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శ్రీ తుడుచుకుంటారు.






Free and Candid EXAMINATION.


Wherein all those Places of Scripture which do

expressly speak of the Consequences of the first Transgression, are distinctly considered, and as far as the Author was able) fully and familiarly explained, that the meanest Capacity may form a true Judgment upon this important Article of Revelation.

Acts xvii. 11. These were more noble than those in

Thesalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, WHETHER THOSE THINGS WERE SO.

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Warrant nothing of my own in the following Inquiries : I undertake

to make nothing good. At 99 present, I see nothing in them that is false; but that is no Proof that every thing is true. I have made the Revelation of God alone the Rule of my Judgment, not any Schemes or Opinions of Men : But that I have every where fully and infallibly delivered the Sense of Revelation I maintain not. I have honestly endeavoured to set Things in a jus Light; but under the Weakness and

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ImperfeЕtions of a Man. This I adı vertise you of, that in reading you may freely use your own Judgment without any Regard to mine; that you may admit Truth upon its own Evidence; and that, if you are by a blind, implicit Faith in what I say, led into any Error, you yourself may be accountable for it.----I add a hearty Wish, That we may all so seriously, closely, impartially, peaceably, and in the Spirit of Love, sudy the Scriptures, that our Knowledge of the Principles of Christianity being just

, our Faith may be strong, our Hope stedfast, our Comfort folid, and that the Light of the glorious Gospel of Christ, who is the Image of God, shining into our Minds, may give us a Conformity to the Son of God in all Virtue, in Meekness, Humility and brotherly Kindness, that so an Entrance may be ministred unto us abundantly into his everlasting Kingdom. Amen.

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