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Página 522 - ... under common control with, the person specified. (b) Control. The term "control" (including the terms "controlling", "controlled by" and "under common control with") means the possession, direct or indirect, of the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of a person, whether through the ownership of voting securities, by contract...
Página 536 - ... that notice of this order shall be given to the general public by depositing a copy in the Office of the Secretary of the Commission at Washington, DC, and by filing it with the Director, Office of the Federal Register.
Página 624 - Congress and some Federal commissions have on occasion established limits on institutional levers of corporate control, principally regarding stockholders. But neither the Congress, nor the commissions, nor the executive branch can fully evaluate the total effect of concentration — the impact of the several levers of corporate control exercised by banks and other major investors throughout industry groups and the economy as a whole. Meanwhile, the portfolio companies in which a few banks have substantial...
Página 602 - Finally, in the corporate system, the 'owner' of industrial wealth is left with a mere symbol of ownership while the power, the responsibility and the substance which have been an integral part of ownership in the past are being transferred to a separate group in whose hands lies control.
Página 764 - ... proportions following, that is to say : For one share, and not more than two shares, one vote ; for every two shares above two, and not exceeding ten, one vote ; for every four shares above ten, and not exceeding thirty, one vote ; for every six shares above thirty, and not exceeding sixty, one vote; for every eight shares above sixty, and not exceeding one hundred, one vote; and for every ten shares above one hundred, one vote ; but no person, copartnership, or body politic, shall be entitled...
Página 493 - Mergers, which would not otherwise take place, may aleo be fostered by the influential position of banks with one or more companies involved. The ties between banks and other corporations may also unduly restrict the sources of credit available to competing businesses which do not have the same links with banks. This, too. is a form of restraint on competition. In addition, there are a number of serious conflict of interest problems that arise from extensive interrelationships between banks and ether...
Página 531 - Investee" means a corporation that Issued voting stock held by an Investor. (c) "Corporate Joint venture" Is a company owned and operated by a small group of businesses as a separate and specific business or project for the mutual benefit of the members of the group.
Página 603 - The shareholder in the modern corporate situation has surrendered a set of definite rights for a set of indefinite expectations...
Página 496 - What this all adds up to is that the major banking institutions in this country are emerging as the single most important force in the economy, both through the huge overall financial, resources at their command and through the 'concentration of these resources and other interrelationships with a large part of the nonbanking business community in the country.
Página 496 - When the power of these financial institutions, in the combination which appears to be evolving, is examined in connection with their power — both existing and potential — over a large part of the nonfinancial sectors of our economy, the picture is complete. The kind of snowballing economic power described in this study, with its literally thousands of interlocking relationships, is a situation which can only be ignored at great peril.

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