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Beck, Rev. T. Romeyn, resigns as teacher. ...

206 appointed Lector in Theology.

335 communication from.....

404 Beekman, A.J., allowed to be examined for licensure...

103 Benevolent and religious institutions.....

.156, 358, 557, 736

sermons on behalf of, requested 748 Beneficiaries commended....

516 Bentley, Rev. Edward W., corresponding delegate..

444 Bequests, sundry.....

15 Bergen, John H., receives a dispensation..

689 Berg, Rev. Herman C., member of the Board of Superintendents.. 155

on Committee to prepare simplified catechism...

732 Biennial sessions of Synod proposed...

73.5 Bishop, David, death of announced...

401 Blauvelt. Rev. Augustus, D.D., appeal of...

690 Brower, John I., term of service regulated..

441 elected Treasurer..

.45, 248, 443, 642 his salary increased.

443 Board, Mrs. gift of, to the Seminary

406, 441 Board of Direction....

.14, 207, 404, 608 committee to separate funds...

443 action on Permanent Seminary Fund.

443 change in by-laws.....

247 Boards of the Church, reducing expenses of...

314 report of Committee on.

502 Bookstaver, H. W., delegate to Edinburgh Council.

645 Bogardus, William, delegate to Edinburgh Council.

645 Brinkerhoff, Richard, publishing agent, &c..

547 Bruyn, Aug. H., invites the Synod....

404 Buddington, Rev. W. I., D.D., corresponding delegate..

252 Burns, Rev. James C., corresponding delegate....




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Campbell, Rev. Dr. W. H., on committee to prepare critical edition of Heidelberg Catechism....

548 Centennial, National, committee on.

355 report of..

355 Discourses, committee on.

356 list of subjects.

552 to be printed, 553, report of committee.. 733 Chamberlain, Rev. Jacob, M.D., absent from Mission field....

corresponding delegate to Pres. Church (South). ....

452 addresses the Synod on Missions.

736 Chambers, Rev. T. W., D.D., elected Vedder Lecturer..



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Chambers, Rev. T. W., D.D., corresponding delegate to Pres. Church (South). ..

645 invites the Synod..

404 Christian Intelligencer, recommended..

.154, 735 Chicago, Second Church of ....

346 Church Colleges.....

114, 318, 517, 700 Visitation..

140, 338, 535, 716 Government..

..107, 315, 512, 696 Psalmody, Memorial on...

403 legislation on, postponed indefinitely.

502 price of Hymns of the Church to be reduced.... 502 Property, laws for the protection of.

553 Building Fund (see Domestic Missions).

719 Clark, Edward Warren, speaks on Missions..

736 Clark, Rev. Rufus W., D.D., elected President of Synod...

601 delegate to Edinburgh Council..

450 Clark, John, gift of, for permanent fund......

13 Classes, to be careful as to applications for beneficiary aid... 146 Clement, Aaron, scholarship of......

609 Collier, Rev. E. A., delegate to Presbyterian Church, U. S. A..... 444 Cole, Rev. David, D.D., preaches sermon on benevolence.

154 Colored people at the South, evangelization of...... .450, 451, 723 Committee to act with Prof. De Witt continued..

.45, 250 report of..

249 to secure legislation as to Treasurer of Synod..

43 to separate and classify funds of General Synod.. 248 on co-operation in relation to the Library.

527 reports of..

.533, 751 of Conference with Pres. and German Ref. Churches... 58

report in relation to Presbyterian Church,

North, considered and amended.... 50 a minority report presented....

50 both reports published in Appendix..... 187 report in reference to Pres. Church (South) 53 paper adopted by both conferring committees...

54 plan adopted by the Synod..

59 report of further conference with Pres. Church (South)......

255 plan of co-operative union...

256 report of conference with German Reformed Church.....

253 final report 446, committee discharged... 448 Committees, Standing..

..7, 200, 398, 602 Communications...,

.8, 201, 399, 603 Complaint of General Synod against Central Presbytery of Phila.... 46

communication from the General Assembly....

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Delegates, Corresponding, to other bodies. ..

.62, 267, 451, 645
to churches of Italy and Scotland......

interchange of, between Particular Synods.

to Edinburgh Council.....

.450, 645

provision to fill vacancies..


Demarest, Rev. James, Jr., delegate to Ref. Epis. Church..


De Witt, Rev. Prof. John, D.D., reports on endowment.


communication from.....


report of committee on...

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De Witt, Rev. Dr. Thomas, D.D., his decease, resolutions on. 144
Direction of the Corporation, Board of, reports of......14, 207, 404, 608

members chosen.

.45, 248, 443, 642


Direction of the Corporation, authorized to audit accounts of Dr.



authorized to transfer securities of

Hope College....


authorized to modify their rules in re-

lation to Disabled Ministers' Fund.. 443

authorized to transfer certain endow.

ment funds......


Disabled Ministers' Fund, reports of committees on...147, 347, 545, 726

Dispensations, asked and acted on....

.(See Overtures.)

Doctrines and Morals.......

.110, 315, 512, 696

Donald, Peter, delegate to Edinburgh Council.

Dorner, Rev. H., D.D., Minutes to be sent to him....

Du Clos, Rev. R. P., delegate from French Church of Canada. 252
Duryea, Peter S., elected member of the Board of Direction. 443
Duryee, Miss Elizabeth, bequest of......

Duryee, Rev. Dr. Wm. R., on committee to prepare critical edition
of Heidelbergh Catechism....


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