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into the Society's service, and are now engaged in the laborious duties of their office, both to the satisfaction of themselves and to the comfort and edification of a large body of people, who would otherwise have been left destitute of all religious instruction. The national system of education also, which had become through their instrumentality so well known, and so generally adopted in the two larger colonies of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, has been introduced, with every prospect of success, into Newfoundland. Mr. Bacon, a very superior master, who has for some time conducted the school at St. John's, 60 as to deserve the highest praise, was glad to avail himself of the bounty of the Society in opening to him the nieans of access to the central school at Halifax, for the purpose of perfecting himself in that system, which has been found so eminently useful wherever it has been introduced; and through this channel a knowledge of it may be conveyed to every part of the island.

From the Diocese of Quebec, the accounts of the state of the missions are very satisfactory, and the demand for Christian instruction so much on the increase, as to render it impossible for the means of the Society to supply it in any adequate degree. Several new Churches have been added in both the Canadas; among others, a second at Kingston, on a large scale, principally at the expense of the inhabitants.

In Calcutta, the continual absence of the Bishop during the last year has given a lamentable check to the proceedings of the Society; in addition to which, the sudden death of the Rev. T. Christian, which we announced in a preceding Number, has been most severely felt in one of the most auspicious scenes of missionary labour. Except these drawbacks, however, considerable progress has been made in the objects of the Society. The interest arising from the surplus of the subscription for Bishop Heber's monument has been devoted to the maintenance of a non-foundation student at Bishop's College; and a similar arrangement has been adopted at Madras, out of a similar fund. Mr. Simeon also, one of the executors of Lord Powerscourt, has appropriated 10001., part of his Lordship's bequest, to the foundation of a perpetual scholarship at the College, under the terms of the statute prescribed for that purpose.

Such is a brief outline of the Society's proceedings. Indeed, the Report itself is only a summary statement of facts; the particulars of which are given in an Appendix, which comprises some of the most interesting documents which it has fallen to our lot examine. We can assure our readers, that they will be amply repaid for an attentive perusal of them.


Seventeenth Report. The Report of this Society com- in many instances much below the mences with an account of the uses actual disbursements in carrying them to which the product of the King's into effect, an outlay of no less a sum Letter, amounting to 28,2927. 28. 10d. than 111,9161. in the erection of 474 which became available in 1824, has separate school-rooms, has been called been applied. Since that period 337 forth. By these means, and amidst applications from different parts of the such a population, the inestimable country, comprising a population (ac- blessings of Christian education have cording to the last parliamentary cen- been provided for 25,092 boys and sus) of 1,309,591 persons, have been 23,830 girls on week-days and Sunreceived. In all these cases there are days, and for 2,540 boys and 2,650 very few which the Committee have girls on Sundays only, making a total found themselves unable to bring with- of 54,112 poor children rescued from in the rules by which their proceedings ignorance and rice, and regularly are governed, and the grants made to trained up in the knowledge and the them have amounted to 28,8081.; by worship of God, according to the pure which, according to the first estimates, principles of the Established Church.

It may be thought that the number Sunday Schools, containing 550,000 of Schools already established must children, by far the greater part of have so far diminished the calls upon whom are instructed only in the books the Society, as to render it unneces- of the Society for promoting Christian sary for grants to be made to the same, Knowledge, and all, with little excepextent as in preceding years. But tion, uniformly taken to Church. during the past year applications for In regard to schools more properly assistance have been received from denominated National schools, and about 66 places: of which 55 have directly or indirectly connected with actually obtained grants, varying in this Society, from the returns hitherto magnitude from 101. to 5001., and received, there appears to be an inamounting on the whole to 5,5121. crease of 7,802 children, while the Amongst others, to Brighton a grant has decrease in others has only amounted been made of 225l., and similar grants to to 1,581. the united parishes of St. Giles in the In the early part of the year a Fields and St. George's Bloomsbury. master was sent out to the Cape of The condition of those thickly peo- Good Hope ;-a schoolmaster has pled parishes had been regarded with since been trained for Newfoundland; anxiety by the Committee, and they --specimens of books, regulations for rejoice in the occasion which has at schools, &c. have been requested and length arrived of aiding in the esta- forwarded to Count A. Zamoiski, son blishment of a gratifying, if not an of his Excellency the President of the adequate, provision for the spiritual Kingdom of Poland ;---the Chevalier wants of the poor in that part of the Major Abrahamson has again transmetropolis. The grant is made for mitted an interesting account of the the erection of two school-rooms, each progress

of schools in the kingdom of to contain 250 children. To St. Mar- Denmark, by which it appears that tin's in the Fields, also, 300l. have been 2,003 schools are already formed, and granted.

368 now in progress; the former of In regard to the general state of the which contain an amount of 132,786 Sunday Schools in England and Wales, children ;—and lastly, an application it may be sufficient to observe that there has been made for two schoolmasters is ground for stating that in England for Jamaica, with which the Schooland Wales there are about 8,400 Committee are in a state to comply.

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POLITICAL RETROSPECT. Domestic.—The reduction of the during the late election, and have acpublic expenditure being a principal cordingly put forward a gentleman of object with the present administration, the Popish persuasion, in order to contheir attention has been for some time test the county. The meeting of Parpast directed to the militia staff; and liament, however, is finally arranged to they have determined to bring forward take place on the 5th of February; and a bill in the ensuing session of Parlia- as it will then become necessary for the ment, for the purpose of lessening the newly elected members to take their establishment. Their intention is to seats, this momentous question must retain on permanent duty only such a necessarily be one of the first disnumber of persons in each corps, as cussed. shall be absolutely requisite to render PENINSULA.-The transactions in it efficient.

Spain have not been marked by any The death of Colonel Bernard, one circumstances of particular importance. of the members for King's County, has Thirteen unhappy individuals, accused afforded an opportunity to the Ro- of attempting to restore the constituman Catholic Association to try their tion of 1820, have suffered the sentence strength in that part of Ireland; and, of the law at Barcelona. The arrests emboldened by the respite obtained by for political crimes or accusations conMr. O'Connel, they have determined tinue to take place; and the prospect to renew the scenes enacted at Clare of such a change, either in men or



mote as ever.

measures, as may indicate the ap- having put into Smyrna, which had proach of happier times, seems as re- been prevented from entering the Dar

danelles, as being laden with provisions Donna Maria, the legitimate Queen for the capital, the Admiral provided of Portugal, has been presented at the her with an escort to see her safe court of George the Fourth, and re- through the passage, and sailed himself ceived with every mark of honour due in quest of Count Heyden, to demand to the descendant of a long line of an explanation. monarchs, the faithful allies of the The Morea is now entirely free from British crown.

the Turks; the French troops are in Eastern EUROPE.—The Russians possession of all the fortresses; but it have been compelled to raise the siege is expected they will be recalled as soon of Silistria, and return to the left bank as these shall be delivered to the Greek of the Danube, attributing their defeat, troops, an event which will be accelefor such it may be termed, to the severe rated by the arrival of Colonel Fabvier, approach of winter, which rendered who is commissioned by the French the ground untenable, and leaving be- government to organize the land forces hind them the greater part of their of the Greeks. This has been notified artillery, with all their cattle: their to Count Capo d'Istrios by the amloss in men is stated to be likewise very bassadors of the Allied Powers, who at great, but the numbers are not given. the same time furnished him with a Thus the campaign, which was under- declaration, in which they acquaint taken by Russia after a three years him that considering the Porte firmly preparation, and has been carried on refuses to take any part in the pacifiwith an immense consumption of hu- cation of Greece, the determination of man life, has terminated in the most the frontiers shall be immediately dedisastrous manner to the invaders. cided without the intervention of the Step by step they have abandoned Porte. No certain intelligence has every undertaking, and Varna, the only transpired as to the extent of country fruit of their arms, is on the point of which shall be included in the Greek being snatched from them. The Turks territory; the most probable accounts have already shown themselves before confine it to the Morea, and some the place, in which General Roth has islands in the Archipelago, though been left with a garrison of 6,000 men;

some have stated it to include Thessaly. but as the fortifications are in a state COLOMBIA.—A conspiracy has been of complete dilapidation, and no assist- formed against the life of Bolivar, ance can be given either from the headed by the Generals Santander and army, or by sea, which is in this season Podilla : the latter being at the time a impracticable; it is not possible they state prisoner, and under trial for his can long withstand the besiegers, as- conduct at Carthagena last March. It sisted, as no doubt they will be, by the appears that a part of the garrison at bulk of the inhabitants.

Bogota consisted of a brigade of arThe Russian Admiral in the Levant tillery, which the conspirators found has published a circular, declaring the means to seduce into their service by Dardanelles to be in a state of blockade, the promise of six months pay, and the as far as may relate to supplies of pro- sack of the city. The attack was bevisions intended for Constantinople, in gun by storming the palace, from the expectation that, by attacking the whence Bolivar was obliged to effect Porte in such a vulnerable point, some his escape by means of a balcony, and advantage may be gained by the Rus- fly to the barracks. The other regisian government. The city is already ments proving firm, the assailants were in want of the customary supplies, and repulsed both here and in the town, vessels from Egypt are anxiously looked and the ringleaders taken. In consefor, it being known that several ships quence of this event Bolivar has issued have been taken by the Russians and a decree, announcing his determinaGreeks. The Austrian Admiral has tion to exercise those extraordinary determined to resist the blockade; and powers which, he says, the nation had a vessel belonging to that country previously vested in him.

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NEW CHURCHES. HOLME.—The new church at Holme, in Lancashire, has been consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Chester, and opened for divine service.

SHIPLEY AND WILSDEN.- A copy of an Order in Council has appeared in the Gazette, approving of the districts assigned to the new churches which have been built at Shipley and Wilsden, in the parish of Bradford, in the county of York.


Bardillon, Thomas ...

...... Head Mast. of Macclesfield Grammar School.
Broughton, W. Grant...... Archdeaconry of New South Wales.
Echersall, Charles ...... Dom. Chapl. to the Earl of Southampton.
Hutchinson, William J..... Dom. Chapl. to the Dowager Duchess of Roxburgh.
Inge, J.R.

Dom. Chapl. to the Earl of Winterton.
King, R. F.

Chapl. to H. R. H. the Duke of Clarence. Roberts, James F. ..... Chapl. to the Almshouses of the Trinity House, at Mile End.




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Dec. 21. | Exeter
Oct. 19. Norwich

Oct. 19. s Oct.

5. Gloucester Dec. 21. | Oxford Bath & Wells

Dec 21. Dec. 21. Hereford Nov. 23. | Peterborough Dec. 21. Durham ........ Oct. 5. Lichfield & Cov. .. Nov. 2. | Rochester

Oct. 5. Nov. 2.

Dec. 21.


Degree. College. University. By Bishop of Adams, George

B. A. Fell. of St. John's Oxf. Oxford Aldhouse, Stephen

S.C.L. St. Peter's Camb. Lichfield Appleton, James

B. A. St. John's Camb. Lincoln Armstrong, Henry William Gleed

B. A. St. John's Oxf. Oxford Atkinson, George James

B.A. Trinity

Camb. Lincoln Bayly, William G.

S.C.L. New

Oxford Hereford Bell, John

B.A. University

Oxf. Durham Bilton, William

M. A. Christ Church Oxf. Exeter Bingham, George

B. A. Worcester Oxf. Bath & Wells Birkett, Henry

B. A. Queen's

Oxford Blackwell, Robert Edward,

B.A. Catharine Hall Camb. Lincoln Bloom, John

B. A. Caius

Camb. Norwich Bogie, Brackenbury Dickson

B. A. Trinity

Dublin Lincoln Bond, Henry .....

S.C.L. Christ Camb. Bath & Wells Brine, Augustus James ...

B.A. Exeter Oxf. Salisbury Broughton, Clement Francis

B. A: Emmanuel Camb. Lichfield Browne, Henry ...

M. A. Lincoln Oxf.

Salisbury Bull, Samuel William

B.A. Queen's Camb Norwich Buller, Lionel

M.A. Fell. of King's Camb. Lincoln Bulteel, C. J. C.

B. A. Balliol Oxf. Bath &Wells Byron, John

B.A. Exeter Oxf. Lincoln Cann, Ponsford

B. A. * Pembroke Camb. Exeter Cape, William

B. A. Corpus Christi Camb. Peterboro' Catton, Richard

B. A. Corpus Christi Camb. Norwich Cooke, Henry G. P.

B. A. Exeter Oxf. Gloucester Cooper, T.J.

B. A.' Queen's Camb. Norwich Copleston, William James

M. A. Fell. of Oriel Oxf. Oxford Cotterill, John

B. A. Queen's Camb. Norwich Cox, George.....

B.A. Magdalen Hall Oxf. Gloucester Crook, Henry Simon Charles

B. A. Lincoln Oxf. Bath & Wells Curme, Thomas

B. A. Worcester Oxf. Bath&Wells Dawson, Edward Henry.

B. A. Emmanuel Camb. Lincoln Docker, Thomas Robert

B. A. Pembroke Carub. Lichfield Dod, Henry Hayman

M. A. Worcester Oxf. Bath & Wells Dudley, Edward ..

B. A. Worcester Oxf. Peterboro'


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Name. Dymoke, John....... Escott, George Sweet Fall, William Nicholson, jun. Fiske, John Robert Fitzclarence, Augustus Fitzmaurice, James.... Franklin, Henry Hervey Freere, Edward Frizell, Richard Howard Frobisher, Joseph James Froude, Richard H. Gibson, John Giffard, Jervis Trigge. Gould, John N. Greswell, Richard Gooch, Frederick............. Hales, John Dixon Hankinson, Thomas Edwards Hansell, Peter Harding, William Harrison, James Harwood Hart, Richard Hartley, Wilfred Herbert, Edward.. Hoblyn, Richard Dennis Hogge, George Holland, Edmund Hull, John Hutchinson, James James, Charles... Jebb, John Jordan, George Colebrook Kendall, Francis J. H... Keppel, W. Arnold Walpole Kinchant, John R. Nathaniel Landon, Whittington Henry Laurence, Thomas French Lee, Richard Lloyd, John Vaughan.. Maddy, Watkin Maltby, Frederick William Maude, Joseph. Medland, Thomas Mills, Thomas Morgan, Frederick Morris, George. Morehead, William Page, Cyril William Palmer, Philip Penn, Thomas Gordon Phillips, William Philpott, William Doveton ... Pole, Edward Pring, Isaac H. Purbrick, Lewis Purrier, Henry Redhead, John Roberts Reed, Christopher Riley, Edmund Robinson, Francis Roupell, Francis Pooley Routledge, William Rowland, John

Degree College. University. By Bishop of
B.A. Trinity

Camb. Lincoln
B. A. Lincoln Oxf. Bath & Wells
B. A. New

Oxf. Gloucester
B. A. Catharine Hall Camb. Norwich
S.C.L. Trinity

Camb. Hereford
B. A. St. John's Camb. Salisbury
B. A. Corpus Christi Camb. Lichfield
B. A. Trinity

Cainb. Norwich
B.A. Trinity Dublin Exeter
B.A. Trinity

Camb. Exeter
M. A. Fell. of Oriel Oxf. Oxford
B. A. Fell. of Sidney Camb. Lincoln
B. A. New

Oxf. Hereford
B. A. Wadham Oxf. Bath & Wells

M. A. Fell. of Worcest. Oxf. Oxford .... B. A. Christ Church Oxf. Rochester B. A. Trinity

Camb. Bath & Wells B. A. Corpus Christi Camb. Norwich B.A. University

Oxf. Norwich
B. A. University Oxf. Peterboro'
M. A. Merton Oxf. Peterboro'
B. A. Trinity

Dublin Norwich
B. A. Christ

Camb. Durham
B. A. Jesus

Oxf. Bangor
M. A. Balliol Oxf. Lincoln
B. A. Corpus Christi Camb. Ely
B. A. Queen's Camb. Lincoln
B. A. Lincoln Oxf.

B. A. St. John's Oxf. Bath & Wells
B. A. Christ

Camb. Gloucester
B. A. Trinity Dublin Bath & Wells
M. A. Pembroke Oxf. Salisbury

Exeter Oxf. Bath & Wells
B. A. Trinity

Camb. Norwich
B. A. Queen's Camb. Hereford
B. A. Worcester Oxf. Bath &Wells
B. A. Fell. of St. John's Oxf. Oxford
S.C.L. Lincoln Oxf. Lincoln
B. A. Jesus

Oxf. Bangor
M. A. St. John's Camb. Ely
B. A. St. Peter's Camb. Lincoln
B. A. Queen's Oxf. Lincoln
M. A. Corpus Christi Oxf. Oxford
B.A. Clare Hall Camb. Lincoln
B. A. St. John's Oxf. Lincoln
M. A. Corpus Christi Oxf. Oxford
B. A. Sidney

Camb. Exeter
B. A. Christ Church Oxf. Oxford
B. A. Trinity Camb. Lincoln
B. A. Christ Church Oxf. Bath&Wells
B.A. Corpus Christi Camb. Gloucester
B. A. Lincoln Oxf. Peterboro'
B. A. Exeter Oxf. Exeter
B. A. Christ Church Oxf. Bangor
M. A. Christ Church Oxf. Oxford
B. A. Worcester Oxf. Salisbury
B. A. St. Edmund Hall Oxf. Rochester
B. A. Exeter Oxf. Durham
B. A. Lincoln Oxf. Bath &Wells
M. A. Fell.Corp.Chr. Oxf. Oxford
B. A. Trinity Camb. Lincoln
B. A. Trinity Dublin Bath & Wells
B. A. Magdalene Camb. Bangor


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