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ScIENCE of 2d series, 400—the origin
of, 402.
Law books, the indexes to, 329.
Lawson, Mr., his intoxicating Liquors
Bill, 17. -
Lawyers, pretensions of 282.
Lee, General, notices of, 657 et seq.-
battle of Gettysburg, 658 et seq.
Lee, Captain, brother of the General,
Leighton, Mr., the works of 86—his
Dante in Exile, 86—his Eurydice
and Orpheus, 87. .
LEoNARDo DA WINCI, Padre Bandelli
proses about, 103—his reply, 107.
LEwks's ARIsroTLE, 147.
Lewis, J. F., the paintings of 90.
Lexicographia Neologia ài. the, 333.
Liberty, the luxury of 390.
Life, Aristotle's views on, 156 et seq.
Life abroad, some pros and cons of,
Limited Liability Act, the, 379.
Linguists, O'Dowd on, 10.
Lloyd's Dictionarium, &c., 346.
LoNDoN ART-SEAson, THE, 84.
London Schools, THE Public Schools
REpoRT on THE, 449.
Longstreet, General, at
658 et seq.
Lottery, prevalence of the, in Germany,


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Miners, German and English, 529.
Ministry, present position of the, 243.
Modern Crichtons, the, 282.
Modern languages, introduction of, into
the public schools, 221 et seq. *
Mohawk language, peculiarity of the,
Moldavia, society and politics in, 39.
Monetary crises, causes of, 506.
Monitorial system, the, at Harrow
Rugby, 231.
Montezuma, state of Mexico under, 76
et seq.
Moral aid, O'Dowd on, 181.
Motion, Aristotle on, 151.
Mountaineers and ballooners, O'Dowd
on, 388.
Mulgrave, Lord, 289.
MullKR's Lectures on THE ScIENCE
of LANGUAGE, 2d series, 400.
Mulready, William, the death of, and
his works, 93.
Munich, sketches in, 735 et seq.
Murray, Archbishop, intimacy between,
and Whately, 483.
Musicians and their works, 277.
My LATEST WAcATIon Excursion, 517
—Part II., 718.
Naples, lightness of taxation under the
Bourbons in, 391.
Napoleon III., his character and gen-
eral policy, 72—his intervention in
Mexico, its objects, &c., 79—and the
Italian convention, 590.
NApoleonic IDEA IN MExico, THE, 72.
TRAINING or, 18*. -
Negro question, O'Dowd on the, 4.
New words, how originated, 331 et seq.
Newman, Dr., his reply to Kingsley,
292—and Archbishop Whately, 480.
Newton, Mr., paintings by, 97.
Nicol, E., painting by, 94.
Northern Farmer, Tennyson's, 563.
Novelist, true function of the, 185.
Now, a, and a then, 289.
Nuremberg Chronicle, the index to the,
O'Dowd, Cornelius, Upon MEN AND
Women, and other things in general,
Part VI. a grumble, 1–of our bro-
thers beyond the border, 4—the rule
nisi, 6–on climbing boys, 9–lin-
guists, 10—the old conjurors and the
new, 13–gambling for the million,
16—the Intoxicating Liquors Bill, 17
—Part VII., moral aid, 181—serials
and three volumes, 184—abuse of Ire-
land, 188—be always ready with
the pistol, 190—the unlucky number,
194-Part VIII, the man versus his

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work, 277—the modern Crichtons,
282—the cheap article warranted, 286
—a now and a then, 289—Part IX.,
security on the rail, 385—mountain-
eers and ballooners—388—luxury of
liberty, 390—take care of the pence,
&c., , 392—centenaries and commemo-
rations, 394—personal and peculiar,
397—Part X., from Turin to Rome
via Florence, 590—servants, 594–
reformatories, 596—some pros and
cons of life abroad, 600—the Irish
viceroyalty, 603–Part XI., scientific
congresses, 755—parsonitis, 757—the
dignified attitude, 760—Mr. Banting,
764—hybrid Conservatism, 767.

Old conjurors and new, the, 13.

O'Neil, H., the Landing of the Princess
Alexandra by, 96.

Osborne, Bernal, on the vote of censure,

O'Sullivan, Rev. Mortimer, 3.
Othello, the criticisms on, 171.
Our brothers beyond the border, on, 4.
PADRE BANDELLI proses to Ludovico
Sforza, 103 — Leonardo da Vinci's
reply, 107.
Palmerston, Lord, position of his min-
istry, 243 —and the vote of censure,
Parliament, the debate on the vote of
censure in, 243.
Parsonitis, 757.
Patten, Mr., The Youthful Apollo by,
89. -
Penny Cyclopaedia, the, 841.
111 — Part XIV., 199 – Conclusion,
Personal and peculiar, 397.
Pettie, J., George Fox by, 88.
ro. J., La Gloria by, 89 portrait
y, 92.
Phonetic system, Max Müller on the,
407. ,
Photius, the Greek Lexicon of 326.
Piatra, the town of 39.
Pickett, General, at Gettysburg, 662.
Poetry, Victor Hugo on, 168.
Polyanthea Nova, the, 330.
Pope, the, policy of Napoleon toward,

Pope, General, the defeats of 632.
Portsmouth, the Royal Naval Academy
at, 18" et seq.
Prague, male and female reformatories
at, 534.
Pretaphaelitism, extinction of 98.

No. II. Society and politics in Mol-
davia, 39—No. III. Prince Couza's
coup d'etat, 351.
Private tutor system, the, at Harrow
and Rugby, 223.
Protestantism, recent gains of 73.
Provis, A., painting by, 94.
Prussia, conduct of, toward Denmark,
Public Schools REPORT, THE—II. Har-
row and Rugby, 219–III. The Lon-
don schools, 449—Conclusion, Win-
chester and Shrewsbury, 696.
Puebla, the siege of 80.
Pugilists, the diet of 613.
Punishments, system of, at Harrow and
Rugby, 229.
Quacks, influence of, in Germany, 536.
Rail, security on the, 385.
Railway accident insurance, O'Dowd
on, 16. -
Railway refreshment-rooms, German as
compared with English, 520.
Ratisbon, the Scottish monastery at,
Rees’ Encyclopaedia, 347.
Reformatories, O'Dowd on, 596.
Religion, the relations of art to, 573.
Rénan's Life of Jesus, on, 417.
Rhine district, the, 723.
Richmond, Mr., Comus by, 89–G., por-
trait by, 92.
Richmond, U. S., sketches at, 649.
Roberts, David, The Mausoleum of Au-
gustus by, 95.
Robertson, W., the Phrase-book of 333.
—his Greek and Hebrew Diction-
aries, 334.
Roebuck, Mr., on the vote of censure,
Roman Catacombs, the early Christian
remains in the, 579.

Tomish Church, the, its views on mar-

riage, 6—recent losses of the, 73.
Rossini, anecdote of 395.
Roumania, the proposed kingdom of, 44.
Royal Academy, abuses of the, 94.
Royal Exchange, the, 368, 369 — busi-
ness carried on at, 374.
Royal Naval Academy, institution, &c.,
of the, 18" et seq.
Rugby, the Public Schools Report on,
Russians, travelled, on, 603.
Rule Nisi, the, 6.
Russell, Lord, and the vote of censure,
244 et seq.
Russia, French policy of, 45 — as the re-
presentative of the Greek Church, 73.
Rylance, Ralph, 328.
St. Hilaire on Aristotle, 155.

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Sinai, monastery of its revenue, 43.
Smoking, prevalence of, in Germany,
South American tribes, varieties of lan-
guage among, 405.
Spanish conquest of Mexico, the, 76
et seq.
Spiritualism, O'Dowd on, 13.
Stanfield, Peace and War by, 95.
Stock broking and jobbing, how con-
ducted, 376.
Storey, Wm., painting by, 88.
Supernatural, Tennyson's employment
of the, 557.
Sweeps and statesmen, O'Dowd on, 9.
SYMBols, 448.
Tahitians, custom of, as regards lan-
guage, 405.
Take care of the pence, etc., 392.
Talleyrand, anecdote of 280.
Taverns, German, and their frequenters,
Taylor, F., the paintings of 97.
Temple, Dr., on the public school sys-
tem, 220.
TENNyson's Exoch ARDEN, review of,
Theft, rarity of, in Germany, and causes
of this, 533.
Thomas, G. H., The Royal Marriage
by, 96.
too, RULE, THE, 618.
Tidey, Mr., The Night of the Betrayal
by, 96. -
Times, the, on Ireland, 188.
Tithonus, Tennyson's, 570.
Tobacco, the use and abuse of 526,



Tony BUTLER, Part X., 55 – Part XI.,
181 – Part XII., 309 — Part XIIL,
432—Part XIV., 537—Part XV., 671.
Topham, Mr., the paintings of 97.
TRADE, our, 492.
Training-ship for the navy, the course
of instruction in 22 et seq.
Trevoux Dictionary, the, 341.
TULLoch's LECTUREs on RENAN, review
of 418.
Turin, from, to Rome via Florence,
Tyrol, sketches in the, 719 et seq.
Tytler, James, sketch of 348.
United States, spoliation of Mexico by,

Unlucky number, the, 194.
Useful Knowledge Society's Biographi-
cal Dictionary, the, 343.
517–Part II., 718.
Wote of CENSURE, THE, 243.
W. W. S., Padre Bandelli, and Leonar-
do da Vinci, by, 103—Art, by, 240–
Giulietta, 241 — In the Garden, by,
447—Symbols, 448.
Walker, F., the paintings of 98.
Wallachia, sketches in, 351.
Wallachians, hatred of the, in Moldavia,

Ward, Mrs., the Princes in the Tower
by, 88.
wo paintings, the Exhibitions
of 96.
Watts, Mr., Time and Oblivion by, 86.
Webster, T., paintings by, 94.
Weigall, H., portrait of the Princess of
Wales by, 92.
Weimar, sketch of thirty years ago, 291.
Wells, H. T., portraits by, 92.
Westminster School, the Public Schools
Report on, 450 et seq.,
—Early intimacy of Newman with,
300, 302.
White, Blanco, early intimacy of New.
man with, 301—and Whately, 478.
Wilkins's scheme for a universal lan.
guage, on, 408.
Winchester, the Public Schools Report
on, 646.
Winchester, U. S., sketches at, 652.
Women, condition of, in Germany, 531.
Yeamer, W. F., La Reine Malheureuse

by, 88.
Zedler's Universal Lexicon, 346.

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