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Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Salkeld, Edward

B. A. Trinity Camb. Lichfield Sanders, Bradfield

B. A. St. Peter's Camb. Norwich Shore, James

B. A. Sidney

Camb. Exeter Sill, John Parkin

B. A. Christ

Camb. Hereford Smith, William

B. A. Magdalene Camb. Lichfield Smythe, Patrick Murray

B. A. Christ Church Oxf. Oxford Sutton, Thomas .....

B. A. St. Edmund Hall Oxf. Lincoln Terrott, Charles .....

B. A. Trinity

Camb. Lincoln Thompson, Cornelius

... B. A. Trinity Camb. Lincoln Thompson, Joseph


Durliam Thorold, Henry Baugh

B. A. Trinity Oxf. Lincoln Turbit, John Henry

B. A. Worcester Oxf. Oxford Turner, John Fisher

B. A. Worcester Oxf. Exeter Walkey, Charles Collyns

M. A. Worcester Oxf. Exeter Waller, Edmund

B. A.. Trinity Camb. Salisbury Walsh, Joseph Neate

M. A. St. John's Oxf. Salisbury Watkins, Thomas

B. A. Queen's Camb. Hereford Watson, John

B. A. Worcester


Norwich Webb, William

B. A. Trinity Camb. Durham Webster, Rowland

B. A. Lincoln Oxf. Durham Welby, Richard Thomas

B. A. Christ

Camb. Lincoln Wilberforce, Samuel

B. A. Oriel

Oxf. Oxford Williams, John

M. A. Christ Church Oxf. Oxford Williams, Henry B.

B. A. Jesus

Oxf. Bangor Wilson, Richard

M. A. St. John's Camb. Wilson, Daniel

B. A. Wadham Oxf. Oxford Woodruff, Thomas

B. A. St. John's Oxf. Lincoln Wyld, William Thomas ..

B. A. Christ Church Oxf. Salisbury

PRIESTS. Alleyne, John Forster

...... B. A. Balliol

Oxf. Lincoln Ashmore, Paul....


Camb. Norwich Athawes, John...

M. A. Trinity Camb. Lincoln Adey, Stephen Oakley

M. A. Corpus Christi Oxf. Exeter Bankes, Samuel Horatio

LL.B. Trinity Hall Camb. Ely Bayley, Edmund Goodenough

M. A. Fell. of Pemb. Oxf. Oxford Beckwith, Samuel Boydell

B. A. St. John's Oxf. Lincoln Beeson, William Clifton

B. A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Bellas, Septimus

B.A. Queen's Oxf. Salisbury Benwell, H.


Oxf. Norwich Biscoe, Robert....

M. A. Christ Church Oxf Oxford Bluett, Thomas Lovell..

B. A. Queen's Camb. Exeter Bogie, Brackenbury Dickson

B. A. Trinity Dublin Lincoln Braithwaite, William

B. A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Browne, Alfred

B. A. Christ Church Oxf. Oxford Browne, James Caulfield..,

B. A. St. John's Camb. Ely Browne, Henry Albert.........

B. A. Queen's Oxf. Lincoln Caldecott, William Marriott....... M.A. Oriel

Oxf. Lincoln Campbell, Archibald....

M.A. Jesus

Camb. Peterboro' Carr, John ..... ...........

M. A. Fell. of Balliol Oaf. Oxford Cartwright, John .......

B. A. Christ

Camb. Durham Chamberlain, Henry Edwin

B. A. Exeter Oxf. Bath &Wells Chaplyn, James Robert

M. A. Trinity

Oxf. Peterboro' Chapman, Benjamin......

B. A. Christ

Camb. Ely Chinnery, Nicholas

B.A. Queen's Camb. Lichfield Clarke, William Thomas.

B. A. Qucen's Oxf.

Lincoln Clements, Dalston

B.A. Queen's Camb. Exeter Clifton, Charles

B. A. Worcester Oxf. Salisbury Clissold, S.

M. A. Clare Hall Camb. Norwich Clutton, Ralph..

B.A. Emmanuel Camb. Ely Collinson, Henry King.

B.A. Queen's Oxf. Durham Colton, Charles....

B. A. Pembroke Camb. Lincoln Colvile, William ............. B. A. St. John's Camb:

Norwich Corniins, Joseph E. ... ............... B.A. Catharine Hall Camb.



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Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Cox, John...

M. A. St. Mary Hall Oxf. Lincoln Curling, William

B.A. Wadham Oxf. Rochester Darby, Thomas

B. A. Downing Camb. Lincoln Dealtry Thomas

S.C.L. Catharine Hall Camb. Ely Debrisay, John Theophilus

B.A. Caius

Camb. Exeter Denison, Edward.....

M. A. Fell. of Merton Oxf. Oxford De Soyres, Francis

B. A. Merton Oxf. Lincoln Drake, George James Asheton

B. A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Drummond, Robert...

B. A. Trinity Camb. Lincoln Earle, Charles Hare....

M. A. Trinity Oxf. Salisbury Eden, Robert

B. A. Christ Church Oxf. Gloucester Edmeades, William Henry

B. A. Merton Oxf. Rochester Estcourt, Edmund H. Bucknell

M. A. Fell. of Merton Oxf. Oxford Fardell, Thomas

S.C.L. Queen's Camb. Ely Ffinch, Benjamin Saunderson

B.A. Trinity Camb. Rochester Field, Frederick

M. A. Fell. of Trin. Camb. Ely Flowers, Field ..

B. A. Lincoln Oxf. Lincoln Frankish, David

B. A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Goodden, George.

B. A. Jesus

Camb. Bath & Wells Gother, Andrew William..........

B. A. St. John's Oxf. Lincoln Greatrex, James ....

B. A. St. John's Camb. Lichfield Gretton, Frederick Edward.....

B. A. St. John's Camb. Peterboro' Griffith, Henry

M. A. Jesus

Oxf. Oxford Gurney, John Hampden

M. A. Trinity Camb. Lincoln Gwyther, John......

B. A. St. John's Camb. Lichfield Hazel, James ......

B. A. Queen's Oxf. Oxford Heselrige, C.M.

B. A. Brasennose Oxf. Hereford , Hodge, Henry Vere..

B.A. Exeter Oxf. Lincoln Holder, Caddell

B. A. Trinity Oxf. Gloucester Hooper, John .....

B. A. Queen's Oxf. Salisbury Hopkins, George Adolphus.

B. A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Hughes, John

B. A. Brasennose Oxf. Hereford Jackson, Edward Dudley

S.C.L. Trinity Hall Camb. Exeter Jones, John Wynne..

B. A. Jesus

Oxf. Bangor Kilton, Edward

M. A. Fell. of Balliol Oxf. Oxford Kilvert, Robert..

B. A. Oriel

Oxf. Salisbury Lampen, John..

B. A. Exeter Oxf. Exeter Latimer, E.W.F.

M. A. Lincoln Oxf. Oxford Lea, George.

B. A. Wadham Oxf. Lincoln Lenny, Christian.........


Rochester Luard, Octavius ..........

B. A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Luney, Richard

B. A. Magdalen Hall Oxf. Exeter Macaulay, John Heyrick.

M. A. Trinity

Camb. Exeter Maddock, Henry William


Fell. Brasenn. Oxf. Oxford Maine, John Thomas

B.A. Trinity Camb. Lincoln Medlicott, Joseph..

B.A. Queen's Camb. Salisbury Menzies, John

M. A. Corpus Christi Oxf. Oxford Moberly, George

M. A. Fell. of Balliol Oxf. Oxford Moore, Thomas B. G. .....

B. A. Pembroke Oxf. Oxford Morgan, Evan Pritchard

B. A. Jesus

Oxf. Oxford Mossop, John

B. A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln New, Edward Parris..

M. A. Fell. St. John's Oxf. Oxford Noble John

B. A. Sidney

Camb. Salisbury Otter, George

B.A. Jesus

Camb. Lincoln Owen, Edward John

B. A. Downing Camb. Bangor Owen, Thomas Cæsar

B. A. Jesus

Oxf. Bangor Phelps, John

B. A. Queen's Oxt. Salisbury Rice, Francis William

B. A. Christ Church Oxf. Gloucester Roberts, John

B. A. Trinity Camb. Bangor Pope, Thomas

B. A. Trinity Camb. Salisbury Row, William Andrew. ........ B. A. Caius

Camb. Exeter Russell, John Clark................... B.A. St. Peter's Camb. Salisbury Scott, George William

B. A. Trinity Camb. Exeter

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Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Smyth, William Watson ..

B. A. Trinity Hall Camb. Norwich Stainforth, Richard

B. A. Queen's Camb. Lincoln Stammers, Robert

B. A. St. John's Camb. Lichfield Strong, Edmund.

B. A. Exeter Oxf. Bath & Wells Templeman, Richard Abraham

LL. B. Trinity Camb. Gloucester Thomas, George

....... M. A. Worcester Oxf. Oxford Tiddeman, Richard Philip Goldsworthy .. M. A. Magdalen Hall Oxf. Salisbury Townsend, Samuel Thomas...... B. A. Trinity Camb. Rochester Tucker, Marwood

B.A. Balliol Oxf. Exeter Twigg, Robert...........

B. A. St. Peter's Camb. Norwich Vaughan, John

B.C.L. St. John's Camb. Norwich Vernon, William Hardy

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxf. Lincoln Wales, William

B. A, CatharineHall Camb. Rochester Wason, John James.......

M. A. Brasennose Oxf. Exeter Wearing, Richard


Durham Whateley, John Clements

B. A. Worcester Oxf. Oxford White, Herbert

M.A. Fell. Corp. Ch. Oxf. Oxford Whitter, Walrond

B. A. St. Peter's Camb. Bath & Wells Willians, St. George A.

B. A. Jesus

Oxf. Bangor Wigley, Charles Meysey..

B. A. Balliol Oxf. Hereford Wilberforce, Robert Isaac

M. A. Fell. of Oriel Oxf. Oxford Willan, Francis Miles

B.A. Christ

Camb. Lincoln Wilson, John

B. A. Catharine Hall Camb. Lincoln Wood, George

B. A. Lincoln Oxf. Durham Woodley, Charles William

B. A. St. Peter's Camb. Exeter Wordsworth, John

B. A. New

Oxf. Lincoln
Deacons, 126—Priests, 123–Total, 249.


County. Diocese. Patron.
Owersby, V.
Atkinson, John..

Lincoln Lincoln Lord Chancellor with Kirby Osgarby, V. Best, Thomas....

East Bark with, R. to hold by disp. with Kirby-on-Baine, R. )

Lincoln Lincoln SG.R. Heneagc, Esq.

Lord Chancellor. Bishop, James

St. Mary-de-Lode, V.
with Holy Trinity, V.

Gloucest. Gloucest. D. & C. of Gloucest. Byam, R. Burgh

I Kew, V.
( and Petersham, V.

Surrey Winchest. King's Coll. Camb. Byers, Sparks .... St. James, Ch. Ryde I. Wight Winchest. W. H. Hughes, Esq. Clarke, William .. St. John-the-Less, P.C. Chester Chester Corp. of Chester Collyer, Robert Dersingham, V.

Norfolk Norwich Bp. Norw. (by lapse) Custance, John.... Brampton, R.

Norfolk Norwich R. Marsham, Esq. Davison, John .... Old Sodbury, V.

Gloucest. Gloucest. D. & C. of Worcest. | Fuggleston St. Peter, R. Eddy, Charles .. and Bemerton, V.

Salisbury Earl of Pembroke Eyre, C. W......

.... Preb. of Strensall, in Cath. Ch. of York Archbp. of York Hali, W.J. ...... Sandon, V.

Herts. Lincoln D. of St. Paul's Harbin, William .. Esher, R.

Surrey Winchest.H. J. Pye, Esq. Harrison, Robert SP.C. of Blanchland

Northumb.Durham Bp. Crewe's Trust. I to Lastingham, V. York York Lord Chancellor Hett, W. ........ Elkesley, V.

Notts. York Duke of Newcastle Hodgson, George

Colwich, v.
with Frodswell, Ch.

Stafford Lichfield Bp. of Chester Hurst, J. D....... Clapton, R.

Northam. Peterboro'W.P. Williams, Esq. Hustler, J. D. Great Fakenham, R. Suffolk Norwich Duke of Grafton Lewis, Henry John Minor Canonry in Cath. Ch. of Worcester D.&.C. of Worcest. Marsh, E.G. Yardley, V.

Herts. Lincoln D. & C. of St. Paul's Molesworth, J.E.N. Wirksworth, V.

Derby Lichfield Dean of Lincoln Mutlow, Wm. Wilton Rudford, R.

Gloucest. Gloucest. D. & C. of Gloucest. Park, J. Allan .... Elwick, R.

Durham Durham Bp. of Durham V. of Stone Peel, John

Worcest. Worcest. to Preb, in Metropol. Ch. of Canterbury

The King

} Wilts.





County. Diocese.

V. of Nazing

Essex London The King
and V. of Sutton Galtres


York Pellew, Hon. Geo. and Preb, of York

Archbishop of York and Preb. of Metropol. Ch. of Canterb.

The King to the Deanery of the Cath. Ch. of Norwich Price, J. T......... Weedon Lois, V.

Northam. Peterboro'King's Coll. Camb. Roberts, T..... St. Mary, Stamford, R. Lincoln Lincoln Marquess of Exeter Scott, G. W. ...... Kentisbeare, R.

Devon Exeter Hon.P.C.Wyndham Shiffner, George....Preb. of Eartham in Cath. Ch. of Chichest. Bishop of Chichester Smyth, W. Watson.. Manton, V.

Rutland Peterboro'G. W. Smyth, Esq. V. of Powick

Worcester WorcesterEarl of Coventry and R. of Severnstoke, St. John, J.F.S. F. &c. &c. and Preb, in Cath. Ch. of

Worcester The King to Mastership of St. Oswald's Hosp. Worcester D. & C. of Worcester Thomas, William .. Orlestone, R.

Kent Canterb. T. Thornhill, Esq. Tomblin, Charles Walcot, V.

Lincoln Lincoln Sir. G.Heathcote, Bt. Topham, Johın ....St. Andrew, Droitwich, R. Worcester Worcester Lord Chancellor Townsend, R. L. .. St. Philip, Liverpool, P. C. Lancaster Chester J. Cragg, Esq. Trelawny, E. ...... Northill, R.

Cornwall Exeter Mrs. Darley Tripp, Robert Henry St. Sidwell's, Exeter, P.C. Devon Exeter Bishop of Exeter Tyler,RoperTrevor { and wenvoe, R. Merthyr-Dovan, R.

}Glamorg. Llandať R. F. Jenner, Esq. Veron, L. V. ...... Archdeaconry of Cleveland in Cath. Ch. of York Archbishop of York Whiter, Walter .. {Beeldarsingham

{ Wing, J...........Streatham, R.

Surrey Winchest. Duke of Bedford Wrangham, Francis. Archdeaconry of East Riding in Cath. Ch. of York Archb. of York

to Little Bittering, R. Norfolk Norw. Clare Hall, Camb.


Bissett, George.. {and Malmsbury, V.



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Preb. of Sanctæ Crucis, in Cath. Ch. of Lincoln Bishop of Lincoln.

Scrivelsby, R.
Dymoke, John..

and Dalderby, R.
Roughton, R.

Lincoln Lincoln Rev. J. Dymoke. with Haltham, R.

and Wilksby, V. Fish, William St. John-the-Less, P. C. Chester Chester Corp. of Chester. Hooper, William

Bedford Lincoln Viscount Hampden. with Chellington, R.

Lidgate, R.

Duke of Rutland.

S Isaacson, John Little Bradley, R.

Suffolk Norw. W.&C.Lampril, Esqs. and Cowling, P.C.

H. Usborne, Esq.
Datchworth, R.

Herts Lincoln Clare Hall, Camb. Johnson, C.W... Witham-on-the-Hill, V. Lincoln Lincoln G.W. Johnson, Esq

Warwick Lichfield The King.

J. Browne, Esq.
and West

D. & C. of Norwich. Canon Resident. Pilkington, Charles and Preb. of Eartham

in Cath.Ch.of Chichest. Bp. of Chichester. and Eastergate, R. Sussex Chichest. D. & C. of Chichest. Pratt, John ...

s Countess of Walde

Whittlesea, St. Mary, V.


}Norfolk Norw. } in

grave. Wheldale, West Christ Church, R. Middlesex London Brasenn. Coll. Oxf.

Brome, J........
Brooksbank, J.S..
Chapman, T.
Cruikshank, D.
Lane, S.

Dorset Square
Portsea ..


Lefevre, Charles
Moron, D. R. L.
Woodward, Richard, D.D..
Yates, J. S. B.

Lower Berkeley Street
Glanworth, in Ireland.

County. Middlesex. Gloucester.



CLERGYMAN MARRIED. The Rev. Edward Hawkins, D.D. Provost of Oriel College, to Mary Anne, daughter of the late Richard Buckle, Esq. of Clifton.



mas Term, were admitted by the Public The Rev. Edward Bouverie Pusey, M.A. Examiners into the three Classes of Litere has been installed Canon of Christ Church. Humaniores and Discipline Mathematicæ et

Mr. William Robert Browell, and Mr. Physice respectively, according to the George William Mahon, have been ad- alphabetical arrangement in each class mitted Fellows of Pembroke College, on prescribed by the statute, stand as follow :the Tesdale Foundation.

Dir. John Douglas Giles has been elected In the First Class of Literæ Humaniores. an Exhibitioner of Corpus Christi College. Johnson, G. H. Sacheverell, Queen's Coll. James Watson Stote Donnison, and

Puller, Christopher, Christ Church. George Young Robson, have been elected

Riddle, Joseph Esmond, St. Edmund Hall. Scholars of University College, on the Yorkshire Foundation.

In the Second Class of Litera Humaniores. Mr. Herman Merivale, B. A. of Trinity Bevan, Thomas, Balliol Coll. College, and one of Dean Ireland's Scho- Browell, William Robert, Pembroke Coll. lars, has been elected Fellow of Balliol Childers, Charles, Christ Church. College; and Messrs. W. Churton, E. Wil- Crichton, William, Merton Coll. mot, and H. Herbert, have been elected to

Dymock, Thomas Frederick, Balliol Coll open Scholarships, and Messrs. Wickham Hobhouse, Thomas Benjamin, Balliol Coll. and Wentworth to Exhibitions limited to

James, Jolin, Queen's Coll. the County of Somerset, and City of Ox- Leighton, Francis Knyvett, Magdalen Coil. ford, respectively.

Marriot, George Robert, Oriel Coll. The following gentlemen have been Newbold, C. Madeley, Brasennose Coll. appointed to the office of Select Preacher:- Palairet, Richard, Worcester Coll. The Rev. Philip Wynter, D.D. President Pearson, Charles Buchanan, Oriel Coll. of St. John's Coll.

Trench, Francis, Oriel Coll.
The Rev. Willian Jocelyn Palmer, B.D. of
Brasennose Coll.

In the Thied Class of Litere Humaniores. The Rev. William Mills, B. D. Fellow of

Ashe, Robert Martyn, Trinity Coll. Magdalen Coll.

Boulton, William, Christ Church. The Rev. John Keble, M. A. Fellow of

Butt, John Marten, Magdalen Hall. Oriel Coll.

Dry, Thomas, Merton Coll. The Rev. J. L. Richards, M. A. Fellow of

Eldridge, Robey, Wadham Coll. Exeter College.

George, David John, Jesus Coll. Mr. Charles William Bingham has been

Glynne, Sir Stephen Richard, Bart. Chr.Ch. admitted Founder's Kin Fellow of New

Grundy, George D. Brasennose Coll. College.

Hill, George Delgarno, Trinity Coll. The following gentlemen have been

Jaques, William, St. Alban Hall. elected Canon Students of Christ Church:

Jones, Todd Thomas, Oriel Coll. Messrs.Charles Woodcock, Henry Blackall,

Lee, Sackville Usher Bolton, Oriel Coll. William Hamilton Howley, Edward James

Mackenzie, Charles, Pembroke Coll. Paget, Christopher William Puller, Ben

Mozley, Thomas, Oriel Coll. jamin Harrison, Charles Baring, and James

Phillips, John Henry, Oriel Coll. Wayland Joyce. And Messrs. Robert

Powell, Charles, Trinity Coll. Joseph Phillimore, Thomas Chamberlain,

Pugh, David, Balliol Coll. Matthew Henry Marsh, and Henry An

Smith, Roland, St. John's Coll.
thony Jeffreys, have been admitted Students CHARLES MILLER,
of the same Society, having been elected, DANIEL VEYSIE,
in May, from Westminster College.


Thomas T. CHURTON,

Examiners. The names of those candidates, who, at John HENRY NEWMAN, the close of the Examinations in Michael- H. ARTHUR WOODGATE, YOL, XI. NO. I.


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