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Vol. 1. No. 1. OCTOBER, 1906 NOTE. The publication of the WASHINGTON HISTORICAL QUARTERLY was begun in October, 1906. It was suspended from October, 1908, until April, 1912, since which time it has been regularly issued. Its field covers broadly the history of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska. The following tables set forth by volume, number and date of issue the articles and documents of the first ten volumes. Book reviews, reprints and important news items are brought out in the index. J. N. Bowman

Washington Nomenclature-A Study
STEPHEN B. L. PENROSE Problems of the Pacific

Jason Lee's Place in History
CLARENCE B. BAGLEY The Cayuse, or First Indian War in the

Northwest Thomas W. PROSCH Diary of Dr. David S. Maynard While Cross

ing the Plains in 1850 EDWARD MCMAHON

Some Evidences of the Influence of Politics

on the Efficiency of the Army, 1861-65 DOCUMENTS-Echo of the Dred Scott Decision

Northern Emigrant Route
Beginnings of the Lake Washington Canal
Pickett Grateful for Recognition
Decapitation of Colonel Ebey
Sovereign Americans on San Juan
First Attempt to Ascend Mount Rainier

Vol. 1. No. 2. JANUARY, 1907

Collecting Portraits of Washington's Govern



ASAMUN N. BROWN Preserving Our Public Records

Earliest Expeditions Against Puget Sound In

dians CHARLES M. BuchaNAN Dialectic Variants of the Nisqually Linquistic

Root Stock of Puget Sound THOMAS W. PROSCH

Efforts to Save the Historic McLoughlin

House D. C. CORBIN

Recollections of a Pioneer Railroad Builder W. T. DOVELL

The Pathfinder
DOCUMENTS—Causes of Indian Troubles

Indian Dangers at Whatcom
Two Documents about Chief Leschi
Unpleasant Information about Chief Kitsap
Father Chirouse Was Prudent
Early Emigration to Oregon

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