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MCRAE, - Col., at the battle of MINER, H. M., surgeon, account of the MURPHY, ISAAC, Gov., address to the
Fitzhugh's Woods,
Doc. 512 Black and Washita Rivers Expe-

people of Arkansas,

Doc. 594
MEADE, GEORGE G., Gen., report of the

Doc. 445 "My Soldier," a poern,

P. 20
fight at Rappahannock Station Mobile, Ala., Gov. Watts's communi-
and Kelly's Ford,
cation on the attack on, D.

presented with the Rappahannock attack on the defences of, reports of

Admiral Farragut and others, Natchez, Miss., skirmish near,
speech on the reception of the Rap-

Doc. 98 General Wirt Adams's raid near, D. 36
pahannock battle-flags,
D. 4 roll of honor of the operations near,

Union men at,

At Mine Run, Va.,

D. 15

Doc. 134, 135, 136, 137, 138, 139 Natchitoches, La., occupied by the
his speech at Philadelphia, D. 44 Casualties at the attack on the de-


Doc. 520
congratulatory order on the pas-

fences of,

Doc. 140 account of the ca ture of, Doc. 583
sage of the Rappahannock, Doc. 166 See Dabney H. Maury,

D. 45 fight near,

Doc. 53
See Halleck's report,
Doc. 169 See R. H. Slough,

D. 45 Navajo Indians, fight with the, D. 81
at the Rapidan,
Doc. 289 Mobile Bay, fight in,

the war with, ended,

D. 47

D. 58 Moccasin Point, cannonading at, D. 6 NAYRON, ALEXANDER. Ses Fort Pil
MEADOR, JAMES P. See Fort Pillow, MODEN, SAMUEL, killed,

D. 71 low,

Doc. 17
Doc. 28 MONTCALM, O., noticed,

NEGLEY, JAMES S., Gen., Defence of,
MEEKER, DANIEL, surgeon. See Pris MONTGOMERY, WILLIAM S., Col., re-

in the matter of the battle of

D. 16
port on the siege of Knoxville,


Doc. 867
MEIGS, C, D., M.D.,
P. 23

Doc. 258 Negro Troops, anecdotes relating to
MELVILLE, CHARLES. See Mobile, Monticello, Ark., fight near, D. 57 the,

Doc. 109 Monticello' Railroad, Ark., fight on anecdote of recruiting in Kentucky,
Memphis, Tenn., guerrillas appear at,


MOORE, C. J., Mrs.,

armed by the rebels,

Gen. Hurlbut's order in reference MOORE, FRANKLIN B., Capt.,

10 behavior of negro troops at Fort
to affairs in,
D. MOORE, - Judge, of Ky., speech


MEREDITH, S., Gen., Commissioner

at the reception of Gen. John H. debate in the rebel Congress on the
Ould's Letter to,



employment of, in the army, D
Meridian, Miss., Sherman's Expedi MOORE, EDWIN, Major, Twenty-first

efficiency of, in battle,

tion to,
Doc. 478, 481, 491 Missouri volunteers,

D. 89 enlisted in General Foster's depart-
Metley's Ford, Tenn., fight at, D. MOORE, —, Major, rebel. See Green-

Metropolitan Fair, Inaugurated in

ville, N. C.,

D. 28 first negro prisoners arrive in Rich-
New York,
D. 59 MOORE, T. J., chaplain to rebel Gen-

mond, Va.,

D. 4
“ Metropolitan Record " newspaper

eral Morgan,

P. 1 General Rosecrans's order in re fer-
suppressed by Gen. Rosecrans, MOORE, WILLIAM F. See Arkansas.

ence to, in Missouri,

Doc. 450
Moorefield, Va., fight at,

863 General Schofield's order in refer-
Michigan Volunteers, operations of MORGAN, EDWARD, Lieut., Doc. 532 ence to the enlistment of, D. 8
the Seventeenth against Knox MORGAN, Jonn H., Gen.,

1 General Hurlbut's order on the disci-
Doc. 253 escapes from prison in Ohio, D. 16 pline of,

D. 92
First Regiment of,


reception of, at Richmond, Va 82 no quarter given to, by the rebels, D. 22
Fourth Regiment of,

D. 37 account of the escape of, Doc. 318 incident of the courage of, P. 5, 6
Fifth Regiment of,

D. 23 appeal from to his soldiers, Doc. 820 National regiments of, in the expe-
Twenty-third Regiment of,
contributions for his new com-

dition to King and Queen Court
MILES, W. P., of rebel Congress. Se


House, Va.,

D. 53
Amnesty Proclamation in the "Adventures of, and his Men," Sup-

recruiting in Kentucky.

rebel Congress,
D. 21 pressed in Missouri,

57 See President Lincoln's letter to
D. 89 verses "supposed to be written by,'

Governor Hahn,

MILES, J. B. See Arkansas, Doc. 8


12 speech of a negro soldier &t New-Or-
Mill Point, Va., report of the fight at, MORGAN, MARGARET F., poem by,


Doc. 1 Morristown, Tenn., fight at, Doc. the enlistment of, in Nashville, Ten-
MILLER, H. B., Col. Seventy-second Morrisville, Va., rebel guerrillas cap.

Indiana Regiment,

D. 38
tured near,

the enlistment of in Kentucky, D.
MILLER, J. W., noticed,

P. 8

Morton Station, Miss., Sherman's testimony of, in the Fort Pillow case,
Mills, - private Eighty-first Ohio,

troops pass through, Doc. 476, 450
D. 8 Morton's Ford, Va., fight at

massacre of, at Fort Pillow, Doc.
MILNE, ANDREW. See Mobile, Doc. 121

Doc. 940; D, 8 at the fight of Snydersville, D. 58
MILTON, Jonx, Gov. of Florida, Doc. 417 MOSBY, J. S., capture of a portion of

effect of, at the South, D. 65,
Mine Run, Va., battle of,
D. 15 bis command,

D. 4 See Rufus Saxton,
General Meade withdraws from, D. 16 surprise of his men at Little Wash-

See Contrabands,

Doc. 26
account of the withdrawal, D. 16, 17 ington, Va.,

Doc. 290 See Colored Troops.
* Minna," English steamer, captured,

at Loudon Heights,

Doc. 82 See Labor in Louisiana, Doc. STO
D. 19 accounts of his raid on the Orange NELSON, - , Acting Ensign, D. 10
“Minnesota," attempt to blow up the

and Alexandria Railroad, Doc. 462 Nelson, Joseph K., Lieut. Third Ala-
D. 62 how he was outwitted,

P. 61 bama colored troops, bravery of,
* Minnie," capture of the,
D. 84 noticed,
D. 35, +7

P. 47
“ Miriam," capture of the English Moscow, Tenn., attack on, D. 3 Neuse River, N, O., account of the ex-
D. 72 fight near,
Doc. 335 pedition up the,

Doe. 41
Mission Ridge, capture of the north MOSBY, JOHN, Eighth Kentucky, no Neutrality of England,
ern extremity of,

D. 1

Doc. 221 Newbern, N. O.. General Peck's order
operations near,
Doc. 200 Mossybrook, Tenn., fight at,

on the attack on,

D. 50
Colonel Grose's report of the bat-

Doc. 294; D. 28

reports of the attack on, Doc. 888
tle of,
Doc. 603 skirmish at,

D. 33 New Creek Valley, Va., fight in the, D.
incidents of,

P. 5 Mound City, Ark., rebel spies exe New Creek, Va., rebels capture a train
Mississippi, loyal troops, Sixth Regi. | cuted at,

D. 57 near,

Doc. 82
ment of,
Mount Elba, Ark., expedition to,

New Hampshire Volunteers, Fourth
Sherman's Expedition into, Doc. 487 MOUTON, ALFRED, Gen., noticed, 'Doc. 567 Regiment of,

D. 47
Gen. Sherman's Report, Doc. 4 killed at Pleasant Hill, Doc. 555 New-Jersey Volunteers, noble conduct
Journal of the March,
Doc. 470 Mower, JOHN A., Brig.-Gen,

of the Twenty-third Regiment of,
National accounts,
Doc, 471

D. 53, 55; Doc. 198
Mississippi River, list of steamers

See Pleasant Hill, La., Doc. 535 Ninth Regiment of
destroyed on the

D. 22 “M. P. Burton," capture of the, D. 51 New-Kent Court-House, Va., fight at,
Missouri, Gen. Guitar relinquishes his Mulberry, Tenn., guerrilla outrages
command in,
D. 59 near,

Doc. 828 Newmarket, W. Va , fight near, D.
Gen. Rosecrans's order in reference Mulberry Gap, Tenn., fight at, D. 46 Newınarket, Tenn., occupied by the
to negroes in,
Doc. MOLLANY, J. R. M., Com., Doc. 101 rebels,

restrictions on trade in, removed, D. 6 MULLIGAN, JAMES A., Col., report on New Mexico, operations in, Doc. 337. 30
Missouri Volunteers, Twenty-first Re-

the attack at Moorefield, Va.,

New Orleans, La., General Mansfield
giment of,

Doc. 363'; D. 33 Lovell's operations at, in 1969, D. 19
Thirty-second infantry of, pickets MUNDAY, E, H., Poem by,

P. 51 | General Banks constitutes & board
MUNDY, GEORGE, Lieut. Oom., report

of education at

D. 56
Eleventh cava

of operations at Mobile, Doc. 110 NEWTON, Joun, Gen., at the Rapidan,
Second Regiment of,


P 32



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River, Va.,



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Newton, John, Gen., relieved of his Ohio, National Guard of, called into PALMER, JOHN M., Major-Gen., Doc. 809
command in the army of the Poto-

D. 71 See Dalton, Ga.,

Doc. 602

D. 56 volunteers, bravery of at Chatta PALMER, J, C., Fleet-Surgeon. Doc. 102
New-York City, volunteer fund of, D. 2) nooga,

Doc | PALMER, - , Col., captures General
incident of the riot in,
P. 5 Sixth regiment of,
P. 5 Vance,

D. 33
merchants of, address a letter to the

Forty-ninth Regiment of,

Palmyra, Tenn., fight near, Doc. 207
Secretary of the Navy on the dep-

Fifty-sixth Regiment of,

D. 60 Panther Springs, Tenn., fight at, D. 49
redations of the rebel privateers,
Seventy-fifth Regiment of,

Paruan, L. H. See Returned Prison-
Doc. 167 Seventy-seventh Regiment


Doc. S9
New-York Volunteers, Eighteenth Reg-

Eighty-first Regiment of,
88 PARKER, A. M., Surgeon,

D. 16
iment of,

D. 63 One Hundred and Eleventh Regi PARKER, FOXHALL A., Lieut. Com., ex-
Eighty-fifth Regiment of, D. 67, 68 ment of,

D. 88 pedition up the Rappahannock
Ninety-third Regiment of,
Fourth battalion of cavalry

D. 69
Ninety-ninth Regiment of,
Twelfth Cavalry of,


D. 72
One Hundredth Regiment of D. 63 "0. K.,' schooner, captured,

| PARKER, WILLIAM. See Mobile, Doc. 129
One Hundred and Twenty-first Reg. Okalona, Miss., account of the fight PARIS, Joux, Chaplain, rebel, account
iment of,

Doc. 488, 490 of the capture of Iloke's brigade,
One Hundred and Forty-eighth Reg. rebel account of the fight'at, Doc. 495

Doc. 165
iment of,

D 101 “Old Rosy," by Kane O'Donnell, P. 21 | Paris, Ky., guerrillas captured near,
One Hundred and Fifty-eighth Reg. Olustee, Fla., battle of,

D. 46

D. 85
iment of,

D. 39, 61 Gen. Gillmore's report of the battle Partisan rangers, rebel act authoriz-
Twenty-first Artillery of,


Doc. 40

Twenty-third Artillery of,
National account of the battle, Doc. 405 urged by Gen. Lee,

Doc. 422
Twelfth Cavalry of,

28 Lieut. Eddy's account, Doc. 408 PARTRIDGE, L. H., Acting Master,
Fourteenth Cavalry of,
defence of Gen. Seymour, Doc. 413

Doc. 447
Fifteenth Cavalry of,

49 action of the colored troops at, Doc. 41 5 Passports, forbidden at the South, D.
First Mounted-Rifles of,

52 rebel accounts of the battle, Doc. 417 PATRICK, REUBEN, Capt., surprises re-
New-Zealanders, "are they belliger Omega, La., rebels murder negroes

bels at Quicksand Creek, Ky., D. 59
ents ?"

D. 25 PATTEN, - , Gen., rebel, at Droop
NICHOLS, C.A., Assist. Adjt.-Gen., Doc. 151 ONDERDONK, B. F., Col. First N. Y.

Mountain, Va.,

Doc. 150
NICHOLS, JOHN F., Lieut. Com., D. 22 Mounted Rifles

D. 52 Patterson Creek Bridge, Va., fight at
NICHOLS, MANUEL See Fort Pillow, O'NEIL, -, Captain gunboat Paw-

D. 40
Doc. 1

Paw. See Fort Pillow, Doc. Patterson Creek Valley, a., Union
NICHOLSON, J. W. A., Com, report of O'NEILL, H. B., Ensign, report of the

train captured in,

Doc. 326
operations near Mobile, Doc. 122 fight at Gaines's Landing, Red PAUL, E. A., review of Kilpatrick's
Doc. 101
Doc. 529 expedition,

Doc, 598
Nickajack Trace, Tenn., National pick "Only a 'Private Killed," by H. L. Peace, resolutions of the rebel Con-
ets massacred at,
D. 70 Gordon,

gress in relation to,
NIELDS, HENRY C., Acting Ensign, Onslow County, N. c., Gen. Palmer's rebel terms of,

P. 45
bravery of
Doc. 105 expedition to,

D. 87

Linton Stephens's resolutions on, D. 55
Niells's Ohio Battery, noticed, D.

cavalry expedition into,
D. | “Peace on Earth,"

P. 23
Ning Battery, at Pleasant Hill, La., "Oramoneta," capture of the

PEARCE, Joux, Lieut., noticed, Doc, 525
Orange and Alexandria Railroad. Peck, Joux J., Major-Gen. See Reta.
“ Nina," capture of the,
D. 48 train, on attacked,

liation in North-Carolina, Doc. 419
“Niphon,"gunboat, captures a block-

raid on,

orders in reference to the attack on

heavy freshet on,

Newbern, N. O.

D. 50
Norfolk, Va., Gen. Butler opens the Gen, Stuart's raid on the, Doc. 462 order in reference to the expedition
gas-works of,
D. Orange Court-House, Va., meeting of

to Bogue and Bear Inlets, N. O.
NORRIS, THOMAS, Thirty-second Mis.
rebel chaplains at,

D. 61
souri Infantry,

orders in reference to the capture
"North-American Review," article on ORD, E. O.O., Major-Gen., report of

of Plymouth, N. C.,

D. 68
the " President's Policy," D. 84 the battle of Grand Coteau, Doc. 149 noticed,

D. 4, 14, 29
North Carolina, disaffection to the Osage River, depredations of bush Pecos River, New Mexico, battle on
rebel cause in,
D. 7, 13 whackers on,

D. 63 the,

Doc. 327
See Zebulon B. Vance,

D. 13 OSBAND, Col. First Missouri Ca Pega, THOMAS. See Cherokees, D. 14
effect of the conscription law in, D.


Doc. 417 Pegram, Joux, Gen., rebel, Doc. 165
operations in. See Halleck's re Osceola, Ark., Missouri troops sur. Pembina, Dacotah, Sioux Indians at,
Doc. 172 prised near,

D, 60 surrender,

D. 81
account of Gen. Wild's expedition OSTERHAUS, P. J., Brig.-Gen., Doc. 198, PENDLETON, GEORGE H., Acting Mag-
Doc. 297 605.

ter, noticed,

Doc. 355
rebel barbarities in,

Doc. 379 at Lookout Mountain, Doc. 213 PENNEBACKER, C. D., Col., Doc. 818
retaliation in, correspondence be OULD ROBERT, letter to Gen. Meredith, PENNOCK, ALEXANDER M., Com. See
tween Generals Peck and Pickett,

D. 20 Fort Pillow,

Doc. 37, Doc. 8
Doc. See Exchange of Prisoners, D. 8 Pennsylvania, Thirteenth Regiment
North-Carolina Salt-Works, destruc-

D. 22 of.

D. 64
tion of the
D. 69 | Our Country's Cause, by M. J. M. Fiftieth Regiment of,

D. 23
North Carolina Volunteers, loyal,


P. 30 Seventy-sixth Regiment of, D. 54, 55
First Regiment of,

Our Country's Flag, by B. H. Hall, P. 21 | Eighty-fifth Regiment of,
Third rebel cavalry of,

D. 23 Our Flag in '64, by D. B. Duffield,' P. 30 Eleventh Cavalry of,
Northern Traders, operating at the * Our Hero-Dead," by Charles Boyn-

Thirtieth Cavalry of,


ton Howell,

Pensacola, Fla., fight near,
NORTHROP, - rebel, Commissary. Our Money, by Confed,

P. 27 PENWELL, Joux. Sey Fort Pillow,
General, his cruelty,
D. 18 Our President, 1861, a poem,

Perfectionists of Norfolk, Gen. But-
"Northward," by John Hay, P. Owex, E. K., Lieut. Com,, expedition

ler's letter to the,

D. 83, P. 48
NUGENT, ROBERT, Assist. Provost-Mar-

up the Yazog River,

Doc. 49 PERKINS, G. H., Lieut. Com., Doc. 101

Owex, J. T., Gen., noticed, D. 42 report of operations near Mobile,
“Nutfield," capture of the, D. 41 See Rapidan River, 'Doc. 448, 450

Doc. 19
captures the "Mary Sorley," D. 58
“Persis," capture of the,

D. 58
D. 19

"Pet," capture of the steamer,
Obion River, Tenn., Fight on the, D. 10 Paducah, Ky., attacked by Gen. Petersburgh, West-Va., evacuation of


Doc. 1. D.


I 71 account of the battle at, Doc. 499, 501, rebels capture a train near, Doc. 862
Occoquan 'Road, Va., fight on the, D. 71 503, 505, 506.

PETTIBONE, H. D., Sergt., noticed,
Ode on the inauguration of the Al Page, R. L., Brig.-Gen., rebel., Doc. 102

Doc. 511
bany Army Relief Bazaar, P. 20 Page Valley, Va., account of the ex PETTIGREW, J. J., Gen., Tebel, his bri-
ODELL, MOSES F. See Returned Pris

p edition through,

Doc. 2

gade at Gettysburgh, Pa.,
Doc. 89 Paintsville, Ky., fight at,

D. Phelps, S. L., Lieut. Com., Doc. 529
Doc. 43 PALMER, J. W., Gen., noticed, D.

report of the Red River expedition,
O'DonnelL, KANE,
P. 21 report on the attack on Newbern,

Doc, 519
Ohio, plot to liberate rebel prisoners | N. C.,

Doc. 858

58 Philadelphia, Tenn., skirmish at, Doc. 814
D. 1 expedition of, to Onslow and Jones "Philippi," U. S. steamer, reports of
treatment of rebel prisoners in, P. 60 counties, N. o.,

D. 37 the loss of the,

Doc. 143

id on the

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PICKETT: Creek, N. Ganging of David. 33


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PunLLIPS, — Capt. Eighty-fifth Pa., PRENTISS, - Capt.,

Doc. 531 | Rebel army, want of religious infu.
D. 61
"Presto," steamer, captured, D. 40 ence in,

D. 23, 24
PHILLIPS, —, Col. of the Indian bri PRESTON,

Col, First Vermont

"nerve” wanted in the,


Doc. 573 poorly clad,
See Indian Territory,

D. PRICE, STERLING, deserters from his Rebel barbarities; cruelty to prison-
PHILLIPS, — , Col., drives the rebel

army arrive at Van Buren, Ark.,

partisan Roddy to the south of

D. 49 Gen. 'Thomas's order, January 6,
the Tennessee River,
D. 38 noticed, Doc. 527, D. 56, 59, 65

Doc, 398
PAILLIPS, Lieut., Second Mo., killed, PRINCE, EDWARD, Col. Seventh inl.' account of the executions in North-
D. 60 Cavalry,

D. 26 Carolina,
PICKETT, G. E., Gen., rebel, at Bache at Bolivar,

Doc. & in Alabama,
Doc. 8 PRINCE,

See Rapidan,

accounts of, Doc. 15, 16, 18,
retaliates for the hanging of David

Doc. 242 | See Tullahoma,

Prisoners, a plot to liberate, in Ohio, Rebel “ Bird of Art," the account of,
orders the hanging of Union men in

D. 1

Doc. 32

Doc. 8 See Exchange of Prisoners, D. 11, 83 Rebel Commerce; the Governor's Me
See Retaliation in North Carolina, the treatment of, at Richmond, D. 15 morial,

Doc. 5
Doc. 4 See Rebel Prisoners,

D. 271 Rebel Commissariat, circular of the, .
at Fort Gray, N. C.,
D. 67 Union prisoners arrived at Fortress

Doc. 819

D. 50,

Rebel Congress, debate in tbre, on the
Pierson, Á. B., Master of the Minne See Neal Dow,

56 employment of substitutes in the

returned from the South, report on


D. 19
PILLOW, GIDEON J., Gen. 866 Fort the condition of,

Doc. 80 debate on the amnesty proclamation


account of operations in reference
Pine Bluff, Ark., National wagon-

to the exchange of

Doc. 187 memorial of the generals to the, D.
train captured near,
Col. Streight's report on the treat-

thanks Gen, R. E. Lee,
fight near,

ment of Union, at the South,

outlaws Gen. Butler,
Piney Factory, Tenn., fight at D. 2

Doc. 450, D. 49 debate on the employment of ne.
Pilatka, Fla., occupation of,
report of the United States Commis.

groes in the army,
expedition from,

sary of,


resolutions in relation to peace com-
Plate, surrender of the, in the South, number of, captured from the reb.


D. 49

D. 67 Jefferson Davis's message to the,
Pleasant Hill, La., battle of,

See Rebel Prisoners,

December 7, 1863,

Doc. 264
accounts of the battle of, Doc. 5 PROCTOR, EDNA DEAN,

P. 265 address of the, to the people of the
PLEASONTON, ALFRED, Gen., D. Pulaski, Tenn, Union forage wagons

confederate States,

Doc. &
See Kilpatrick's raid,

Doc. 5
captured near,

D. 83 Rebel conscripts. See Conscripts, Doc. 459
relieved of his command in the army PURDY, William B., Paymaster, Doc. 57 Rebel conscription law; its effect on
of the Potomac,

the people,

D. 85
assigned to duty,

act approved January 5, 1964, Doc. 399
Plymouth, N. C., capture of, by the

Rebel cruelties. See Paducah, Doc. 1

D. 68

Quallatown, N. C., expedition to, D. 43 See Fort Pillow.
Pocotatigo, 8. O., scouting-party to, D. 12 QUANTRELL, guerrilla, noticed, Rebel currency bill, effect of the pas.
Pocahontas, Nationals driven from, D.

D. 2 I sage of the,
Poe, Capt., operations of, at QUEREDO, John. See Mobile, Doc. 118 Rebel deserters, accounts of, D. 10

Doc. 2
Quicksand Creek, Ky., rebels sur-

See Desertcrs.
POLIGNAC, PRINCE DE, Gen., Doc. 519 prised at,

D. 59 Rebel finances. See Currency, Doe. 431
at Vidalia, La..
Doc. 878

See Doc. 271.
POLK, LEONIDAS, Lieut.-Gen., order on


Rebel impressments,
assuming command in Miss., D. 25

general order of March 7, 1864, Doc. 892
address of February twenty-sixth, RABB, D. G., Major, Second Ind. Vol Rebel judiciary ; the first discussion
Doc. 485 unteers,

D. 60 in Georgia under the anti-substi-
retreat of, from Meridian, Miss.,.. Raccoon Ford, Va., fight at, Doc.

tute law,

Doc. 383
Doc. 491 Raleigh, N. C., rebel powder-mills ex Rebel Point, near Knoxville, Tenn.,
See Paducah, Ky.

plode at,
D. 59 fight at

Doc. 81
Nashville " Times," criticism on, P. "Rally round the Flag, Boys," an in Rebel Press, on the situation, D. 65
POLLARD, E, A., his history of the war


P. 35 Rebel prisons, some account of the,
suppressed in Mo.,
D. 57 RAMSAY, É. M., Com. See Washita

Pontotoc, Miss., fight at, Doc. 488, 4


Doc. 444 Rebel prisoners, a plot to liberate, D.
Gen. 8. D. Lee's report of the fight RANDOLPH, Major C.S.A

enlist in the national navy,

Doc. 4 “Ranger," blockade-runner, account violate their parole,
POPE, JOHN, Major-Gen., notice to emi-

of the destruction of the, Doc. 463 plot to rescue those at Columbos,
D. RANKIN, DANIEL H. See Fort Pillow,

Pope Run, Va., destruction of the RANSOM, M. W., Brig.-Gen., D50 treatment of, in Ohio,

P. 60
bridge at,

Doc. 462 at the assault on Plymouth, N, C., D. 68 Rebel privateers, letter of New York
Port Hudson,'La., rebels make a dash RANSOM, T. E. G., Brig.-Gen., report

merchants on the,

Doc. 161

of the reduction of Fort Esperan Rebel States. See Confederate States.
PORTER, A. P., Lieut.-Col., noticed,

Doc. 245 Rebel terms of peace,

P. 45
Doc. 809 at Pleasant Hill, La.,

Doc. 537 | Rebel volunteer Navy organized,
Soe Army of the Cumberland, Doc, 309 wounded,

Doc. 541 Rebel war department, report of the


Doc. 547 Secretary of the,
PORTER, D. D., Rear Admiral D. 53 Rapidan River, Va., crossing of the, by Rebels, operations of the, in 1860, Doc 597
reports of the Red River expedition,

Gen, Meade's army,

D. 141 number of, captured by the Nation
Doc. 517 rebel demonstration on the, D. 17 | als,

D. 67
reports of the expedition up the

movements of the Union forces on Rectortown, Md., fight near, D. 80
Black and Washita Rivers, Doc. 4


Doc. 239 Red River, rebel operations on the, D. 56
report of the fight at Gaines's Land-

recrossed by Meade's army, Doc. 243 expedition up the, official reports of
ing, Red River,
Doc. 5 Richmond - Dispatch " accounts of

Doc. 517, 510, 541
report of the expedition up the Ya-

the movements on, in November, perilous situation of the fleet in the,..
zoo River,

Doc. 4
Doc. 243

Doe. 526
PORTER, HORACE, Capt., Aid to Gen. account of the crossing of, in Febru-

operations of the army in the, Doc. *33

ary, 1864,

Doc. 448 expedition after guerrillas, Doc. 384
PORTER, THOMAS, Sergeant Twenty Rappahannock River, Va., account of account of the passage of the falls
third Maes. Regiment,

an expedition up the,
D. 69 by the fleet,

Doc, 399
Potomac Flotilla, destroys rebel grain reports of the fights on the, Doc. 160, 162 Missouri " Republicano account,
Rappahannock Station, Va., battle at

Doc. 523
POTTER, - Bishop of Pa.,

D. 4 Philadelphia "Press" account,
POSEY, CONRAD, Gen., death of,

account of the fight at, Doc. 161, 162
Pound Gap, Tenn., fight at, D. RAWLINS, J. A., Adjt.-Gen., D. 86, 37 Lacon, Illinois, “Gazette” account,
Powell's River Bridge, account o

RAY, JOHN F. See Fort Pillow, Doc.

fight at.

32 New Orleans "Era" account, Doc.
Prairie D'Ann, Ark., battle at,

"Rebel," schooner captured,

Chicago * Tribune" account. Doc 487
PREBLE, GEORGE HENRY, Com., report Rebel anti-substitute law, constitu-

New-York "Herald" account, Doc. 560
of the escape of the Florida, Doc. 421 | tionality of, affirmed, D. 56 Rebel addresses,


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REED, J. S., Capt. Second Magg. Caval-

command of the Department of Scott's Mill Road, Tenn., National
D. 47 Missouri,
D. 40 pickets surprised on the,

D. 38
REED, Lieut., attempted escape suppresses the “Metropolitan Re Scottsville, Ky., captured by the
D. 22 cord,

D. 56

D. 39
REED, P. S., Lieut. Seo Collierville, sharp letter to Gen. Halleck,


D. 70
Doc. 462 order in reference to negroes in Mis "Scyugle," origin and meaning of the
Relieving Guard, by F. B. Harte, P. 31 souri,

Doc. 450

P. 44
Requiem, by George Lunt,

operations of in 1863,

Doc. 11 "Silvanus," ship chased ashore, D.
Response of the Colored Soldiers, by

See Chickamauga,

Doc. 863 Seabrook Island, rebel attacks on, D. 64
Edna Dean Proctor,
P. 2 noticed,

D. 63; P. 63 SEAVER, JAMES T., report of the loss
Retaliation, in North-Carolina, Doc. 418 Rosecrans, a poem,

P. 9 of the Philippi,

Doc. 143
Soe Samuel Jones,

D. 33 “Rosetta,' steamer, captured, D. 89 SEBASTIAN, J. K. See Arkansas, Doc. 82!
See John G. Beall,

D. "Rosina," capture of the schooner, D. Secret Rebel Circular, 1860, Doc. 597
Mr. Grice's resolution in the Vir-


Capt., deserts from the SEDDON, J. A., rebel Secretary of War,
ginia State Senate,

Doc. 4.
rebel army,

D. 49

property of, destroyed, Doc. 5
See Gen, Wild's expedition, Doc. 80 Ross, L. 8., Brig.-Gen., at Liverpool instructions in reference to the
Returned prisoners, rebel treatment


Doc. 417 | farmers in North-Carolina, D.


D. 41, | SEDGWICK, John, Major-Gen., at Kel-
REVELLR, HARDY N., affidavit in the Ross, WILLIAN P. See Cherokees, D. 14 ly's Ford,

D. 4
Fort Pillow case,
Doc. RossER, THOMAS L., Gen., rebel account

See Halleck's report,

Doc. 169

of his expedition into Culpeper, assigned to the command of the
D. 71 Va.,

D. 101

Sixth Corps,
REYNOLDS, — guerrilla, capture of, his expedition from Fredericks-


Doc. 163, 571
64 burgh, Va., rebel version, D. 27 SELFRIDGE, T. O., Lieut. Com. See Red

at Rectortown, Md.,
D. 80 River expedition,

Doc. 521
RICHARDSON, Col., guerrilla,

in Patterson Creek Valley, Doc. 326 SEMMES, RAPHAEL, commander of the

at Moorefield, Va.,
Doc, 86 Alabama,

D. 27
RICHARDSON, R. V., Gen., D. 49,


D. 22. 41 Sevierville, Tenn., fight at,
Richmond, Va., "balls and famine

Round Pond, Mo., guerrilla murders SEWARD, WILLIAM H., noticed, Doc.

D. 41 See Emancipation proclamation, D. 54
thieves in,

ROWE, J., Sergt., noticed, Doc. 463 "his insolent despatch to Mr.
the Irish in,
RUFIN, ANN JANE. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 63 Adams,"

D. 66
prices in the markets of,

RUSSELL, DAVID A., Brig.-Gen., at Rap Seymour, Truman, Gen. See Olustee,
excitement in, in consequence of

pahannock Station,
Doc. 16

D. 46
the approach of Butler's troops, D.

congratulatory order on the passage general orders on the success in
expenses of living in,

of the Rappahannock, Doc. 16 Florida,

Doc. 491
Kilpatrick's expedition against, D. Russellville, Tenn., skirmish at, Doc. 466 defence of the Olustee affair, Doc. 4
accounts of Gen. Kilpatrick's raid

account of his campaign in Florida,

Doc. 571,
the capture of considered,

: S

SHACKLEFORD, Gen., reconnoissance of,
rebel impressing agents in,

to Boyd's Ferry,

Doc. 254
RICHMOND, DEAN, noticed,
1 Sabine Cross-Roads, ., account of

at Bean Station,

D. 20
RICHMOND, LEWIS, Assist. Adjt.-Gen.,

the battle of

Doc, 455

Doc. 259 Saline River, Ark., fight near the, "Sharpe," rebel steamer, sinking of
Richmond “Examiner," on the situa Salt-Works, destroyed,

- the,

Doc. 497
tion, December 1, 1863,

Sam's Mills, Tenn., Union forage wag Shaw, GEORGE. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 18
Richmond "Whig," on the condition

ons captured at,

Suaw, W. T., Col. See Pleasant Hill,
of affairs at the South,
D. Sanitary Commission,
D. 59, 67

Doc. 507
" Richmun on the Jeems," a poem,

anecdotes of the,



Lieut.-Col., Ninety-sec-
P. 57 SANDERSON, J. P., Provost-Marshal of

ond Minois Regiment,

D. 70
RIED, WATELAW, account of the Eman.


D. SHELBY, - , Col., at the fight near
cipation Proclamation, D. 54 Sangster's Station, Va., rebel attack

Piney Factory, Tenn.,

D. 3
" Ringdove," capture of the, D 22

D, 22, SHELBY, - Capt., Second Missouri
RINGFIELD, Joix H., Rev., Doc. 455 SANDERS, W. P., Gen., at Metley's


D. 41
Ringgold, Tenn., fight at, Doc. 209 Ford, Tenn.,

D. 3 Shelbyville, Ky., guerrilla descent
battle at,
Doc. 215 driven into Knoxville, Tenn., D. 9

Ringgold cavalry, noticed,
D. 39 Burnside's order on the death of,

D. 63
RINGS, M. E., Capt. report of the cap-

Doc. 257 | SHELDON, W. B., report of the destruc-
ture of guerrillas near Tiptonville,

notice of,

Doc. 252 tion of the "Sunith Briggs," Doc. 442

Doc. Sandy Hook, N, O., fight at, Doc. 302 SHELTON, JOUN W. Soe Fort Pillow.
Riot, at Charleston, III., Doc. 595 SARGENT, H, B., Col., wounded,

SHEPLEY, G. F., Gen., statement in the
Rivanna River, Va., Gen. Custer de Sartatia, Miss., fight at,

D. 41 Fort Pillow case,

Doc. 7
stroys a rebel camp at, Doc. 570 Savannah, Ga., riot of women in, D. 67 SHERIDAN, PAILIP H., Gen. Doc. 208
“ Robert E. Lee," capture of the, D. SAVACOL, EDWIN F., Sergt. See Black-

See Dandridge, Tenn.,

Doc. 338
Robertson's Tavern, Va., fight at, Doc. 240 ford,

Doc. 46 assigned to the command of cavalry
ROBINSON, BENJAMIN, Sergt. See Fort SAWTELLE, - , Major, noticed, Doc. 52 in the Army of the Potomoc, D. 5

Doc. 11 SAWYER, - , Capt. release of, D, 53 SHERMAN, ROBERT. See Mobile, Doc. 122
ROBINSON, J. F. D., Acting Master, D. 11 “Saxon," capture of the bark, D. 24 SHERMAN, W. T., Major-Gen., report of
ROBINSON, JOHN O., Rev., of Rogers Saxton, Rorus, Gen., circular to the

the battle of Chattanooga, Doc. 198
ville, Tenn.,
P. 26. freedmen announcing the sale of

his letter on the treatment of South-
ROBINSON, WILEY. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 27 lands in South-Carolina, D.


Doc. 851
Rockford, Tenn., fight at, Doc. 31 SCAMMON, E. P., Gen., at the fight at and the brave drummer-boy, P.
Rocky Face, Ga., fight at, Doc. 427 Lewisburgh, Va.,

D. 20 arrives at Knoxville,
Rocky Gap, Va., fight at. See Hal-

account of the capture of, Doc. 4 the "Flank Moveinents" of
leck's report,
Doc. 171 SCHENCK, ROBERT C., Major-G

en., re-
See Fort Pillow,

Doc. 7
RODERICK, E. A., Acting Ensign, D. 69 linquishes his command, D. 17 assigned to the command of the
RODDY, Gen., driven to the south resolution reprimanding Mr. Harris

division of the Mississippi, D
of the Tennessee River, D. 88 of Maryland,


expedition of, started,
SOHETKY, CHARLES A. See For: Pil report of his Mississippi expedition,
Roe, F. A., Lieut. Com.,


ROGERS, GEORGE W., Acting Master, SCHMIDT, Capt., Fourteenth New York

rebel accounts,

Doc. 485


D. 59 described by a Southern woman,
SCHOFIELD, Joux M., Major-Gen., or-

Doc. 486
Rogersville, Tenn., figh


ders in reference to enlisting col rebel press on the operations of, in
account of the fight at,
Doc. 153


Doc, 495
rebel account of,

Doc. 154
relieved by Gen. Rosecrans,


Doc. 8, 42, 44
“ROLF KRAKE," the Danish monitor, assigned to the command of Twen SUEWARD, DAVID,

D. 43
D. 66
ty-third Army Corps,

D. 59 SHIPMAN, WILLIAM W. C. See Mobile.
Romney, Va., Col. Campbell's recon SCHOONMAKER, O, M., Lieut. See Mo-

Doc. 125
noissance to,
D. 40 bile,

Doc. 1 SHIRK, JAMES W., Lleut. Com., at the
Roor, - , Lieut.-Col. Fifteenth N. Y. "Scotia," steamer, captured, D. 48 battle of Paducah, Doc. 1, 50), 506
D. 49 | “Scotia," capture of the schooner, D, 43 See Fort Pillow,

Doc. 38
ROSECRANS, W. S., Major-Gen., assumes Scort, - rebel, noticed,

SHUMATE, - guerrilla,

D. 68

W.D. 29


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noticed, Lieut. Col. Acting " Doc41 Scuders lordops,

of the. com....

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SICKLES, DANIEL E., Major-Gen. See SPARROW, W. G., account of, D. 2 STREIGHT, A. D., Col., attempted es.
Doc. 350 Sparta, Tenn., fight at, Doc. 206 cape of,

D. 24
SIEBERT, Col. See Charlestown, rebels surrender themselves at, D. 57 | escapes from Libby Prison, D.
Doc. 292 fight near,

Doc. 805 report of the condition of prison-
Siege of Cincinnati, Ohio, operations SPEAR, S. P., Col. Eleventh Pennsyl-

ers at the South, D. 49; Doc. 450
of the Black Brigade, Doc. 810 vani'ı cavalry,

D. 52 “Strike!" by E. S. Ellis,

* Signal," account of the capture of SPICER, WILLIAM F., Com.,

D. STRONG, J. H., Com., report of opera-
the steumer, Doc. 527, 528, 53 Spoonville, Ark., fight near Doc. 515 tions near Mobile.

Doc. 119
Simmsport, La., capture of, Doc. 430 SPRINGER, GEORGE A. See Nickajack


Doc. 101
Sioux Indians, surrender to the Na-


D. 71" Strong Band," principles of the
tional forces,
Doc. Springfield, Mo., rebel raid near, D.

Doc. 883
“Sir William Wallace," steamer, fired Springfield, Va., fight at,

STUART, GEORGE H., President of the
D. "Spunky," capture of the schooner,

Christian Commission,

D. 4
Lieut., Nineteenth

D. 60 STUART, G. H., Gen., rebel, at the open
Iowa Regiment,
D. 22 | "Spunky," capture of the steamer,

rations on the Rapidan, Doc. 949
SLATER, Joux C., Lieut., Thirty-fourth


D. 23: Doc 213
Kentucky Infantry,

St. Andrew's Bay, Fla., destruction of Stuart County, Tenn., capture of guer
Slaves. See Negroes.

the sult-works at,
Doc. 280 rillas in,

D. 19
Slavery, in Tennessee, Soo Andrew

account of the destruction of salt STURGIS, SAMUEL D., Major-Gen., reach-

D. 7
works in the
Doc. 845 es Dandridge, Tenn.,

D. 84
Slocum, H. W., Gen.,
St. Augustine, Fla., skirmish near, D.

at Fair Gardens, Tenn.,

D. 8
SLOUGH, R. H., Mayor of Mobile, Ala, St. Mark's, Fla., official reports of the noticed

D. 35; Doc.
D. 45 destruction of salt-works near, Substitutes at the South,

Doe. 893
SMALL, ROBERT, Capt. See Olustee,...

Doc. 4 Suffolk, Va., fight at,

D. 30
Doc. 4 STAFFORD, J. A., Major, report of the rebel account of the attack on, D. 50
SMITH, A, J., Gen., at Alexandria, La.,

battles of Chattanooga, Doc. 227 SULLY, ALFRED, Brig.-Gen., account
Doc. 519 STAMPS, DANIEL. See Fort Pillow.

of his operations in the North-
See Pleasant Hill, La, Doc. 535 STANLEY, PETER W. See Mobile,


Doc. 177
his reinark to Gen. Banks at Plea-

Doc. 1 noticed,

sant Hill, La.,

Doc. 541 Stannardsville, Va., rebel stores de SULLIVAN, J. C., Brig.-Gen., order in
Doc. 429; D. 53, 72 stroyed at,


reference to conscription in West-
SMITH, C. 'B., Lieut.
Doc. 6 STANTON, E, M., Secretary of. War,


SMUTH, CHARLES H., Col., First Maine

how he settled a point, P. despatch in reference to Major

Doc. 28
despatch to the Mayor of Buffalo,

Cole's fight on Loudon Heights,
Smith, Capt., gunboat Peosta.


D. 82
See Fort Pillow,

Doc. STAPLES, JOHN L. See Mobile, Doc. 1 account of his expedition up the
SMITH, CALKB B., Judge, death of, D. 32 STARR, - , rebel battery of, D. 2

valley of W. Va.,
Smith, E. KIRBY, Gen., anecdote of, P. 37 | STEDMAN, -, Lieut.-Col. Sixth Ohio, See New Creek, Va.,

Doc. 3
at Pleasant Hill, La.,
Doc. 536
Doc. SULLIVAN, JAMES, rebel,

P. 9
See Red River campaign, Doc. 546 STEELE, FRED., President Lincoln's in SULLIVAN, Joux S., Lieut., Doc. 450
Smitu, F. A., Lieut., testimony in the
structions to, on the reorganiza SUMMERS, Joux, Rev.,

P. 17
Fort Pillow case,
Doc. 66 tion of Arkansas,

Doc. 839 SCMMERS, WILLIE, a loyal boy, P. 17
SMITH, Giles A., Gen.,

Doc. 198 address to the people of Arkansas, Summerville, Tenn., defeat of Colonel
SMITH, J. 0. O. See Arkansas, Doc. 325


Prince near,
Smith, Jon E., Gen.,
Doc. 195 account of his expedition, Doc. “Sumter," capture of the,

D. 50
Lieut.-Col., Twentieth

his expedition leaves Little Rock, Sumter, Bombardment of Fort,
D. 9 Ark.,

D. 56

D. 2, 3, 8, 9, 18
SMITH, MORGAN L., Gen., noticed,

occupies Camden, Ark., Doc. 516 SUMAN, J. C. B., Col. Ninth Indiana,
Doc. 356, 195, 198 evacuates Camden, Ark.,


Doc. 68
Suitu, SARAN Axx, an anxious wife, P. 85 crosses the Saline River in the re "Susan," capture of the,

D. S2
Suita, WM. F., Major-Gen., report of

treat from Camden, Ark., D. "Suspiria Ensis," a poem, P. 63
the battle of Chattanooga, Doc.

accourrt of his expedition to ope "Swallow," capture of the sloop, D. 56
194, 217 rate with Gen. Banks, Doc. SWEAT, M. J. M.,

P. 80,
SMITH, W. S. Gen., cavalry expedition STEPHENS, John W., Lieut.-Col., report SWEENY, JAMES. See Returned Prison-
D. 44; Doc. 473, 456,4
of the attack on “Freeman's

National account of his cavalry ex-


Doc. 880
pedition into Mississippi, Doc. 49 STEPHENS, LINTON, his peace resolu-
rebel accounts of his expedition


D. 55

into Mississippi,

Doc. 49 STEPHENS, W. H., Col., noticed, Doc. 585
“Smith Briggs," destruction of the STEVENS, HENRY, report on the James TAYLOR, LEWIS, killed,

D. 7
Doc. 43
River expedition,

Doc. 442 TAYLOR, RICHARD, Gen., notices of the
artillery of, recaptured,
D. STEVENS, T. II., Com., report of opera-

battle of Red River expedition,
Smithfield, Va., Gen. Graham's expe-
tions near Mobile, Doc. 121

Doe. 567
dition to,
D. 63. noticed,
Doc, 101 noticed,

D. 53, 57
fight at,

Doc. 438 Stevensburgh, Pa., cavalry fight at Taylor's Ridge, Tenn., fight at, Doc. 209
Smithville, N. C., account of an expe-

skirmish near,

Dot 423
dition to,

Doc. 49 STEVENSON, O. L., Gen., rebel, D. 27 Tazewell Road, near Kaoxville,
Snow-storms in Vi
D. 4, 5 STEWART, - Judge of the Provin.

Tenn., Union soldiers captured
SNYDER, J. W., Col.,
D. . 89 cial Court of Admiralty, N. S.,


D. 87
Snydersville, Yazoo River, fight near,

D. 45 " Tecumseh," U. S. Monitor, report
"Stingray,” schooner, captured, D. 48 of the loss of the,

Dec. 14
Soldiers, how they amuse themselves, Stock Creek, Tenn., fight at, Doc. 315 Tennessee, operations of the rebel
STOCKTON, Joseph, Rev., anecdote of

army in,

D. 90
Solomon, FRED., Gen., noticed, Doc. 617 the wife of,

P. 65 reorganization in, G v. Johnson's
“Sonora," ship captured by the Ala STOKES, William, Col., surprises


Doe, 840
bama, i


Champ Ferguson and his band, Gen. Forrest's raid in, Doc. $34
South, despondency at the,

D. 53, 54, 57 reorganization in, account of a
situation of inilitary affairs at the, Stone, CHARLES P., Brig.-Gen., Doc. 246 meeting at Nashville, Doc. 358

See Red River Campaign, Doc. 553 Fifth Cavalry of,

D. 58, 54
food in the restricted,

Doc. Stone, WILLIAM M., Gov. of Idaho, D. 44 Seventh Cavalry of,
South-Carolina, sale of lands in, D. 2 STONEMAN, GEORGE, Gen.,

D. 59 Eleventh Cavalry of,
the disposition of lands in, D. 80 Stono River, S. C., fight in, Doc. 291 Twenty-fifth Regiment of,
Gen. Gillinore's operations in, Doc. 178 STORY, Capt. Twenty-third Mass. Tennessee River, Gen. Geary's
South Carolina volunteers, rebel, D. 1 Regiment,

D. 64 dition down the,
Southerners, Gen. Sherman's letter STOVALL, private Fiftieth Illi Gen, Roddy driven south of, D. 8
on the treatment of,
Doc. 851 nois, bravery of,

P. 47" Tennessee," rebel ram, capture of,
Southern Literature, specimens of, P. 27 Strawberry Plains, Tenn., National

Doc. 102
Southern trade, northern operations

retreat from,
D. 86 description of the,

Doc. 1:2
in the,

D. STREET, ALFRED B., poem on the death Terre Noir, Ark., fight near the, Doc. 515
« Southfield,” account of the destruc-

of Col. Lewis Benedict, P. 48 Terrisville, Tenn., raid toward, D.
tion of the,


TERRY, H. D., Gen. See Rapidan.
“ Southwester" steamer, capture of STREET, WILLIAX T., Acting Master, Texas, Gov. Hamilton's address to
men from the,
D. 40
D. 72 people of,

D. 81

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