Statutes at Large ...: (43 v.) ... From Magna charta to 1800


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Página 394 - Jords fpiritual and temporal, and commons, in this prefent parliament affembled, and by the authority of the fame, that...
Página 62 - ... same offices well towards the king and all his liege people; forasmuch that as well by divers pestilences within the realm of England, as by the wars without the realm, there is not now such sufficiency, it is ordained that the king, by authority of parliament, may make the sheriffs and escheators through the realm, at his will, until the end of four years.
Página 353 - Whereas the labourers and occupiers of husbandry within this realm be daily grievously endamaged by bringing of corn out of other lands and parts into this realm when corn of the growing of this realm is at a low price...
Página 344 - Courts which the royal courts recognised as possessing lawful authority, with records that could be produced as evidence in courts of common law. had or made in any of the parliaments and exemplifications of the same were begun, sued, had, or determined in the time of any king lawfully reigning in this realm, and obtaining the crown of the same by just title. And also that all letters patent made by any of the pretended kings to any person or persons, of creation, ennobling, and advancement of any...
Página 353 - ... otherwise, any wheat, rye, or barley, which is not of the growing of this land, or of any isle pertaining to the same, or of the growing of Ireland or Wales, at any time that the quarter of wheat doth not exceed the price of 6s.
Página 95 - Whereas by the yearly Congregations and Confederacies made by the Masons in their general Chapiters and Assemblies, the good Course and Effect of the Statutes of Labourers be openly violated and broken, in Subversion of the Law, and to the great Damage of all the Commons...
Página 402 - London, or any other mayor, sheriff, or other chief officer of any city, borough, town, or port of this realm of England for the time being, during that time and for executing their office or occupation ; nor to any badges or liveries to be given in defence of the King...
Página 112 - ... shall for ever hereafter fully use and enjoy such liberty or defence in coming, tarrying, and returning, as the great men and commonalty of the realm of England, called or to be called to the king's parliament, do enjoy, and were wont to enjoy, or, in time to come, Ought to enjoy.
Página 125 - Assises, shall have, and every of them shall have, power to hear and determine such Defaults and Negligences of the said Sheriffs and Bailiffs, and every of them, as well by Bill at the Suit of the Party grieved, for himself, as for the King, to sue by Indictment only to be taken for the King.
Página 126 - ... or by action of trespass, and it be found by verdict, or in other manner by due form in the law, that the party defendant entered with force into the lands and tenements, or them after his entiy did hold with force, that the plaintiff shall recover his treble damages against the defendant ; and moreover, that he make fine and ransom to the King.

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