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THE RESOLVES of OwEN FELLTHAM, now humbly presented for the acceptance of your Royal Highness, contain a treasure of Divine, Moral, and Political wisdom, clothed in manly, nervous, and energetic language. When I proposed to myself the republication of this work, I was naturally desirous, after it had remained so long in obscurity, of bringing it forward to public notice, under the patronage

of One, who could form a proper estimate of its merits, and by the lustre of his name, and the weight of his character, give a currency

to doctrines, so essential to the promotion of the best interests of man.

The name of your Royal Highness immediately occurred: and by the intercession of a friend, your Royal Highness has been pleased to confer upon me, by accepting of this Dedication, an honour, which I gratefully acknowledge.

I could not have flattered myself that any work of mine, could have compensated your Royal Highness for the trouble of the perusal; but I can venture to assure you, Sir, that the perusal of FELLTHAM will afford you no small satisfaction, as you will, in every page,

discover the loyal subject, the sound moralist, the pious Christian. Had this Author been now living, entertaining such sentiments as he did, where would he more naturally have looked for a patron than to your Royal Highness? Sprung from that august Family which was called to protect and to secure to the people of this land,

their Constitution, their Laws, and their Religion; trained and educated as your Royal Highness has been, by your illustrious Father, in the love of that Constitution, in a strict veneration for those Laws, and well instructed in the purest principles of the Christian Faith, the British nation have the best assurance, that as you have early imbibed the principles and the attachments which such an Education was well suited to produce, so you will cherish them, as long as you live. In times so eventful as these, when the conduct of Princes may determine the fate of empires, the inhabitants of this great nation, take a deep interest in the conduct of every branch of that illustrious Family which surrounds the throne; and in the character of your Royal Highness, they recognize a bright emanation of those virtues, which for nearly half a century, have shone with such distinguished splendour, in the life of our most gracious Sovereign; virtues, which may have been the means of securing to this nation the favour of Heaven, amidst the alarming convulsions of the earth.

That your Royal Highness may long adorn that elevated rank in human society, which you are destined, by Divine Providence to fill, and benefit mankind by your talents, by your virtues, and by the exemplariness of your life, is the earnest prayer of him, who, with every sentiment of respect and veneration, subcribes himself,

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