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an honest Heart, appear throughout. While others take Pains to perplex and confound; you, without Art or Labour, instruct and convince. In a late Attack on one Part of our Constitution, how nobly and intrepidly did you

stand forth in it's Defence! Your incomparable Vindication of the Rights of the Church must ever endear you to all her faithful Sons, to all true Friends of sound Do&trine.; particularly to the Members of that University, which may boast of having educated a CHRISTIAN ORATOR, whose Genius would have done Honour to the Assemblies of antient Greece, or Romc.

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Nor are your Virtues in private Life less eminent and laudable than those which adorn your public Character. Sobriety, Temperance, and Chastity,


rarely to be found in high Stations, diftinguilh you in the Midst of a profligate and licentious Age. Without any Affectation of Singularity, you despise the Follies, and detest the Vices, of the Times, Indefatigable in Business, you · sparingly indulge yourself even in the most innocent Recreations and Amusements : while Gaming, that Bane of Society, whose deadly Poison spreads through all Ranks of People, is your utter Aversion.

Your focial Qualities, particularly your cordial Benevolence and warm Attachment to your Friends, ought not to pass unnoticed.

No Aattering, equivocal Speeches; no unmeaning Promises, ever come from your Lips. Your Delight is to oblige; and your Manner of conferring Favours doubles the Obligation. Happy they, who

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are honoured with your Intimacy, and enjoy the rational Pleasure of your instructive and entertaining Conversation ! who are admitted to


feftive Board ; where they are sure to find Elegance and Plenty, without Luxury or Profusion; Politeness, without Ceremony; Cheerfulness, without noisy or diffolute Mirth; Wit, without Satire ; and perfect Harmony and Good-nature, without Restraint !

Long may you live, a Comfort to your Friends, an Ornament to the Senate, and a Blessing to your Country!

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F all the Forms of Prayer that have ever been composed for the Use

of Christians, our admirable Liturgy has, from it's first Appearance to this Day, deservedly held the first Rank; and been most highly esteemed and applauded by the best Judges, and wisest Members, not only of our own, but of many other Protestant Churches. For, whether it be considered barely as a Form of rational Devotion, or as a Treasure of found Doctrine, and an Incentive to the Practice of

every Christian Virtue ; whether we attend to the Matter it contains, or to the Language in which it is expressed ; it's Excellency will

Point of View distinctly, and it must be allowed, upon the Whole, to be a most useful, pious, and mafterly Composition. One peculiar Recommendation of it is, that it requires no deep Penetration, no critical Skill, or Learning, to comprehend it; but every Person, even of the meanest Capacity, with an honest well-disposed Heart, and free from Prejudice, cannot fail to understand and admire it. A great Part of it indeed is taken, Word for Word, from the inspired Writings : and the rest is evidently formed upon the fame Plan, and breathes the same Spirit of true Wisdom, and solid Piety. Both the Doctrines and Precepts of our holy Religion shine conspicuously through every Page of it; so that we may properly be said to read our Faith, as well as Duty, in our Petitions. How clearly are the grand Doctrines of the Trinity, Incarnation, Redemption, original Sin, and divine Grace, taught us, not only in the Articles and Creeds, but also in our daily Prayers ! How strongly is the true genuine Spirit of Christian Humility inculcated in every Part of our Service ; particularly in the Confession, and in the first of the three Collects! What an excellent Compendiurn of Divinity and Morality is given us in the Litany! What exalted Notions of the divine Attributes and Perfections do the Psalms and Hymns suggest to us! How





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