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En foi de quoi, cette déclaration, destinée à être échangée contre une déclaration semblable de la part du gouvernement de sa majesté Britannique, assurant une parfaite réciprocité aux sujets Bavarois, a été délivrée par le Ministre d'Etat soussigné, et munie du sceau de ses armes.

Fait à Munic, ce 10me jour du mois d'Avril, en l'an de grace 1836. (L. s.]


BRITISH DECLARATION. The undersigned, his Britannic majesty's principal Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, certifies by these presents, that the subjects of his majesty the King of Bavaria are at liberty to withdraw their property from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, without being called upon to pay any duty, as aliens, on the withdrawal of it, and without paying any other duty than such as the subjects of his Britannic majesty are equally liable to pay.

In witness whereof, the undersigned has signed the present declaration, and has affixed thereto the seal of his arms.

Done at London the 30th day of April, in the year of our Lord 1836. [L. s.]



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