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Wiel, a finall whirlpool like a living person, Wife, a diminutive or en- whose appearance is said dearing term for wife

to forbode the person's Wimple, to meander

approaching death Wimplit, meandered Wrang, wrong; to wrong Wimplin, waving, mean- Wreeth, a drilted heap of dering

Win, to wind, to winnow Wud-mad, distracted
Win', wind ; win's, winds Wunble, a wimble
Winkin, winking

Wyliecoat, a flannel vest Winna, will not

Wyte, blame; to blame Winnock, a window Winsome, gay, hearty,

vaunted Win't, winded, as a bottom of yarn

E, this pronoun is freWintle, a flaggering mo- quently used for Thou

tion ; to fiagger, to reel Yealings, born in the same Winze, an oath Wiss, to with

Year, is ufed for both fing. Withoutten, without

and plur. years Wizen'd, hide-bound, dry. Yearns, small eagles ed, shrunk

Yell, barren, that gives no Wonderfu', wonderful, milk wonderfully

Yerk, to lash, to jerk Wonner, a wonder, a con- Yerkit, jerked, lathed

temptuous appellation Yeltreen, yesternight Woo', wool

Yili, ale Wooer-bab, the garter Yird, earth

knotted below the knee Yokiu, yoking, a bout

with a couple of loops Yont, beyond Wordy, worthy

Yoursel', yourself
Worset, woriled

Youthfu', youthful
Wrack, to tease, to vex Yowe, a ewe
Wraith, a spirit, a ghoft; Yowie, dimiz. of yowe

an apparition exactly Yule, Cutilmas

year, coevals

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