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Plantation and Farm Instruction, Regulation, Record, Inventory and Account Book, for the use of Managers of Estates and for the better ordering and management of plantation and farm business in every particular. *By a Southern Planter. *« Order is heaven's first law." 4to., hf. roan, $ 2.

This Bpok is by one of the best and most systematic farmers in Virginia, and experienced farmers have expressed the opinion that those who use it will save hundreds of dollars.

Published by J. W. RANDOLPH.


An Essay on Calcareous Manures, by Edmund Ruffin,a practical Farmer of Virginia from 1812 : Founder and sole Editor of the Farmers'Register; Member and secretary of the former State Board of Agriculture; formerly Agricultural Surveyor of the State of South Carolina ; and president of the Virginia State Agricultural Society. Fifth edition, amended and eularged. Fine edition, 8vo., printed on good paper, and strongly bound, library style, $2; cheap edition, 12mo., muslin, i& 1 25"

Published by J. W. RANDOLPH,

Richmond, Va.


Notes on the State of Virginia. By Thomas Jefferson. Illustrated with a map of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. A New Edition, prepared by the Author, containing many Notes and Plates never before published. 8vo. muslin, $2 50.

Published by J. W. RANDOLPH.


Introduction to the History of the Colony and Ancient Dominion of Virginia, by

Charles Campbell. 8vo. muslin, $ 1 50*

"Mr. Campbell's History of Virginia is presented to the public in a very unpretending form, and is written in a clear, agreeable and manly style, without affectation, with new and elaborate conceits of expression, and defaced by no ambitious and deliberate flights of rhetoric. The subject is a good one, and it is treated as if the author felt assured of its intrinsic attractions. He has evidently scrutinized the appropriate evidences in their sources, and the reader may repose with confidence in his statements.''—North Amer. Review.

Published by



The Virginia Report of 1799-1800, touching the Alien and Sedition Laws, togeth er with the Virginia Resolutions of December 21, 1798, the debate and* proceedings thereon in the House of Delegates of Virginia, and several other documents illustrative of the Report and Resolutions. New edition. 8vo. half calf, $ 1 50, Published by


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