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stories, and episodes, included in the different subjects, will also give amusement with instruction.

Separate places have been allotted to the subjects under the headings of “Buddha,” “For the Christians," “ For the Jains," “ For the Mahomedans," "For the Sikhs,” and “For the followers of Zoroaster, the Parsees.” Though this has been done, the precepts contained in the different Faiths have also been given in the other subjects. The many selections from the Hindu religious and other sources have been freely used throughout the three volumes. The quotations from the Vedas, the Upanishats, the Smritis, the Râmâyana, the Mahâbhârata the Bhagvad-Gitâ, the Yoga-Vâsistha, and many others will be found in their proper places.

With these words, I beg to lay this work before the public in the earnest hope, that it will do the intended good.


3rd October, 1904,

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