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The American History Leaflet

For Schools.


The attention of Normal instructors, Superintendents and Teache is invited to the peculiar educative value of the American Histoj Leaflets series when used for supplementary reading and reference adjuncts to the regular text-book in United States history.

The matter comprised in the Leaflets consists of reprints of famo documents that were the mainspring of political action, or the resu ants of such activity. The American History Leaflets are thus great value for giving that particularity and local color to the importa events of our history which the limited space of most text-books forbi Pupils using them will thus obtain a more intelligent idea of the epo under consideration.

The American History Leaflets are issued under the editor supervision of Albert Bushnell Hart and Edward Channing, Prof

COLON sors of American History in Harvard University, and each numt contains an Introduction by the Editors, with a bibliography for use further investigation. The numbers more particularly adapted for common school use are :

: No. 1.–The Letter of Columbus to Luis de Sant Ang

announcing his Discovery, with Extracts fro

his Journal. A familiar letter addressed to the Spanish gentleman who befriei ed Columbus.

EXACT No. 8.—The Exact Text of the Constitution of the Unit

An exact reprint reproducing the peculiar capitalization, puncti
tion and spelling then in vogue. It is prefaced by a valua

ACCOME editorial introduction. No. 12.-Ordinances of Secession and other Document

Reprints of the secession ordinances passed by the Southern Sta

at the opening of the Civil War. No. 18.-Lincoln's Inaugural and First Message to Coica may be trace

gress 1861. Excellent as reading material, as well as for its historical value. No. 20.—The Articles of Confederation, with prelin 25). The firs nary Documents. 1776-1781.

a special Con The most important sources on the foundation of the first Fede

Congress. A government. Bound in stout paper covers, price 10 Cents per copy.

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A. LOVELL & CO., Publishers,

70 Fifth Avenue, NEW YOR

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