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Anecdotes of Clergy-Ercessive Cirility-A Very Polite Preacher-Dean Swift's

short Sermon—Down with the Dust"-An Abbreviated Sermon- Dr.
Dodd's Sermon on Malt-Bombastic Slyle of Bascom-The Preachers of
Cromwell's time-When a man ought to Cough!- Origin of Texts-Ilow
the Ancient Prophets Preached-Clerical Blunders-Pror Alibi-
Whitefield and the Sailors- Protestant ExcommunicationThe Tender

Mercies of John Knox.....


The Humors of Versification.

The Story of the Lovers-Mingled Mouds and TensesThe Stammering Wife-

A Song with Variations—" While She Rocks the Cradle"-A Serio- Comic
Elegy-Reminiscence of Troy-Concerning Vegetarianism-W. C. Bryant
as a Humorist- Address

" To a Mosquito—The Poel" of the Atlantic"
-Bryant's TravertyA Rare Pipe- The Iluman Ear- A Lesson in Acous-
tics- Amusing Burlesque of Tennyson-Sir Tray; an Arthurian Idyl-
All About the ** Ologies"- The Variation Humbug-Buggins and the Busy
Bee-- Comical Singing in Church- The Curse of OʻKelly......



Irish Bulls and Blunders-Miss Edgeworth on the Bull"- Comical Letter of

an Irish M. P."-Bulls in Mississippi - American BullsThe New Jail-
A Frenchman's Blunder- The Puir Silly Body" who wrote a Book-The
"bulls" of Classical Writers-Bulls from every Quarter and of all kinds.



Curious Misquotations of Well-known Authors-- Example of Collins-Sir Walter

Scott in Error-Blunder of Sir Archibald Alison-Cruikshank as the Real
** Simon Pure"-Judge Best's" Great Mind"-Byron's Litlle Mistake. 206

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The Description of Christ's Person a Fabrication—"Detector's" Charge against

Scotl-The Ministering Angel" not a Fabrication, The Moon Iloax-A
Literary Sell- Carlyle's Worshippers Outuitteil- Vrs. llemans' Forg-
vries- Sheridan's "Greek"-Spurious Ballads-- The Simple Ballad Trick
- A Hoax upon Scott-- Psalmanazar's Celebrated Fabrications- Benjamin
Franklin's Parable- The Forgeries of Ireland-Imitations of Shakespeare.



Puzdes defended : their use and ralue-Exercise for the Mind-Ancient Per.

Jdesities–The Liar"'_“ Puzzled to Death"-A French rebus– Napoleon
brunaparte's Cypher- A queer-looking Proclamation- A curious Puzzle for
the Lawyers-Sir Isaac Newton's Riddle-Couper's Riddle-Canning's
Ridille-A Prize Enisma-Quincy's Comparison-Perplexing Intermarriages
Prophetic Distich- The * Number of the Beast"--Galileo's Logograph-

Persian Riddles, The Chinese Tea Song-Death and Life-The Rebus-

What is it?-The Book of Riddles-Bishop Wilberforce's Riddle-Curiori-

lies of Cipher Secret Writing-Remarkable Cryptographs...

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