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We, the members of the Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Preamble.

Fellows, of the State of Indiana, for the purpose of promoting the
general welfare of the Order in said State, to further the cause of be-
nevolence and charity, and to secure the blessings of Friendship, Love
and Truth to ourselves and our successors, do ordain and establish
this Constitution for the said Grand Lodge.

SECTION 1. The Grand Lodge shall be composed of P. G.'s who have G. L., of whom

been, in conformity with the provisions of this Constitution and the
General Laws, at any time duly elected by ballot, and by a majority,
of all the votes cast, as Representatives of Subordinate Lodges to which
they belong; and of P. G.'s, duly certified as such, by the Subordinate
Lodges to which they are attached; all of whom shall receive the Grand
Lodge Degree before taking their seats as members of the Grand Lodge.

SEC. 2. Each Subordinate Lodge shall be entitled to elect one or Ratio of Repremore P. G.'s to represent said Lodge in this Grand Lodge, according to the following ratio, to-wit: The number of Representatives shall not exceed two for one hundred members, three for two hundred, and four for five hundred members; but each Lodge shall be entitled to at least one Representative. A failure to send a full quota of Representatives Vote of Repreto which a Lodge may be entitled, shall not debar the Representative or Representatives present, from such Lodge, from casting its full vote.

Sec. 3. No person shall be eligible to a seat in this Grand Lodge, Eligibility. unless he shall have served regularly as V. G. and N. G. at least one legal term, in some Subordinate Lodge (except only in the case of the first N. G. and the first V. G. of a new Lodge). And these qualifications shall be, in all cases, certified to by the N. G. and S. of all Lodges con- Credentials. cerned, and sealed with the seal of the same, before the Grand Lodge Degree shall be conferred upon any applicant for membership, or Representative elect.

Sec. 4. Every member of the Grand Lodge must be a contributing Good member, in good standing, of a Subordinate Lodge under this jurisdic- required. tion.

Sec. 5. The Grand Lodge shall have power, by a vote of two-thirds Expulsion. of the members present, to expel any of its members who may be guilty of conduct derogatory to the character of the Order, either in or out of



the Grand Lodge, after the offender shall have been duly convicted. But should such offender be again elected to membership, he shall not be liable to continued expulsion for the same offense.


Powers of Grind

Regular Meetings of Grand

Where held.


SECTION 1. The Grand Lodge has exclusive jurisdiction in Odd-Fellowship within the State of Indiana, and is the supreme tribunal of the Order therein. No Lodge can be formed, or continue to exist, without its sanction. It possesses the sole right and power of granting charters; of suspending or taking away charters at pleasure, for proper cause; of receiving appeals, and redressing grievances arising in Lodges; of originating and regulating the means for its own support; and of doing all such other acts as are promotive of the interests of the Order, and which are not in violation of the laws of the land, nor of the Constitution and Laws of the M. W. Grand Lodge of the United States.

SEC. 2. The Grand Lodge shall hold two regular Communications Lodge. in each year, commencing on the first Wednesday after the third Tues

day in May and Norember; the first of which shall be designated as the Semi-Annual Communication, and the second as the Annual Communication. The Grand Lodge may adjourn from day to day, until the business session is disposed of. All meetings of the Grand Lodge shall be

held at the city of Indianapolis. Special Meet- SEC. 3. Special meetings of the Grand Lodge may be held upon the ings.

call of the M. W. G. M.; but no business shall be transacted except that for which the special session may be called, which shall be distinctly stated in the proclamation for the attendance of members.

SEC. 4. The Grand Lodge shall not be opened unless there be present a representation from at least five Subordinates, consisting of not less than nine members.

Suc. 5. The Grand Lodge may be opened in the Grand Lodge Degree (or when deemed proper and expedient, in the Fifth or Scarlet

Degree), for the transaction of business. Record of Pro. SEC. 6. The Grand Lodge shall keep a journal of its proceedings, and ceedings.

shall print the same for the information of the Subordinate Lodges, ex

cept such parts as may, in its judgment, require secrecy. Voting.

Sec. 7. All questions in the Grand Lodge (except otherwise speci

fied), shall be decided by a majority of the members present, unless the By Lodges. vote by Lodges be called for, which may be done by the Representatives

of any two Lodges; and each Representative shall be entitled to one vote, and when but one Representative is present from a Lodge entitled to two or more votes, said Representative may cast the full vote of his Lodge.

SEC. 8. The ayes and noes shall always be recorded when the vote is taken by Lodges, and in all other cases when required by one-fifth of the members present.

SEC. 9. No member shall, in any case, be entitled to vote, unless the Subordinate Lodge to which he belongs shall have made its regular reports, and transmitted the revenues and taxes due to the Grand Lodge.


Working gree.

Votes to be recorded.

Votes when forfeited.


SECTION 1. The Elective Grand Officers of the Grand Lodge shall Elective Grand be


1 Most Worthy Grand Master;
2. Right Worthy Deputy Grand Master;
3. Right Worthy Grand Warden;
4. Right Worthy Grand Secretary;
5. Right Worthy Grand Treasurer;

6. Right Worthy Grand Representative or Representatives to the Grand Lodge of the U. S.;

7. Alternate Representative or Representatives to the Grand Lodge of the U. S.;





Who shall severally be elected by ballot, and by a majority of all the When votes cast, on the second day of the Annual Communication of every year. The appointed Officers shall be

Appointed Gr'd 1. Worthy Grand Chaplain; 2. Worthy Grand Marshal; 3. Worthy Grand Conductor ; 4. Worthy Grand Guardian; 5. Worthy Grand Herald ;

6. Worthy District Deputy Grand Masters, Who may severally be appointed annually, by the M. W. Grand Master, with the consent and approbation of the Grand Lodge. Sec. 2. No person shall be eligible to any Grand Office, unless he Eligibility of Of

ficers. be a member of the Grand Lodge in full fellowship; nor for M. W. Grand Master, unless he shall have been a member of the Grand Lodge for one year; nor for Grand Representative, unless he has attained the R. P. Degree, and also been a member of this Grand Lodge one year. The M. W. Grand Master and R. W. D. Grand Master may serve Limitation one year, or until the Annual Communication after their election, and until their successors are elected. They shall not be eligible to reelection to the same office until the expiration of a full term.

Sec. 3. The election of Grand Officers shall be by the votes of all Election of Grd Past Grands present; and not restricted to a vote by Lodges, or to Representatives only.

Sec. 4. Candidates for office shall be regularly nominated, previous Nominations, o the time of election; and no vote shall be valid, nor recorded, as part of the poll, unless it be given for a candidate thus nominated.

SEC. 5. All elective Grand Officers shall be chosen' separately, by Elections. a majority of the valid votes given. In case no candidate shall have such a majority on the first ballot, the balloting shall be continued until one of them obtain a majority of the votes. Should there be more ballots than vuiers, the balloting shall be void, and a new balloting shall be had. If there be but one nominee, he may be elected viva

of term of service.



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