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The rights and interest of the United States in the stereotype plates from which this work is printed, are hereby recognized, acknowledged, and declared by the publishers, according to the provisions of the joint resolution of Congress, [258ed March 3, 1845.





In publishing the following Laws, the same plan has been adopted that was prescribed in the joint resolution of Congress of March 3, 1845, authorizing a subscription to the edition of all the Laws of the United States just published by us. A close examination of this pamphlet will disclose some apparent errors in the Laws as here printed ; but as we procured a careful collation with the records at Washington, by an experienced reader, and have scrupulously followed the original, we feel justified in saying that the public can safely rely on this publication. Any seeming errors, therefore, must be attributed to the Rolls, and not to us. Where any thing absolutely necessary to the sense is omitted in the Rolls, our plan is to insert it in the text, inclosed in brackets.

We intend to publish annually, and as soon after the close of each Session of Congress as we can, the Acts of that Session, in a similar form and with a similar arrangement. The pamphlets will be paged consecutively, and, when enough have accumulated to make a volume, we shall publish, with the last one, a General Index to the whole, so that any one purchasing the successive pamphlets, as they come out, can then have a complete volume without any additional expense, other than that of binding them together.

It will be seen, by the following joint resolution, that this edition has been sanctioned by Congress, and is now made the official edition. Resolved by the Senate and

House of Representatives of the United States of Ame. rica in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of State be authorized and directed to contract with Little & Brown to furnish their annual Statutes at Large, printed in conformity with the plan adopted by Congress in eighteen hundred and forty-five, instead of the edition usually issued by his order, under the act of Congress of April twentieth, eighteen hundred and eighteen, and which conforms to an edition of the laws now out of use.—APPROVED, September 26, 1850.

LITTLE, BROWN AND COMPANY. Boston, October, 1856.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1856, by


In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts.

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