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Correspondence from professors and teachers of English egarding specimen copies and terms for introduction, respectwy invited. Send address for New Complete Catalogue to

THE MACMILLAN CO., Publishers,

66 Fifth Avenue, New York

ABBOTT. A Shakespearian Grammar. An atteinpt to

illustrate some of the Differences between Elizabethan and Modern English. By the Rev E. A. ABBOTT, D. D., Head Master of the City of London School. New Edition

16mo, $1.50. "Valuable not only as an aid to the critical study of Shakespeare, but as tending to familiarize the reader with Elizabethan English in general.”-Athenæum. ADDISON. Selections from Fapers in the Spectator. With

Notes by T. ARNOLD, M.A. 16mo, $1.10.
Selections from Addison. Chosen and Edited by JOAN

RICHARD GREEN. Golden Treasury Series. 18mo, $1.25. ARNOLD. Esse.ys in Criticism. By MATTHEW ARNOLD.

First Series. Globe 8vo, $1.50.
Essays in Criticism. By MATTHEW ARNOLD. Second

Series. Globe 8vo, $1.50.
BACON. The Essays. With Introduction and Notes by F.

G. SELBY, M. A. Macmillan's English Classics Series. 16mo, 60 cents. * It exhibits great carefulness of research and preparation, summarizing, in a word, the most salient points of information diffused through the various standard authorities, '--Journal of Education.

The Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral, of Francis

Bacon, Lord Verulam, Viscount St. Albans. Edited with introduction and illustrative notes by SAMUEL HARVEY

REYNOLDS, M.A. 8vo, $3.75. Advancement of Learning. Edited by W. ALDIS WRIGHT,

16mo, $1.10. BEESLY, Stories from the History of Rome. By Mrs.

BEESLY. 16mo, 60 cents. BERKELEY. Selections from Berkeley, with an Introduc.

tion and Notes. By A. C. FRASER, LL.D. Third Edition.

12mo, $2.25. BIBLE. The Holy Gospels in Anglo-Saxon, Northum.

brian, and old Mercian Versions. Synoptically arranged with Collations Exhibiting all the Readings of all the Manuscripts, together with the early Latin Versions as contained in the Lindisfarne Manuscript, collated with the Latin Version in the Rushworth Manuscript. Edited by the Rev. WALTER W. SKEAT. 4to, $9.00. The Gospel according to St. Matthew, in Anglo-Saxon

and Northumbriav V'ersions. By J. A. KEMBLE, M.A., and Archdeacon HIRLWICX, New Edition, 1888. Rev. Prof. SKEAT. 4to, $2.75. The Gospe! According to St. Mark, in Anglo-Saxon and

Northumbrian Versions. Edited by the Rev. Prof. SKEAT,

M.A. 4to, $2.75. The Gospel according to St. Luke, uniform with the

precediny. Edited by the Rev. Prof. SKEAT. 4to, $2.75. The Gospel according to St. John, uniform with the

preceding. Edited by the lev. Prof. SKEAT. 4to, $2.75.

BOSWORTH, An Anglo-Saxon Dictionary. Based on the

Manuscript Collections of the late JOSEPH BOSWORTH. Edited aud Enlarged by T. NORTHCOTE TOLLER, M.A. Part I. - A to fir. Part II.-- Fir to hwi. Part III.- Hwi-Sar, ito, stiff covers. Each, $3.75. Part IV. In Press. “A very great advance upon all previous works of the same char. acter."-- Academy. BROOKE. Early English Literature. By STOPFORD A.

BROOKE, M. A. 12mo. Shortly. BROWNING. Pocket Volume of Selections from the

Poetical Works of Robert Browning. 16mo, 40 cents. BUNYAN. The Pilgrim's Progress, Grace Abounding,

Relation of the Imprisonment of Mr. John Bunyan

Edited by E. VENA ELES, M.A, 16mo, $1.25. BURKE. Reflections on the French Revolution. Edited

by F. G. SELBY, M.A. Macmillan's English Classics Series, 16mo, $1.00. Select Works. Edited, with Notes, by E. J. PAYNE. Vol.

1. Thoughts on the Present Discontents: the Two Speeches on America. 16mo, $1.10. Wol. 2. Reflections on the French Revolution. 16mo,

$1.25. Vol. 3. On the Proposals for Peace with the Regicide

Directory of France. 16010, $1.25. BURNS. The Poems, Letters and Songs. Being the Com.

plete Works of ROBERT BURNS. Edited with Memoir, by ALEXANDER SMITH. Globe Edition. Globe 8vo, $1.25. Selected Poems, Edited, with Introduction, Notes, and

Glossary, by J. LOGIE ROBERTSON, M.A. 12mo, $1.50. “The glossary of dialect words is carefully prepared, and a chron, ology brings the chief poems into their proper dates. The biography of Burns is short and good.”—N. Y. Timies. BUTLER, Hudibras. Edited, with Introduction and Notes,

by ALFRED MILNES, M.A., late Fellow of Lincoln College, Oxford. Extra tcap. 8vo. Part I. 60 cents. Parts II. and

III. $1.00 " The notes appended to the text give ample proof of Mr. Milnes' skill and scholarship and are most valuable helps to the modern student.”-- Euinburijh Dvily Review. BYRON S Childe Harold. Edited, with Introduction and

Notes, by H. E. TOZER, M.A. 16mo, 90 cents. “An essay on the art, style, and versification of the poem, is a masterly contribution, worthy for its own sake, of close and careful study. The notes are very full, covering 150 pages of close print; but there is no padding here--every note contains something worth looking for."- Educational Times. CAMPBELL. Selections. With Introductions and Notes by

CECIL M. BARROW, M.A. Macmillan's English Classics Se? ies. 16mo. Shortly. Gertrude of Wyoming. A Pennsylvanian Tale. Edited,

with Introduction and Notes, by H. MACAULAY FITZ GIBBON, M.A. 16mo, 25 cents.


CLARENDON. History of the Rebellion. Book VI.

Edited, with Introduction and Notes, with Map of England
and plan of the Battle of Edgehill. By THOMAS ARNOLD,
M.A. 16mo, $1.10.
Characters and Episodes of the Great Rebellion. Se.

lected from The History and Autobiography of Edward,
Earl of Clarendon, and Edited with short Notes by the very

Rev. G. L, BOYLE, M.A. 12mo, $2.00. CHAUCER'S Canterbury Tales. Annotated and Accented.

With Illustrations of English Life in Chaucer's Time. By JOHN SAUNDERS. With Illustrations from the Ellesmere M.Š.

12mo, $1.60. “Whoever would taste his (Chaucer's) delicious flavor must master his dialect. One of the most promising of recent attempts to induce readers to take this trouble is Mr. Saunder's Canterbury Tales.' Be. yond the introduction of a uniform standard of spelling and the use of marks of accentuation, there appears to be no alterations of the text."--The Dial. CHAUCER. The Prologue. The Knightes Tale.

The Nonne Preestes Tale, from the Canterbury Tales. Edited by the Rev. RICHARD MORRIS, LL.D. A new Edition, with Collations and additional Notes, by the Rev. WALTER

W. SKEAT, Litt.D. 16mo, 60 cents. Prof. E. E. HALE, Jr. of Cornell, writes: “It is a great improvement over the original edition, which was in many ways the best book for a class beginning the study of Chaucer. The revised text is, of course, of the greatest value, and the corrections and additions by Prof. Skeat are, wherever I have compared the two editions, very much to the point." School Edition of the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales.

Edited by the Rev. W.W. SKEAT, Litt.D. 16mo, 25 cents. ** The editor has succeeded admirably in hitting the gold mean between brevity and comprehensiveness, and has supplied a want long felt by teachers for a cheap and scholarly introduction to Chaucer's language and poetry. This edition should now supersede all others in the schools, except where there is time for the fuller editions by the same editor."

The Tale of the Man of Lawe. The PardoneresTale,

The Second Nonnes Tale, The Chanouns Yemannes
Tale, from the Canterbury Tales. Edited by the Rev.
WALTER W. SKEAT, Litt.D., LL.D. New Edition, revised.

16mo, $1.10. The Prioresses Tale, Sire Thopas, The Monkes Tale,

The Clerkes Tale, The Squieres 'Tale, from the Can terbury Tales. Edited by the Rev. WALTER W. SKEAT,

Litt.D. Fourth Edition, revised. 16mo, $1.10. The Legend of Good Women. Edited by the Rev. WALTER

W. SKEAT, Litt.D. 12mo, $1.50. “Often as the Legend of Good Women’ has been printed, it has Lever been edited until now.

Prof. Skeat's editions of the Minor Poems' and the · Legend' form together a considerable instal. ment of the long-desired critical edition of Chaucer's poetry.”

--London Athenæum.

The Minor Poems. Edited by the Rev. WALTER W. SKEAT,

Litt.D., LL.D., Edin.; M.A., Oxon. 12mo, $2.60. “Professor Skeat has brought to bear npon the elucidation of the text all the great learning he has accumulated in the preparation of the various works with which his name is now so honorably connected, We have little hesitation in saying that there is no student of Chaucei living to whom this volume will not be an absolute necessity."

- The Evening Post. CLEASBY. A List of English Words, the Etymology of

which is illustrated by comparison with Icelandic. An Appendix to “Cleasby's Icelandic Dictionary." By W. W.

SKEAT, M.A. Paper covers, 4to, 50 cents. COMENIUS. Life and Edncational Works of John Amos

Comenius. By S. S. LAURIE. Second Edition. 16mo, $1.00. COWLEY'S Prose Works. With Notes by the Rev. J. R.

LUMBY, D.D. 16mo, $1.00. COWPER. Poetical Works. Edited by the Rev. W. BENHAM.

Globe Edition. Globe 8yo, $1.25. COWPER. Elited, with Notes, by H. T. GRIFFITH, B.A. I. The Didactic Poems of 1732, with Selections from

the Minor Pieces. 16mo, 75 cents. II. The Task; with Tirocinium, and Selections from the

Minor Poems. 16mo, 75 cents. The Task; An Epistle to Joseph Hill, Esq.: Tiro

cinium, or a Review of the Schools : and the History of John Gilpin. Edited by W. BENHAM, B.D. Mamcillan's

Globe Readings. Globe 8vo, 30 cents. The Task. With Introduction and Notes, by F. J. ROWE and W. T. WEBB, M.A. Macmillan's English Classics Series.

16mo. Shortly. CRAIK. Selections from English Prose Writers. A series

in 5 Volumes. Edited by HENRY CRAIK, C.B., and arranged

on the sa ne general plan as “Ward's English Poets." Shortly. DE QUINCEY. A Selection of his Best Works. Edited

by W. H. BENNETT. 2 vols., 32mo, $1.50. DE QUINCEY. New and Enlarged Edition of the Col.

lected Works. Elited by DAVID MASSON, M.A., LL.D., Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature in the University of Edinburgh. 14 vols., 12mo, cloth, in box, $17.50; or each volume separately, $1.25. Vol. I. Autobiography from 1785 to 1803. Prefaced by

a general Editorial introduction to the New Edition. Vol. II. Autobiography, continued-(two chapters being

additional) with Literary and Lake Reminiscences. Vol. III. Autobiography and Literary Reminiscences, continued. Consisting of London Reminiscences, and the Author's revised and greatly enlarged Edition of the “Confessions of an English Opium-eater." Vols. IV. and V. Biographic Sketches. Vols. VI. and VII. Historical Essays and Researches. Vol. VIII. Speculative and Theological Essays.

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