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Address them to your Ladyship: and since it is usual, among Authors, to prefix fome Great Name to their Labours, I could not decently avoid Complying with the Custom ; especially having one in my View that fully Answers the Chara&ter.

There are diverse Reasons that moved me to this Dedication, and which, indeed, left me no Liberty of Choice; and they are as many as my Obligations, and the Favours you have done me : yet, were I able to produce no other, this might be sufficient, That the following Sheets, were Composed in your Ladyship's own Family, and had the Honour of your Audience: Durst I add also your Esteem, I fhould


not much doubt of a general Approbation. However, I have now an Opportunity, to make my Publick Acknowledgements, by this Teftimony of my Gratitude.

Madam, I am. sensible, thar in Addresses of this Nature, 'tis not Ealy,

to Speak great Things, even of Great Persons, without incurring the Impuration of Flattery: But I hope your Ladyship knows me better, than to believe I can be. Guilty of such a mean Design : And as I must publickly declare my self an Enemy to that common Crime, so I cannot forbear Thinking, That to say less" here, would be an Injury to Justice; and a with-holding Honour from you, to whom Honour

is due. Those, indeed, who are Strangers to your Ladyship, may be Ignorant of Your Vertues and Accomplishments, which an Eminent State of Life, has Improved to a Degree, above common Observation. But all that have the Happiness to know. Tou, are Sensible of the Effeets of Tour Goodness; and will readily Confess, That Your Works do abundantly Praise You in the Gatès. But I muft beg Pardon of Tour Ladyship, for saying thus much, though with great Truth and Sincerity

As to my Performance, in the following Sheets; when I consider the Variety of Tempers, and Capacities, that are to be niet with


al in the World, I am inclined to Think. The reading of a fero fort and plain Sermons, such as mine are, may prevail on some, who, either do not see, or take little Notice of more Choice and Excellent Composures: For which Reason, I would Hope to be Forgiven such a publick Attempt, by All that know, The next Pleafure to that of doing Good, is to Endeavour it.

All that I shall now add, is, my Humble Request, That You will be pleas'd to accept this small Oblation ; hoping, That what is contain'din't

may afford Tour Ladyship, and others, fome Satisfa&tion, and be an Entertainment, sometimes, in Your Retirement; where you in



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ploy Tour Time in the best Exercises. Which will, one Day, be infinitely Rewarded; When for do ing much Good here in this World, You shall be taken into the unSpeakable Felicity of a Better. Which is the Prayer' of,

20959 MADAM,

درد دور

Your Honour's moft Oblig'd,

most Humble, and Obedient

Servant and Chaplain, is

John Havett.


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