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pray Him to bring them back to His love, and give them true repentance.

Whether near or far, present or absent, in life or in death, God can watch over those we commit to His safe keeping. An old proverb says,

That which God keeps is well kept.” When those we love pass from our sight, and enter the Unseen Land, let us remember that they are in our Father's Hand. After the storms and trials of this life, they have entered the Father's Home, and if they have tried to love and please Him in this life, they rest with Him in peace, in the Haven where they would be.

And when we too are called to cross the dark Valley of the Shadow of Death, let us remember that our Father will not leave us alone. Into His Hands we may commend our spirits, feeling sure that He will watch over them in that solemn hour, when all earthly help fails us.

As a good man once said, “May the thought of God's Fatherhood, woven into our mind by life's experience, be to us also

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a stay in the hour when flesh and heart are failing. May the words 'Our Father,' as it has been our encouragement in prayer, be also our support in death.”

When we say the Lord's Prayer, beginning with the words “Our Father,” it reminds us that we are all children of one great family, “high and low, rich and poor, one with another.” The same Father made us, and watches over us; the same Saviour loved us, and died for us; the same Blessed Spirit dwells within us, and makes us holy.

We are all one in God. Let us therefore look upon all around us as related to us in Him, as brothers and sisters in Christ. Those who have one Father ought to dwell together in unity as members of one family. Whether we live in large houses or small ones, whether

, we are rich or poor, it matters not, we are all the same in our Father's sight, if we love Him, and try to keep His Commandments.

This life is very short. The time will soon come when there will be no more distinctions between rich and poor, the only difference then will be between those who have served God, and those who have served Him not. All, therefore, depends upon how we use our time here. Let us try to love one another, to speak and feel kindly towards one another. It is hard, very hard, to understand the inequalities of this life. Things sometimes seem to be unfairly distributed, but if we could only see our whole lives, and the lives of others, as God sees them, we should often find that all was more evenly distributed than we imagined.

This world is a great school. Every one placed in it has to learn his or her lesson, the rich as much as the poor. The rich have far greater trials than the poor are aware of.

Let our great aim be to love one another, and help one another by our words, our deeds, our examples, and our prayers, and so shall we be the children of our Father which is in Heaven, and our lives will be happy if spent in showing towards others the love with which He has loved us.

For God giveth each his station,
Some have riches, and high place,
Some have lowly homes and labour,

have His precious grace.

And God loveth all His children,
Rich and poor, and high and low,
And they all shall meet in Heaven
Who have served Him here below.

"Fear not, little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom.”

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He knoweth all His people,

From everlasting knew,-
The greatest and the smallest,

The many and the few.
Not one of them shall perish :

He guardeth each alone:
In living and in dying

They shall remain His own.

The little flock He knoweth,

Who, though by faith not sight,
Th' Invisible are seeing,

And trusting in His might.
Born by His word of power,

And nourished by that word
Within His store-house finding

The armour of their Lord.


And thus He knows His people, —

By hope so bright and blest, By faith that can its burden

Upon the Saviour rest; And by the look of gladness,

Where truth shines forth serene, That plant that ever weareth

An amaranthine green.

He knows them by their loving

The fruit of His own love, And by their earnest longing

To please their Lord above: By their long-suffering patience

When others work them ill; By blessing as He blesseth,

And bearing all His will.

And thus He knows His people,

From everlasting knew,The greatest and the smallest,

The many and the few. Where His own Spirit's working

In gracious power is seen: By faith, hope, love abounding,

Where'er His step has been.

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