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To a Lady ..

Green River
Extract from Geraldine
The Fringilia Melodia
The Falls of the Passaic

Ode g o & to
America to Great Britain
That Silent Moon
The Bugle
'Tis a Lowly Grave
Song from “Yamoyden”
Death of the Flowers
The Parting—a Picture
To a Wave e ë
A Pledge to the Dying Year
Passing Away
To the Condor
The Future ,

Happiness to o to
Moonlight on the Hudson
The Huma

The Settler to
Ballad e e o 'o
Saturday Afternoon . e
The China Tree
Love and Friendship
Spirit of Beauty

The Wife


Music . , to go s


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'T is the middle watch of a summer's night—
The earth is dark, but the heavens are bright;
Nought is seen in the vault on high
But the moon, and the stars, and the cloudless sky,
And the flood which rolls its milky hue,
A river of light on the well-in blue.
The moon looks down on old Cronest,
She mellows the shades on his shaggy breast,
And seems his huge gray form to throw
In a silver cone on the wave below;

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