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71st Congress, 1st and 2d Sessions

(April 15, 1929-July 3, 1930)


VOL. 1





Note. The reports missing from this volume will be found in the bound volumes of House private

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80. To eliminate renewal of oath of office of Government employees.

81. Construction of public works by Secretary of Navy.

82. Disposition of useless papers in Post Office Department.

83. Free textbooks and supplies for public schools of D. C.

84. Investigation of Judicial conduct of Hon. Francis A. Winslow.

85. Establishment of Division of Identification and Information.

86. Disposition of useless papers in Navy Department.

91. Pay for information concerning violations of narcotic laws.

92. Amend probation law.

93. Appointment of reporters in courts of United States.

94. Amend judicial code by adding new section rel. to declaratory decrees.

95. To permit United States to be made party defendant in certain cases.

96. Amending act for construction of Mount Vernon memorial highway.

97. War Department appropriation bill, 1931.

98. Use of Niobrara Island, Nebr., for propagation of game and fish.

99. Retired pay for certain members of former Life Saving Service.

101. Establishing two institutions for confinement of U. S. prisoners.

102. To establish hospital for defective delinquents.

103. Employment of Federal prisoners.

104. To amend act providing for parole of U. S. prisoners.

105. Uniform retirement date for Federal employees.

106. To reorganize administration of Federal prisons.

107. Time for terms of district court at Danville, Lynchburg, and Roanoke.

108. Relief of retired and transferred members of Naval Reserve Force, etc.

109. Appointment of pay clerks and acting pay clerks in Navy.

110. Five-year construction and maintenance program for Fisheries Bureau.

111. Distribution and promotion of Marine Corps officers. 2 pts.

112. Extension of time on oil and gas prospecting permits.

113. Police jurisdiction over rights of way of Blackfeet highway, etc.

115. Presentation of bronze bust to Chilean National Observatory.

116. Marking site of battle with Nez Perce Indians.

117. Erection of building for use of American National Red Cross.

* Corrected print

186. Relief of Arthur L. Hecykell.

187. Promotion of Laurence Oliphant Schetky on retired list, Navy.

192. Sale of post-office site in Binghamton, N. Y.

193. Purchase of additional land for Bureau of Standards.

194. Care of monument of soldiers in Battle of New Orleans at Chalmette, La.

195. Inter-American Conference on Agriculture, etc.

196. Construction at Fort McKinley, Me.

197. Appointment of ambassador to Poland.

198. Appointment of ambassador to Poland.

199. Monument to chiefs and ex-service men of Cheyenne River Sioux Indians.

202. Bridge across Missouri River at Niobrara, Nebr.

203. Bridge across Mississippi River at Savanna, Ill.

204. Bridge across Fox River at North Aurora, Ill.

205. Bridge across Flanders Bay, Hancock County, Me.

206. Bridge between Cedar Point and Dauphin Island, Ala.

207. Bridge across Hatchie River near Bolivar, Tenn.

208. Bridge across Merrimack River at Tyngsboro, Mass.

209. Bridge across Mississippi River at Helena, Ark.

210. Bridge across Mississippi River at Alma, Wis.

211. Bridge across Tennessee River on Waverly-Camden road.

212. Bridge across Tennessee River at Savannah, Tenn.

213. Bridge across Missouri River at South Omaha, Nebr.

214. Bridge across Missouri River at Omaha, Nebr.

215. Bridge across Holston River near Ruggles Ferry, Tenn.

216. Bridge across Des Moines River at St. Francisville, Mo.

217. Bridge across Rio Grande at Presidio, Tex.

218. Bridge across Potomac River at Dahlgren, Va.

219. Bridge across Santa Rosa Sound, Fla.

220. Bridge across Mississippi River at St. Louis, Mo.

221. Bridge across Yellowstone River at Sidney, Mont.

222. Bridge across Bogue Chitto River in parish of Washington, La.

223. Bridge across Ohio River at Mound City, Ill.

224. Bridge across French Broad River near Bridgeport, Tenn.

225. Bridge across Monongahela River at Fayette City, Pa.

226. Bridge across St. Lawrence River at Morristown, N. Y.

227. Bridge across Missouri River at St. Charles, Mo.

• Corrected print

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