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yond the reach of the great mass of readers. In view of these circumstances, there was an evident want of a volume of more limited compass—a book which would come within the means of the people generally,–and adapted not only for libraries, and the higher classes of society, but would find its way into the midst of those moving in the humbler walks of life. To supply this want, the present work has been prepared. The endeavor has been made to compress within a brief compass, the principal events of the life of Mr. Adams, and the scenes in which he participated; and to portray the leading traits of character which distinguished him from his contemporaries. It has been the aim to present such an aspect of the history and principles of this wonderful man, as shall do justice to his memory, and afford an example which the youth of America may profitably imitate in seeking for a model by which to shape their course through life. How far this end has been attained, an intelligent and candid public must determine.

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The Ancestry, Birth -
Adams, s - and Childhood of John Quincy


John Quincy Adams - 6– - studies Law—His Practi

- - - t * in Public Life—Appointed Minister to the mo Engages


Mr. Adams transferr ed to Berlin—Hi • Pursui - - is Marriage—Li o in Silesia—Negotiates ..". en and Prussia—Recalled to the United States W]


Mr. Adams' Return t o the United St M ates—Ele * Senate—Appointed U. S. s: to the A. efferson—Professor of Rhetoric and Bell o ppointed Minister to Russia. €S Lettres—


Mr. y - g— O Ills Adams arrival at St. Petersbur His Letters t hi Son On the Bible—His Religious Opinions—Russ a offers - - - Me 18110 b G B - - - Ini S d tion between reat ritain and the United tates—

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to Ghent to negotiate for Pace—Wils Paris– 9. CHAPTER XI. r’Age

d Minister at St. James—Arrives in London Mr. Adams' multiplied attainments—Visited by Southern

Gentlemen–His Report on Weights and Measures—His

CHAPTER WI. Poetry—Erects a Monument to the memory of his Parents
of State—Arrives in the —Elected Member of Congress—Letter to the Bible Society /

s appointed Secretary of State- —Delivers Eulogy on Death of ex-President Monroe. . 232

States—Public Dinners in New York and Boston-
p his Residence in wo
- * , - Oll
in the Florida Invasion—Recogni" 0 , 113 CHAPTER XII.

n Independence—Greek Revolution. . Mr. Adams takes his seat in Congress—His Position and ,

Habits as a Member—His Independence of Party—His wo

CHAPTER WII. zo Eulogy on the Death of ex-President James Madison—His

presidency—Solo Presi. advocacy of the Right of Petition, and Opposition to Sla-

, nomination to o the people–Electo goes very—Insurrection in Texas—Mr. Adams makes known its

ampaign—No choice by Ajams eleco Presi. 37 ulterior object. . . 254

sentatives—all. , 1

Muse of Ro o his Cabinet. n
CHAPTER VIII. Adams—Mr. Mr. Adams presents Petitions for the Abolishment of Slavery
on against Mr. Clay and o t—Visit of —Opposition of Southern Members—Exciting Scenes in the

Corruption 4 is duties * Presi o Adams House of Representatives—Marks of confidence in Mr.

enters Yo the United States- o - Adams. - e o e * - - . 280

t o Address- eparts in . . It
o “. ... • CHAPTER, XIV.
HAPTER IX. Mr. Adams' firmness in discharge of duty—His exertions
C Their comeo. in behalf of the Amistad Slaves—His connection with the
d Thomas Jeff o ogy—John ”. * Smithsonian Bequest—Tour through Canada and New York

an Mr. Webster. o jic School Dinner 187 —His reception at Buffalo–Visits Niagara Falls—Attends

"I. Speec e . . . . worship with the Tuscarora Indians—His reception at

ncy- - - Rochester—at Auburn—at Albany—at Pittsfield—Visits

all. X Cincinnati—Assists in laying the Corner Stone of an Ob-

CHAPTER ë polio servatory. . . 300

Refuses temall"

Administro" importa * of
fice-Uo...oners : Speech CHAPTER XV.
om out. Cosm ission. T His Sp
_Appoint” he Indian hio Cana Mr. Adams' Last Appearance in Public at Boston—His
His o * Chesape” ls of re-elets." % Health—Lectures on his Journey to Washington—Remote
0. o
gro". Administra. ,
ition to lo m office.

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