anglo-

Saxon, Oxford.
A Book for the Beginner in Anglo-Saxon. Third Edition.

16mo, 60 cents. The Philology of the English Tongue. Fourth Edition.

16mo, $1.75. “Every page of the work attests Mr. Earle's thorough knowledge of English in all its stages, and of the living Teutonic languages."

- Academy. Two of the Saxon Chronicies Parallel (1787-1001 A. D.).

With Supplenientary Extracts from the others. A Revised
Text. Edited, with Introduction, Critical Notes and
Glossary, by CHARLES PLUMMER, M.A., on the basis of an

Edition by JOHN EARLE, M.A. 8vo, 75 cents.
I. The Earliest Period. By Rev. STOPFORD A. BROCKE.

In Press. II. A History of Elizabethan Literature. By GEORGE

SAINTSBURY. Library Edition, 12mo, $1.75. Students'

Edition, $1.00. III. A History of the Eighteenth century. Literature

1660-1780. By EDMUND GOSSE. Library Edition, 12mo, $1.75.

Students' Edition, $1.00. IV. Modern Period. By EDWARD DOWDEN. In Press. FLEAY. A Shakespeare Manual. By F. G. FLEAY M.A.

Second edition. 16mo, $1.25.


GAMELYN. The Tale of. Edited by W. W. SKEAT, M.A.

16mo, 40 cents. GLOBE EDITION OF THE POETS. Globe 8vo. Each

$1.25. “ These 'Globe Editions' are admirable for their scholarly editing, their typographical excellence, their compendious form, and their cheap.. ness.”- Saturday Review.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. Edited

Morte d'Arthur. Sir Thomas Malory's Book of King

Arthur and of his Noble Knights of the Round Table.
The Edition of Caxton, revised for modern use. With an

Introduction by SIR EDWARD STRACHEY, Bart.
The Poetical Works of Sir Walter Scott. With Bio-

graphical and Critical Essay by F. T. PALGRAVE.
The Poetical Works and Letters of Robert Burns. Edi-

ted, with Life and Glossarial Index, by ALEXANDER SMITH. Goldsmith's Miscellaneous Works. With Biographical

Essay, by Prof. MASSON.
Pope's Poetical Wurks. Edited, with Memoir and Notes,

by Prof. WARD.
Spenser's Complete Works. Edited by R. MORRIS, wito

Memoir by J. W. HALES, M.A.
Dryden's Poetical Works. A revised Text and Notes. By

Cowper's Poetical Works. Edited, with Biographical In-

troduction and Notes, by the Rev. W. BENHAM.
Milton's Poetical Works. Edited, with Introduction, etc.,

by Prof. MASSON. GOLDSMITH. The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Gold

smith. With Biographical Essay by Prof. MASSON. Globe
Edition Globe 8vo, $1.25.
The Traveller and the Deserted Village. With Notes by

J. W. HALES, M. A. Paper covers, 13 cents.
The Traveller and the Deserted Village. With Notes by

A. BARRETT, M.A. 16mo. Macmillan's English Classics

Series. 40 cents. The Deserted village. 16mo, paper covers, 5 cents. The Vicar of Wakefield. With a Memoir of Goldsmith by

Prof. MASSON. Macmillan's Globe Readings. Globe 8vo, 30 cents. The Vicar of Wakefield. With Introduction and Notes

by H. LITTLEDALE, B.A. Macmillan's English Classics Series. Shortly. Essays of. Edited by C. D. YONGE. 16mo, 60 cents. "Selected with good taste and annotated with competent skill and Isnowledge—a capital book for schools.”Literary Churchman.

Selected Poems. Edited, with Notes, by AUSTIN DOBSON.

16mo, 90 cents. "We do not know when we have been so much diverted as well as

structed by any part of a school-book as by these copious and excel ient noti's.”-Saturday Rew.


The Traveller. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by

GEORGE BIRK BECK HILL, D.C.L. 16mo, stiff covers, 27

cents. GOSSE A History of English Literature in the

Eighteenth Century. By EDMUND GOSSE, M.A. Students

Edition. 12mo, $1.00. Library Edition, on thicker paper, $1.75. “ The plan of the book is excellent. The central figures, around which the lesser writers are grouped, are well chosen and well treated The mutual relations of the writers are clearly pointed out, and a due proportion is preserved in the space allotted to each. The tone is mod. erate, and the judgments free fron exaggeration : while the connected ness of the book is well preserved tiroughout.'

- The Educational Times. GRAY. Poems. With Introduction and Notes by John BRAD

SHAW, LL.D. Macmillan's English Classics Series. Shortly.
Selected Poems. Edited by EDMUND GOSSE. 16mo, 40 cents.

Elegy, and Ode on Eton College, 16mo, 5 cents.
HALES. Longer English Poems. With Notes, Philological

and Explanatory, and an Introduction on the Teaching of English Chiefly for use in schools. Edited by J. W. HALES, M.A., Professor of English Literature, King's College, London. Edition. 16mo, $1.10. “ The Notes are very full and good, and the book, edited by one of our most cultivated English scholars, is probably the best volume of selections ever made for the use of English schools." --Prof. MORLEY. HARRISON. The Choice of Books and Other Literary

Pieces. By FREDERIC HARRISON. Paper covers, 12mo,

50 cents; cioth, $1.CO. HELPS. E says written in the Intervals of Business.

With Introduction and Notes by F. J. ROWE,M. A., and W.T. WEBB, M.A. Macmillan's English Classics Series. 16mo, 40

cents. HOOKER. Book I. ci the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity.

Edited by R. W. CHURCH, M.A. 161no, 50 cents. JOHNSON. The Six Chief Lives from Johnson's “Lives

of the Poets." With Macaulay's Life of Johnson."

Edited, with Notes, by MATTHEW ARNOLD. 12mo, $1.25. “Mr. Arnold has done in this volume for the teaching of literature what so many eminent scientist- have done for the teaching of science; he has indicated the proper mode of work, and given the best book for following that mode applied to the century of the creation of English prose."--Nation.

Vanity of Human Wishes. With Notes, by E. J. PAYNE.

Paper covers, 16mo, 10 cents. Lives of Dryden and Pope. Edited with Notes, by AL

FRED MILNES. 16mo, 60 cents. Rasselas. Lives of Dryden and Pope. Edited hy Alive

FRED MILNES, M.A., 16mo, $1.10. History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia. Edited, with

Introduction and Notes, by G. B. HILL. 16mo, 75 cents. Life of Milton. With Notes by C. H. FIRTH, M.A. 16mo. stiff covers, 40 cents.


KEATS. Hyperion, Book I. With Notes by W.T. ARNOLD,

B.A. 10 cents.
RINGSLEY Works by Charles Kingsley.

The Huroes. Greek Fairy Tales for my Children. With
Illustrations. Globe 8vo. Macmillan's Globe Readings. 36

cents. The Water Babies. A Fairy Tale for a Land Baby. With

Illustrations. Globe 8vo. Macmillan's Globe Readings. 50 cents. Madam How and Lady Why, or First Lessons in Earth

Lore for Children. With Illustrations. Macmillan's Globe

Readings. Globe 8vo, 50 cents. LAMB. Tales from Shakespeare. Edited, with Preface by

the Rev. ALFRED AINGER, M.A. Macmillan's Globe Readings. Globe 8vo, 50 cents. The Essays of Elia. By CHARLES LAMB. Edited by AUGUSTINE BIRRELL. With an Etching by HERBERT

RAILTON. 16mo, cloth, gilt top, $1.00. LANGLAND. The Vision of William Concerning Piers

the Plowman. In Three Parallel Texts, together with Richard the Redeless. With Notes and Glossary, by the

Rev. WALTER W. SKEAT, LL.D.' 2 vols., 8vo, $8.00. “Unless new material is discovered, this edition may be regarded as he standard edition for all time.

Students of language, of literature, of social problems, of religious thought will all alike be under permanent obligations to Prof. Skeat for the adequate and admirable nanner in which he has accomplished a task that has involved the research and, to no small extent, the drudgery of years."- Nation.

The Vision of William concerning Piers the Plowman.

(Edition for Schools.) Edited by w. W. SKEAT. 16mo,

$1.10. LAURIE. Lectures on Language and Linguistic Method

in the School. Delivered in the University of Cambridge,

Easter 1889. By S. S. LAURIE. 12mo, 90 ce ts. LOCKE. Some Thoughts Concerning Education. With

Notes by the Rev. R. H. QUICK, M.A. 16mo, 90 cents. There is no teacher too young to find this book interesting; there is no teacher too old to find it profitable."-School Bulletin.

Conduct of the Understanding. With Notes, etc., by T.

FOWLER, M.A. 16mo, 50 cents.

Authors. Cloth. Globe 8vo.
Cowper's Task. . An Epistle to Joseph Hill, Esq.; Tiro-
cinium, or a Review of the Schools; and the History
of John Gilpin. Edited by WILLIAM BENHAM, B.D. 30
Goldsmith's Vicar of Wakefield. With a Memoir of Gold.

smith by Professor MASSON. 30 cents. Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare. Edited by ALFRED

AINGER, M.A. 50 cents. Scott's Lay of the Last Minstrel, and The Lady of the

Lake. Edited, with Notes, by F. Í. PALGRAVE, 30 cents




Marmion, and The Lord of the Isles. By the same Editor.

30 cents. The Children's Garland from the Best Poets. Selected

and arraaged by COVENTRY PATMORE. 50 cents. Yonge. A Book of Golden Deeds of all Times and all

Countries. Gathered and narrated anew. By CHARLOTTE

M. YONGE. 50 cents. Kingsley. The Heroes: Greel: Fairy Tales for My

Children. With Illustrations. 30 cents. The Water Babies; a Fairy Tale for a Land Baby.

With Illustrations. 50 cents. Madam How and Lady Why; or, First Lessons in Earth

Lore for Children. With Illustrations. 50 cents. The Golden Treasury of the Best Songs and Lyrical Poems in the English Language. Selected and arranged

by F. T. PALGRATE. 50 cents. MACMILLAN'S Globe Readers, The. A new series of

Reading Books for Standards I. to VI. Selected, arranged, and edited by A. F. MURISON. With Illustrations. Globe 8vo. Primer I...

(48 pp.) 8 cents. Primer II..

(48 pp.) 8 cents. Book I...

(96 pp.) 15 cents. Book II..

(136 pp.) 25 cents. Book III..

(22 pp.) 40 cents. Book IV..

(328 pp.) 55 cents. Book V.

(416 pp.) 60 cents. Book VI.....

(448 pp.) 75 cents. “ This series of School Readers, in six volumes, is, in all respects, the best we have ever seen. Every feature which ought to belong to a series of its kind will be found in this.

We hope it will be rapidly and universally adopted in all the schools of this country.”The Churchman.

“A series of 'Readers' which would be difficult to equal, and we should think impossible to surpass."- Critic. MACMILLAN'S Reading Books. Adapted to the English

and Scotch Codes. Primer

(48 pp.) 18mo. 5 cents. Book I. for Standard I.

(96 pp.) 18mo. 10 cents. Book II. for Standard II.

.(144 pp.) 18mv. 12 cents. Book III. for Standard III.

. (160 pp.) 18mo. 15 cents. Book IV. for Standard IV.

(176 pp.) 18mo. 20 cents. Book V. for Standard V.

(380 pp.) 30 cents. Book VI. for Standard VI..

(430 pp.)

55 cents. MACMILLAN'S ENGLISH CLASSICS. A Series of Selec

tions from the works of the Great English Classics. With

Introductions and Notes. 16mo. “The beauty, convenience and cheapuess of the editions fit them for ise anywhere in Schools or private Libraries."-Sunday-School Times.

· Speaking generally of NACMILLAN'S Series we may say that they approach more nearly than any other edition we know io the ideal." Guardian.

“The 'get up' of this Series is a model of what such books should be."-School Guardian.

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