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D. fttndi for Diary of Evente; Doc. for Document*; and P. for Poetry, Rumors and Incident*.


"ABB»n_»M LnicoLii," by W. H. Ven-
»ble, P.

A Contraband song, P.

Acrostic, a rebel, P.

Adams, Charles Francis, D.

Adams, , Colonel, at Metley's

Pord, Tann., D.

Adams, E. J., P.

Adams, John 0, See Mobile, Doc. 121
Adams, La Rub P. Report of opera-
tions near Mobile, Doc. 110
Adams, William K., Lieut., First

North-Carolina, D. 29

Adams, Wirt, Gen., raid on Gelser-

town, Miss., D. 88

account of his expedition, Doc. 486

at the battle of Okalona, Miss., Doc. 494

noticed, D. 6, 19, 24, 60

A dialogue on the merits of the war, P. 54

Addison, Thomas. See Fort Pillow,


M A. D. Vance," run ashore at Fort

Caswell, N. C, D.

"After the Fight," a poem, P.

"Agate." See Wlillelaw Reid, D.

Alabama, extraordinary feat of the

First loyal cavalry of, P.

Seventh cavalry of, D.

See T. 11 Watts, Doc 878

operations of the Fifteenth army

corps in. Doc. 856

the Legislature of, votes to give the

carpets to the soldiers, D. 27

Unionism In, Doc. 857

Yankee atrocities In, P. 44

First loyal artillery of. Doc. 2

*' Alabama" captures the "Amanda v

and "Winged Racer,1

depredations of the,

Albany Army Relief Bataar, noticed,

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"Albemarle," rebel nun at Plymouth,

N. C, D. w

Ai-den, James, Capt See Mobile, Ala.

Report of operations near Mobile,

Doc. 115
Aldrich, Millt. See Sanitary Com-
mission, P. 25
Alexander, Francis A., Doc. 26
Alrxander, G. W., Capt, relieved, D. 24
Alexandria, La., captured by Admiral
Porter, Doc. 518, D. 68
Gen. Banks's array returns to, D. 72
Allan, Patterson, Mrs., arrest of,

D. 24, Doc. 584
Allen, T. 8., Col. Fifth Wisconsin,

Doc. 162
"Alliance," capture of the, D. 62

Alston, R. A., Lieut-Cot., Doc. 819

"Aiuamla," ship, captured by the

"Alabama," D. 8

Amnesty Proclamation, of President

Lincoln, Doc 296

official correspondence on the, be-


tween Generals Longstreet and
Foster, Doc. 296

defined, D. 56, Doc. 460

Mr. Coffey's letter on the, Doc. 3S8

debates on, In the rel>el Congress, D. 21
debate on, in the Virginia House of
Delegates, D. 24

Anderson, , Capt Fifty-first Indi-
ana cavalry, D. 22
Anderson, 0. D., Col.t rebeL See

Fort Powell, Ala., Doc. 100

Anderson, Ransom. See Fort Pillow,

Doc. 19
Andrew, John A., Gov., P. 16

AuRlo-Paxon Whittling Song, P. 14

"Annie Thompson," account of the

capture of. Doc. 856

Annus Mirabills, The, of the South, D. 80
"A patriotic father," anecdote of, P. 24
"A Premium Uniform," D. 49

Aransas Pass, Texas, captured, D. 9
A rebel acrostic, P. 6

Arkansas, Gen. Steele's address to the
people of, D. 48

Gov. Murphy's address to the peo-
ple of Doc. 594
reorganization in; Pres. Lincoln's

Instructions to Gen. Steele, Doc 819
restoration of. Doc 824

See R. R. Livingston, D. 26

See Nathan Kimball,
See Fred. Steele,
See Sterling Price.
"Arietta," capture of the, D. 49

Armstrong's Ferry, Tenn., skirmish-
ing at D. 86
Army of the Cumberland, operations
of the, in Jan. and Feb., 18 4.
Gen. Thomas's Report, Doc. 805
Col. Long's Report, Doc. 80S
Lieut-Col. Porter's Report. Doc. 809
Array of the Potomac, corps unreduced
to three, D. 58
military executions In the, D. 24
number of killed and wounded In, D. 44
change in the command of, D. 68
civilians, etc., sent out of, D. 60
Arnold, Richard, Brig.-Gen. See

Red River campaign, Doc. 546

A "Soldier's Letter," by Mary C.

Hovey, P. 69

A song, by Fits-Greene Halleck, P. 15
Athens, Alabama, rebel attack on, D. 86

Atkinson, , Major, killed at Saline

River, Ark, D. 74

Averill, Wm.w., Brlg.-Gen., Report of
the fight at Mill Point and Droop
Mountain, Va., Doc 156

Reports of his expedition to cut the

Va. and Tenn. Railroad, Doc 231
rebel accounts of his expedition,

Doc. 285, 286
at Droop Mountain, D. 8

fights near Covington, West-Vir-
ginia, D. 9


Averiix, Wm.w., Brig.-Gen.,at Spring-
field, Va., D. 41
expedition of, D. 94
prisoners captured by, D. 9

A War Study, by U. S. N. P. 64

Babcoce, Charles A., Capt. See

"Marine Brigade," D. 10

Baciie, Georob M., Lieut Com. See

Red River, Doc. 521

Bachbllbr, O. A., Lieut See Mobile,

Doc 120

Bachelor's Creek, N. C, battle at, D. 40

accounts of the fight at, Doc. 858

Bacon, G. M., Capt, Twenty-fourth

Ohio, "Doc. 605

Bailet, , Lleut.-CoL See Red

River Expedition, Doc. 529

Bailkv, Thkodorcs, Kear-Admlral, Re-
ports of operations in Florida, Doc. 280
Report on the capture of the salt-
works In St Andrew's Bay, Fla.,

Doc. 815
Report of the destruction of rebel
salt-works in East and West-Bay,
Fla, Doc. 8S4

Report of the destruction of salt-
works at St. Mark's, Fla., Doc/ 419
Bain, George M., Rev., Doc. 4.V)

Baird, Absalom, Gen., Doc. 203, 420

Baker, Edward. See Mobile, Doc. 126
Baker, R. II., Doc. 455

Baker's Creek, Miss., skirmish near.

Doc. 475
Hum. G. II.. Capt, D. 58

Baldwin, W. H., Lieut-Col., Report

of the battle of Pleasant Hill, Doc. 540
Ballard, II. C, poem by, P. 82

Ballard John P., Doc. 6?5

Ball's Bridge, Tenn., fight at. Doc. SIS
Bangs, Eli A. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 67
Bank of Ashland, Ky., robbed by guer-
rillas, D. 60
Banes, N. P., Major-Gen., expedition
to Texas, Doc 146
captures Corpus Christl and Aran-
sas Pass, D. 9
lands at Braxos de Santiago, Texas,

D. 2
See Fort De Russy, Doc. 429

operations of, in the Gulf Depart-
ment, Doc. 178
See Pleasant Hill., La., Doc. Mi
order for an election in Louisiana,

Doc. 881
order in reference to labor In Louisi-
ana, Doc. 870
See Red River Expedition, Doc. 581
address at New-Orleans, La. March

4, D. 49

constitutes a Board of Education at

New-Orleans, D. 58

noticed. Doc. 587, D. 67

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Bogue Inlet, M. C, expedition to,

Bohler's Rocks, Rappahannock River,
skirmish at, D.

Bokkr, (jkokuk H., P., John F., Capt., rebel guerrilla,
capture of, D.

Bolin, Nathan, D.

Bolivar, Tenn., fight at, Doc. 834, D.
rebels surprised at, D.

Bolivar Landing, Tenn., Nationals
surprised at, D.

Bollks. . Major, D.

Booker, Isaiah S. See Returned Pris-
oners, Doc.

Boone, W. P., Colonel Twenty-eighth

Kentucky, Doc. 423

BoonK, J. Rowan, Capt., noticed. Doc. 221

Booth, L. F., Major, See Fort Pillow,

Doc. 2

Borden, , Acting Master's Mate,

D. 70

Boston, Mass., volunteering meetings
in, D.

Bowks, T. 8., A.A.G.. noticed, Doc.

Bowns, , Capt., rebel, surprised

near Windsor, N. C, D.

Botkin, F. M., Gen., D.

Bradford, A. H.,Gov., letter of Pres-
ident Lincoln to, D

Bradford, W. F., Major. See Fort

Bradley's Landing, Tenn., guerrillas
at, D.

Bragg, Braxtov, Gen., Doc. 195, D.
forage train of, captured, D.

relinquishes hi* command, D.

assigned to duty In Richmond, D.

Bramlkttk, TnoMia E., Gov., letter
to Captain Cahlll, D.

address In reference to the enlist-
ment of negroes in Kentucky, D.
proclamation In reference to guer-
rilla*, Doc. 827

Brandon, Miss., occupied by General
Sherman, Doc. 475,481

General Sherman's army (Misses

through. Doc. 472, 477

anecdote of a lady of. Doc. 4H0

Brandon, Va., expedition to, Doc. 340

Brannan, J. M., Gen., Doc 206

See Clilckamauga, Doc. 868

Bhasmkars, Loci*, rebel, D. 56

Braydon, Char. A. See Mobile, Doc,

Bratman, Mason, Brk.-Gen., test!
in..'iv in tli J Fort Pillow examina-
tion, Doc.

"Brazil," steamboat, fired on, D.

Brazos de Smtlago, Texas, Banks's
army lands at, D.

Brazos Island, Texas, landing of Un-
ion troops at, Doc.

Brazos Klver, Texas, blockade-runner
cairtured in, I).

Bhratiiitt, Major, Kv. civalrv, I).

Brkckkniuduk, John C, Gen., noticed,
at fjonkont Mountain, D<»c. 213

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March 10th, to the Georgia Legis-
lature, D. 51
See John Ff. Morgan, D. St
See Rebel Commerce, Doc 597
Brown, J. L., Surgeon, D. 16

Brown, , Lieut., Tenth Conn., D.

Brown, Mortimer F. See Returned
IM s on era, Doc

Brown, , Capt. Eighty-fifth N. Y.

regiment, D. 67

Browne, W. R., Acting Master, report
of the destruction of rebel salt-
works in West-Bay, Fla., Doc. 8S4
noticed, Doc c4&

Browne, W. R., Major, rebel. See

Fort Powell, Ala., Doc. 100

Brownlow, Parson, notice of, Doc 314,

D. 64
Brownbll, H. H., Acting Ensign. See

Mobile, Doc 106

Brownsville, Texas, raising of the
blockade of. Doc. 421

Bryant, , Capt., Eighth Me , D. 11

Bhyson, , Lleut.-Col. Twenty-fifth

N. C rebel troops, Dv 14

Buchanan, F., Admiral, rebel, capture

of, Doc 105

Bdcelahd, R. B., Gen., Doc. 198

Bocxnkr, S. B., Gen., rebel, P. 87

Burciiam, George E., report of opera-
tions near Mobile, D->c. 113
Burcham, John C. See Returned

Prisoners, Doc S8

Bcford, C. A.. Gen,, order in the bat-
tle at Paducah, Ky., Doc 510
at Fort Pillow, . D«c 1
See Hazel River, D. 4
Buford, John, death of, D. 23. P. 24
Bufohd, N. B., Gen., speech at Hele-
na, Ark., Jan. 2d, 1864, Doc 324
noticed, D. 68
Bullion in the South. See Plate, D. 26
Burbridub, S. G., Major-Gen, $e*
Grand Coteau, La,

Bcrokss, , Bishop of Maine,

Burlington, Va,, fight at,
Invested by the rebel-',
Buhnham, George P., Capt.,
Burns, A., CapL, killed at Pleasant

Hill. La., Doc 541

Burn.*, John, at Gettysburg!), P. 5

Burn Side, A. E., Major-Gen. See Hal-
leck's Report. Doc. 163

at Campbell's Station, Tenn., Doc It©
letter to Gen Sherman, thanking
him for the relief of Knoxvllle,

Doc Id?
general orders on the siege of Knox-

vllle, Doc. 256,257, 260, 241

reenforced by Gen. Grander, D. IX
relinquishes the command of the
army of the Ohio, i >

noticed, D.

Iiokhoughs, , Major, shot at For-
tress Monroe, Va., D,
Butler, B. F., Major-Gen., assume*
command in Virginia and North-
Carolina, D.
order in reference to disloyal per-
sons, D.
declare*! an " outlaw," D. 27,
order in reference to the Norfolk
gas-works, D.
letter to the Norfolk perfection-
ists, D. 33, P.
action of the rebel Senate on the
outlawry of, . J).
order In reference to Mrs. Graves,
D. 37, P.
S'e.Gen. Graham, D.
his expedition to surprise Richmond,
can«e of Its failure. D.
order fo- the government of contra-
bands, Doc. 961
See Charles City Court House. Doc. 8KT
order In reference to the seizure of

dation.s at, D.

Bayou Sara, skirmish at, D.

Brall, John Y., Acting Master, D.

Heal ton, Va., fight near, D.

Bran, M. Dudley, D.

Bean Station, Tenn., flsht at, D.

"a poor sct-oiT for Knoxvllle." D.

Bear Inlet, N. C., Official Reports of
the expedition to. Doc. 4&1. D.

Bkattik, John W., (.'apt, Doc.

Beaufort, S. C, sale of confiscated es-
tates at, D.

Brackkoahd, G. T.. Gen., thanked by

the rebel Congress for the defence

of Charleston, 8, C, D.

the black flag, tetter to Gen. Martin,

Bbrrs, , Major, of Illinois, D. 31

Beeralieba Springs, Tenn., fight near,

Dnc. 206

Bklhkr, , his battery, D. 62

Belligerents, Are the New-Zealanders?

P. 10

"Bendlgo," destruction of the hlock-

ade-runner. Doc. 855, D. 81

Bbnkmct, Lsw., Col., kilted at Plea-
sant Hill, La., Doc. 537
motto of his family, P. 49
Poem on the death, of, by Alfred B.

Street, P. 49

noticed, Doc. 550

Benham, Camiodm, Major, rebel, at
Lookout Mountain, Doc. 215

Benjamin, Park, P. 68

Bennett, J. K., Col., Seventv-flfth
Illinois, noticed. Doc. 602, 605

Bbsnktt, W. C, his reply to Carlyle's
"Iliad," P. 18

Benton, Kdward B., statement In the

Fort Pillow case. Doc. 74

Berdan's Sharp-Shooters at Kelly's
Ford, Doc. 161

Berry, William W., Col., report or
■ the battle of Chattanooga, Doc. 224

Betel, Elois. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 69

"Bill Arp on the Confederate Cur-
rency," P. 88

Bingham. James R. See Fort Pillow.

"Bird of Art." See Rebel Bird or
Art, Doc. 823

Birsev, D. B., Gen., at Kelly's Ford,

Doc. 161

Birtwibtle, James. Report of the

James River Expedition, Doc. 441!

Black, M., Surgeon, Do<\ 87!

Black Flags. See O. T. Beauregard, P. 86

Blackford, , Capt., Account of

the death of, Doc. 463

"Black Hawk," steamer, fired on, D. 11

Black River, Mo., ft^ht ne;ir, D. 28

Official Reports of the expedition up
the. Doc. 41V;

Black Tom, a poem, P. 23 >

Blair, Frank P., Major-Gen., Doc. 195

Blair, Monto.omk':y See Emancipa-
tion Proclamation, D. 54

Blandville, Ky., rebel depredations at,

D. 3

Blankets for the rebels. See Alaba-
ma, D. 27 I

Blockade, Admiral Lee's report on

the efficiency of the, D«>c. 2S9

Bodf.niiamrr, William J., Capt., Doc. 497 I

Bouaht, G. M., Acting Ensign, no-
ticed, Doc. 105 1

Brkwstkr, N. Stwvia, report of the

|o«s of thp steamer Signal, Doc. 523

Bridgeport, Ala., expedition to, l>. 64

Brikn, M. M. See reorganization In

Tennessee, Doc 85%

Bright. DtMt-L, of Pasquotank, Doc. 2117
See Samuel Jones, I). 83

BrlsD>e Stitlon, Va., Nationals cap-
tured at, D. 50
fight at. D. 64

Brooks, T. B., Major. Report of the
operations of nc^ro troops at F -rt
Wii-ner, Doc. 279

Brookes Plantation, Yazoo
fight at,

Rroi'gh, Joiix, Gov. of Ohio,

Brown, Alreht G., noticed,

Brows, George. Lieut. Com.,
report of operations near Mobile,

Doc. 126

Brown. Georqr R_, Capt, Ninth Indi-
ana hatU-ry, noticed, Doc. 540

Brown, John, of Harper's Ferry, anec-
dote of, and Gen. It. E. Lee, P. 2fi

Brown, Joseph E., Guv., message of,


D. 6S
D. 14, 71

P. Iff
Doc. 101

rel>el property, Doc 837

See Retaliation, Doc. 46fi

expedition to King and Queen

Court-Hoiise, Vs., D. 06

cares for the poor of Virginia, D. 01
noticed, D. 30, 37, 41

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Oabrll, William L., Gen., Doc. 515

Caddo Gap, Ark., expedition to, D. 86

Cadsou's Cave, Ark., rebels captured

at, D.

Cady, A L., Lieut., expedition Into

North-Carolina, D.

Cagokk, PhTKR, untlceil, D.

Caiiill, Edward, Capt., D.

Cairklller River, Tenn., flght at the,


Caligula, Tenn., rebel depredations

at, D. 6

Camden, Ark., occupied by General

Steele, ■ Doc. 516

evacuated by Gen. Steele, D. 72

forage train attacked at, D. 66

Camkron, it A., Gen. at the siege of
Kimxvllle, Doc. 2.Vi

see Grand Cotcan, Doc. 150

at Pleasant Hill, La., Doc. 541, 543

Caniemn, Va., rebel attack on the rail-
road at, D. 87
"Camilla." capture or the schooner,

D. 43
Campokll, rebel guerrilla, no-
ticed, D. 1

Camphkll, , Col., his reconnoU-

sance to Romney, Va., D. 40

Cauphkll, , Seventy-sixth Pa.

Regt., D.

Campukll, John T., Capt., Report of

the attack on the Thirty-second

Mo., infantry, D.

Campbell's Station, Tenn., battle at,

D. 9

notices or fights at, Doc. 189, 250

Camp amusements, account of, I*. 25

Camp llutler, HI., tire at, D. 85

Camp Flnnegan, Flu., account of,

Doc. 396
Camp Winder, Richmond, Va., hos-
pital at, burned, D. 37
Camptl, La., tight at, Doc. 521
accounts of the expedition to, Doc. 534
Canada, an invasion from, expected,

D. 5
Carry, E. R. S., Major-Gen.,
Cane Hill, Ark., battle of,
Cane River, La., flght near the,
Caney Fork, Tenn., fight at.
Cannon, William, Gov, of DeL

Colored Troops,
Cannon, J. W., rebel,
Cant-Hi, Miss., Sherman's expedition

through, Doc. 473, 434

Cape Lookout.rebel depredations at, I). 58

Caphon, , Lieut., death of, D. 41

OUST, Asa B., Capt, D. 48

Carlin, William I*., Gen., noticed,

Doc. 203
Carlton, Eli. See Fort Pillow, Doc 13
Carlton, Jambs II., Gen. See Opera-
tions in New-Mexico, Doc. 354
noticed, D. 81, 47
Caklylr, Thomas, his " Iliad," P. 17
•* and hla nutshell," P. 19
Carnsy, Gkorobj., A.Q.M., D. 53
Carney, William H., the brave color-
ed soldier, P.
Carr, Kcuenk A., Gen., noticed, Doc. 517
See Rapldan, Doc. 242
Carson, Chhistophkr, Col., noticed,

D. 48
&<4 operation* in New-Mexico, Doc. 353

Oartkr , Col. First Va. Cav., D. 23

Cartkk, Sxmuk-l P., Hiitf.-Gen., Pro-
vost-Marshal at Knoxville, D. 88
Carter's Creek, Va., expedition up

the, D. 72

Oartv, Charlbs L. See Mobile. Doc. 123
Caaky, O. II. P., Lieut.-Col., Thirty-
sixth Inil.,
"Candle Holt," capture of the.

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"Catawba," launch of the, D.

Catiicart, Chahlks W. 11. See Rebel
Prisons, D.

Catholics, "loyal and national," D,
Cavalier, Jamks, the rebel guerrilla,
Cedar County, Mo., records of cap-
tured, D.
Centrevllle, Tenn., guerrillas defeated

at. Doc. 2'»7

"Cere*," capture of the, D. 18

Ciialmers, Gen., rebel, at Colllcrs-

ville, Tenn., D. 2

Champ Frrocson. See Ferguson,

D. 63, 54
Champion, Thomas E., Col., noticed,

Doc. 221
Champion Hills, Miss., skirmish at.

Doc. 475,477
Champlin E., Lieut., noticed. Doc. 511
Chavcellnrsvllle, Va., the battle of, an
advantage to the rebels, D.

Chapin, , Capt. Eighty-fifth N. Y.

regiment, D.

Chapin, , Col., guards of,

prised neur Knoxville,
"Charge of the Mule Drlgade.

Thomas 11. Elliott,
Charles City Court-House, Va.,

West's expedition to, D. 21, Doc. 2S7
Charleston, 111., account of a riot

there, Doc. 596

Charleston, Mo., guerrillas captured

near, D. 85

Charleston, S. C, shelling of,

D. 19,82, 35,87,42

Beauregard's defence of, D. 3-*

Greek Are thrown into, D. 31

Charlestown, Tenn., battle flt. D. 27

reports of the battle at, Doc. 292

CiL\rts, Salmon P. See Emancipation

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Doc. 66

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"Chatham," capture of the,

Chattanooga, Tenn., battle of,
closing of the battle of,
battle of, noticed, D. 13, Doc. 188

reports of the battles at, Doc. 190

despatches from the War Depart-
ment, Doc. 190
Cincinnati "Gazette " account of

the battle at, Doc. 228

Richmond " Despatch" account of

the battles at, Doc 236

an incident of the shelling of, P. 4
an Incident of,
railroad, fight on the,
Chkatham, B. F., Gen., rebel.

Cheek's Cross-Roads, Tenn., flght at,
"Chenango," accident on the,
Cherokee Indians, interview
Gen. McNeil,
"Chesapeake," selsure of the,
recapture of the,

the capture of, an act of piracy, D.
the pirates of the, surrendered, D.
surrendered to the National au-
thorities, D.
CnRSTNBY.T. O., A. A.a, noticed, Doc. 590
Cheyennes, flght with the, D. 68
Chicago Mercantile Battery, at Pleas-
ant Hill, La., Doc. 542
Chlckamauga, battle of. Gen. Mc-
Cook's statement, Doc. 864
Gen. Negley's statement. Doc. 307
Chowan River, N. C, reconnolssauce

of, D. 4

Christian, Hknrt. Sec Fort Pillow,

Doc. 15
Christian Commission, D. 67

Christy, Smith, Capt. See Chero-

kees, D. 14

Chuckatuck, Va.. flght at, Doc. 439

expedition up the, D. 67

Doc. 603 ! Cincinnati, Ohio dipt. Dickson's re-

D. 48 | port of the siege of. Doc. 810

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Clarke, Charles, Got. of Miss. &«

Rebel Commerce, Doc, 597

Clak :k, D. E. M , noticed. Doc. 497

Clark, Henry, See Mobile, Doc. 1<>9
Clark, John 8., Major, noticed, Doc. 221

Clakk, , guerrilla, D. 68

Clary, William, Lt., Doc. 82

Clayton, Powrll, Col., D. 35, 57

Clkary William, Lieut See Fort

Cleburnr, Patrick, Gen., performs
the "most gallant feat of the
war," Doc. 435

Clrm, Johnny, anecdote of, P. 53

Clemens, Jkrr, 1).

Cleveland, Tenn., raid Into, D.

rel>el conscription In, D.

"Clifton," capture and destruction of
the steamer, D.

Clinch, Tenn., the military district of,

Clink, , Lieut., noticed, D.

Clinton, Miss., Sherman's expedition

enters, Doc. 4T5, 477

Coates, Jambs II., Col., Eleventh Illi-
nois, Doc. 41T
Conn, Howell, speech of at Atlanta,

Ga., Jan. 28, 1804, Doc. 841

Cocke County, Tenn., rebel forage
train captured In, D.

Cockkrill, T. M., Lleut.-Col., Twenty-
fourth Ohio, Doc. 003
Cock R Ell, J. R., Col., Seventeenth

Iowa, Doc. 198

Coffey, Titian J., letter on the Am-
nesty Proclamation, Doc, 888
Cold Weather, at Memphis, Tenn., D. 30
Couc, Hknry A., Major Md. cavalrv,


thanked for his bravery, D.

Colk, , Col. Second Va. Colored

Regiment, D.

Colk, Sandy. See Fort Pillow, Doc.
Coleman, Alfred. See Fort Pillow,
Colfax, Schuyler, proposed to expel
Alexander Long, D.

Colliersville, Tenn., flght at, D.

accounts of the attack on, Doc. 401 463

Collins, Washington. See returned

prisoners, Doc.

Colorado, First cavalry of, D.

Colored troops, efficiency of the. Doc.

orders in reference to the enlistment

of. Doc. 145

War Order In reference to the enlist-
ment of, Doc. 336
See President Lincoln's Order of

July 30, Doc 419

See Negroes.
Columbus, Ky., rebel demand for sur-
render of, Doc. 2
Columbus, Ohio, plot to rescue rebel

prisoners at, D. 46

Commerce. See Rebel Commerce, Doo. 596
"Company K," a "poem, P. 18

Confederate bonds. See currency, Doc. 481
Confederate Congress, the crisis of
the, D. 28

bill to prohibit dealing In United
Suites currency, D.

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See rebel Congress.
Confederate Currency, BUI Arp on
the, P.

Confederate notes, to be taxed, D.
"Confederate official reports," sup-
pressed, D.
Confederate Soldiers, a secret address
to the, p.
Confederate Song of Freedom, by
Kmily M. Washington, P.
Confederate States, the condition of
the, by Charles Girtird, P.
address of the rebel Congress to the
people of the, Doc. 8S5
Confiscation, sale of estates at Beau-
fort, S. C, D.
See General Butler's Order, Doc.
Connecticut Volunteers, Tenth Regi-
ment of, D. 23, P.
Ninth Regiment of, 11.

Conrad, , Dr., rebel. See Mobile,

Doc. 10?







Conscripts, Report of a rebel commit-
tee appointed to investigate
charges of abuse of the, at Crimp
Lee, Doc. 450

Conscription. See Mr. Brown's reso-
lution In the rebel Senate, D. 6
In the South, D. 26

See Rebel Generals' Memorial, D. 28
See Passports, D. 80

See Rebel Conscription, D. 85

In West Virginia, General Sullivan's
orders In reference to, D. 89

'See Rebel Anti-Substitute Law, D. 56
See Rebel Conscription, Doc. 829

"Constitution and Union," destruc-
tion of the newspaper office, D. 43
Contrabands, Gen. Butler's order for
the government of, Doc, 261

Song of the, P. 68

Cooke, Jay, noticed, D. 1

Cooeset, Woodford. See Fort Pillow,

Doc. 23
Cooper, Duncan, account of the cap-
ture of, P. 47
Cooper, 8., rebel Adjt-Gen., D. 2, 47,

Doc. 433
Order announcing thanks of the
rebel Congress to Gen. Lee, D. 83
Corcoran, Michael, Gen., death of, D. 24
Corinth, Miss., evacuated by the Na-
tionals, D. 87
"Cornubla," capture of the, D, 4
Corpus Chrlstl, Texas, captured, D. 9
Corse, J. M., Gen., Doc. 198
Cotton Plant, Ark., account of the

fight near, Doc. 497

11 Cotton Plant," rebel sharp-shooters'

battery, D. 69

Cottrrll, Gardner, See Mobile, Doc. 144
Coushatta, La., fight at, Doc. 521

Covington, West-Va., fight near, D. 9
"Covington," account of the capture

of the steamer, Doc. 527, 528, 532
Cox, S. 8.. remarks of E. B. Wash-

burne in reply to, P. 47

Craddocx, John, D. 71

Crake, John C, A. Q. M., D. 7

Craven, T. A. M., Com, Doc. 101

death of. Doc. 144

CRAwroRD, S. W., Gen., noticed, D. 44
Crittenden, T. L., Gen., noticed. Doc. 865
Crocker, M. M., Brig.-Gen., noticed,

Doc. 475
Crockett's Bluff, Ark., rebels captured

at, D. 59

Crosby, Pierce, Com., D. 43

Croswell's Illinois Battery, D. 62

Cruft, Cuarles, Brig.-Gen., noticed,

Doc. 208, 429, 602

Cdtf, , Capt., D. 61

"Cumberland," capture of the steam-
er, D. 44, Doc. 447
Cumberland Gap, Va,, skirmish near,

D. 5
Cumberland, Va., fight near, D. 41

Commincs, A. C, Doc. 455

Currency. See United States Cur-
rency, D. 25
See Confederate Currency, P. 83
Act to reduce the rebel currency to,

Doc. 431
See Rebel Currency, D. 47

Currib, Leonard D. H., Col. One Hun-
dred and Thirty-third N. Y., Doc. 531

Corbt, , Colonel, of the Marine

Brigade, D. 24

Curtis, Henrt, Jr., A. A. G., Doc. 297
Coster, George A., Gen., at Morton's

Ford, Va., Doc. 240, D. 8

account of his expedition toward

Richmond, Va. Doc. 568, 669, 570
expedition of, returns to Culpeper,

D. 43
noticed, D. 43

Dabtgren, John A., Admiral, Order
Admiral, on the destruction of the
Housa tonic, Doc. 892

Dahlq&kn, Ulric, Col. See Gen. Kll-
patrick's Raid, Doc. 572

rebel account of the death of, Doc. 586
spurious order attributed to, Doc 587


Dabtgren, Ulric, Col, rebel account

of his route, Doc 588

account of his guide, Doc. 589

noticed, D. 52, Doc. 578, 5S1

Dal ton, Ga., reconnolssance to, Doc. 807

Reports of the reconnolssance to,

Doc 422
Col. Grose's Report of operations
around, Doc. 600

Dana, N. T. J., Gen., Proclamation
of, Jan. 80, 1864, Doc. 851

expedition to Texas, Doc. 146

Dana, Wm. Starr, Report of opera-
tions neur Mobile, Doc. Ill
Dandridge, Tenn., rebel pickets driv-
en out of, D. 84
account of the fight near, Doc. £88
"Dire," destruction of the steamer,

official accounts, Doc. 854

Davidson, R. O., inventor of the rebel

"Bird of Art," Doc. 854

Davis, Henrt E., Gen. See Kllpat*

rick's Raid, Doc. 578

Davis, jErrsasoN, Message of, Decem-
ber 7, 1863, Doc. 264
Proclamation of, Feb. 9,1864, Doc. 882
Proclamation for a fast, March 12,
* 1*64, Doc. 458
criticised by the rebel press, Doc. 696
corresponds with Lord Lyons,

Doc 518, 514
Message of. May 2,1864, Doc. 606

arrived at Charleston, S. C, D. 2

visit* the forts around Charleston,

s. C, D. 3

speech at Wilmington, N. C, D. 8
severely criticised by Senator Foot*

in the rebel Congress, D. 18

approves the rule against the issue

of passports, D. 80

attempt to burn the residence of, D. i.5
approves the bill for the prevention

of exportation of cotton, etc, D. 48
wax figure of, P. 24

"Letter from three good little boys"

to, P. 43

"a pure and moral man," D. 62

noticed, D. 18, 86, 47

Davis, Jkfp. C, Gen., at Chattanooga,

Doc. 202

Davis, •, Major Fourteenth III.,

cavalry, D. 41

Davis, , Major Third Rhode

Island, Doc. 534 ,

Davis, R. S., Major, noticed, Doc. 264 j
Davis Sjtklton C, noticed. Doc. 455 j

Dead in Bivouac, by George P. Burn-
ham, P. 80

Deal, , Colonel, capture of, D. 1

Dean, II. II., Lieut., Eleventh Illinois,

Doc. 417
Deane, F. B., D. 4-'5

Dkcatlp, Jkrdth, Mrs., account of, P. 10
Decatur, Alabama, capture of, D. 49

Decatur, Miss., occupation of, D. 44

Gen. Sherman's troops at. Doc. 476, 488
"Dee," destruction of the steamer, D. 42
Dbpkyer, John, Sergeant, bravery of,

Doc 814
Dr Jk;:nfnk, Cecilia, Miss, some ac-
count of, P. 58
Db Trobriand, Regis, Col., at Kelly's

Ford, Doc 161

Delaware Volunteers, First Regiment

of, D. 28

Departmentof the Missouri, Oen.Rose-

crans assumes command of, D. 40
Department of the Ohio, Foster as-
sumes the command of, D. 20
Db Pbvster, J. Watts, Gen., P. 64 |
De Russey, Fort, capture of, Doc. 545
account of the capture of, Doc 618 j
See Fort De Russey, D. 68 j
Deserters, how the rebels branded, P. 28
See Grant's orders in reference to

rebel, Doc 231

from the rebel army to be protect-
ed, D. 59
Despondency at the South, D. 84
Devens, Charles, Brig.-Gen., D. 72
Dickht, William A., Doc. 22 70
Dickinson, A. !>., Doc. 465
Dickinson, Halluwell, Doc 129 I

Dickson,William M., Commandant of

the Black Brigade, Doc 810

Diegs, George, killed, D. T

Dinsmorb, Franklin. See Returned

Prisoners, Doc. 87

Disaffection In the South, D. 18

Disinterested patriotism, P. 28

Disloyalty, the penalty of, P. 46

District of Clinch, Tenn., the extent

of, D. 81

Dix, Morgan, Rer., D. 24

Dixon, Robert, Report on Mobile, Doc 112
Dodd, David O., execution of, D. 32

Dodge, 8. M., Brig.-Gen., captures De-
catur, Ala., D. 49
noticed, D. 88
Dogs, used In war by the rebels, D. 12
the number of at the South, P. 16
"Don," steamer, captured, D. 49
Donaldson, Edward, Com., Reports
on operations near Mobile, Doc 121
noticed, Doc 101
"Don't Meddle with the Yankees, John

Bull," by James S. Watkins, P. 65
Dow, Nbal, Gen., address at Port-
land, Maine, D 56
"Down by the Rapldan," P. 71
Downs, John, D. 71
Draft, President Lincoln's order for a,
March 10, 1S64, Doc 870
President Lincoln's call of March

15,1S64, Doc 450

suspended In New-York, D. 49

for two hundred thousand men, D. 53
persons leave Idaho to evade the, D. 44
stanzas on the, P. 17

noticed, D. 40

Drake, , Col., capture of, D. 72

Dranesvllle, Va., fight near, D. 47

Drayton, Pescival, Fleet Captain.

See Fort Powell, Ala., Doc. 100

at the capture of Mobile, Doc 197

additional report of the operations

near Mobile, Doe. 184

Droop Mountain, Va., battle at D. 8

Reports of the battle at, Doc 155

Drought, John Weslet, D. 26

Drummer-Boy of the Eighth Mich., P. 29

Drte, G. W., Capt, notice of. Doc 248

Duckworth, , Col., rebel, Doc 47

DurriK, Alfred N., Gen., occupied

Lewlsburgh, Va., D. 4

See Operations In West-Virginia.
DrrpiELD, D. Bethune,
Dukedom, Tenn., fight at,
Duvnll's Bluff, operations near,
DwiGHT, William, Gen.,
Dwigut, , CoL, noticed,

Earl Russell. See Neutrality of Eng-
land, D. 66
Earlt, Jubal, Gen., rebel, Doc 10*
at the Raccoon Fonl, Doc 248
East, Edward H., noticed, Doc. 841
East-Bay, Fla., Report of the destruc-
tion of rebel salt-works on the.

Doc 884
Eastman, T. H., Lieut Com., D. 70

"Eastport," sinking of the. Doc 522

East-Tennessee, operations in. Doc 313
Echols, John, Gen., at Droop Moun-
tain, D. 8; Dor. 155
noticed, D. 20
Eihiar, George P., Capt, D. 86, 58
Education. See Board of Education,

l> «
"Edward," capture of the schooner,

D. 26
Edwards, Artier. See Fort Pillow,

Doc 14
Edwards, C. S., Col,report of opera-
tions near Rappahannock Station,

Doc 162
"Edwin," capture of the, Doc 2>l

Eldorado, Va., pickets surprised at, D. 31
Elizabeth City, N.C., evacuated, Doc 80*
"Ella," capture of the, D. 4

14 Ella and Anna," capture of, D. 4

Ellet, Charles R-, Com., death of, D. 1
Ellkt, A. W., Gen , noticed, D. 19, 94
Elliott, Thomas 1L, V. 1, 1-



Fin-skuas, Cesar, Gen. See Olustee,
Fla., D. 46

order of. Doc. 417

First Army Corp*, Gen. Hooker as-
signed to the command of, D. 59
Fitzgibbon, T. C, Col. Fourteenth

Mich. Infantry, D. 2

Fltzhugh's Woods, Arkansas, reports

of the battle of, Doc. 510; D. 58
St. Paul "Pioneer " account of the
battle, Doc. 511

Fitzpatrjck, Thomas. See Mobile,

Doc. 109, 134

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Flint Hill, Va., fight at,
Florence, Alabama, fight near,
Florence, Tenn., fight near, Doc. 805

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Georgia, his appeal to the wo-
men, P.
Foster, J. G., Gen., relieved of the
command of Va. and N. C, D.
assumes command of the army of
the Ohio, D.
order in reference to the enlistment
of negroes in his department, D.
correspondence with Gen. Long-
street on the Amnesty Proclama-
tion, Doc. 296
forbids the making of whiskey, D. 36
noticed, D.
Fourth Army Corps, Gen. Howard as-
signed to, D. .y.i
Franklin, Abraham, killed at the riot

In New-York, P. 5

Franklin, W. it, Gen., at the battle
of Pleasant Hill, Doc. 587, 545, 542
See Red River campaign.
Franklin Co., N. C, farmers of, refuse
to be taxed by the rebel govern-
ment, D. 7
Franklin, Va., saltpetre works at, de-
stroyed, D.
Frederick County, Md., excitement In,
Frederick's Hall, Va., destruction of
railroad at, Doc,
Freedmen'a Aid Societies, noticed, D.
Frkkman, Martin, Pilot, notice*!, Doc. 105
"Freeman's Band," report of the at-
tack on, Doc. 3S0
Fremont's Orchard, fight at, D. 63
"Freestone," attack on the steamer, D. 38
French, Acgusti's E., Ensign, D.
French, W. 11., Major-Gen., detached
from the army of the Potomac, D.
noticed, D. 4; Doc. 163
Front Royal, Va., Col. Taylor's recon-
notssauce to, D.
Fry, James R., Gen., denies assertion
of Dean Richmond, D.
FuLunii.HT, Ephraw, D.
Filbrichit, William, D.
Fclks, Nathan S. See Fort Pillow,
Fcllbr, , Lieut.-Col., Third Ar-
kansas Cavalry, D.

Fcllkr, , Major, Sixth Maine, Doc. 1C3

Fulton, Samuel. See " Black Hawk,"

Doc. 19
Fnuv, Willi Am S., account of the
battles of Chattanooga, Doc. 228

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Gaines's Landing", Red River, reports

of^the engagements at, Doc. 529

Gainesville, Florida, captured by the

Nationals, D. 44

Gallagher, Charles. See Returned
Prisoners, Doc. 85

Gallagher, , Capt., Second Ohio

Regiment, account of ills escape
from Llbhy Prison, Doc. 372

Gallehte, Warrkn C, Eighty-fourth

Indiana, Doc. 221

Gallcp, , Col., account of his ex-
pedition Into Western Virginia,

Doc. 567
at Paintsville, Kv., D. 63

Gamolb, R lL.Gov., died at St. Louh,

D. 40
Ganskvoout, Gukrt, C;ipt., report of

the James River expedition Doc. 439
Gaxtt, E. W., Gen.. pardnnM, D. 19
Garde, Francisco, death of, D.

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Elliott, , Bishop, of Georgia, ad-
vocates " victory or annihilation,"

P. *

Ellis, Edward 8., P. 70

KMs CHIT, Miss., rebel battery at, D. 19

aghtnear. Doc. 466

Ellmaekr, r. C, Col., One Hundred

and Nineteenth, Perm., Doc. 162

Elt, William S., Surgeon, testimony
In the case of the Richmond pris-
oners. Doc. 98
Elzkt, Arnold, Major-Gen., congrat-
ulatory order on Kllpatrlck's ruld,

Doc. 590
Emancipation Proclamation, circum-
stances under which It was Issued,

D. 64
"Emma," the steamer, attacked, D. 41
Eiihkrsos, , LleuL-CoL Twenty-
ninth Maine, Doc. 53t
England. Ste Chesapeake. D. 47
and the rebels, corres|>ondence be-
tween Lord Lyons and Jefferson
Davis, Doc. 618
neutrality of, D. 66
Enlisted, by W. A. Kendall, P. 89
Enterprise, Miss., Sherman's expedi-
tion to, Doc. 478, 484
Eitelle Springs, Tenn., light near, D. 88
Evangelical Tract Society of Peters-
burgh, Va., a curious publication
or, P. 26, nuGH, Gen., noticed, Doc. 195, 193
at Pleasant Hill, La., Doc. 548
Exchange of prisoners, Mr. Whitings
letter on the, D. 11
correspondence on the, D. 20
attempted, D. '21
correspondence concerning, D. 33

Fair Gardens, Tenn., National victory

at, D. 87

Pall,-*, Elias. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 10
'* Fannie and Jennie," capture of the,

D. 48

"Fanny," capture of the, D. 68

Farragot, D. G., Bear-Admiral, sailed

from Brooklyn, N. Y., D. 81

arrives at New-Orleans, D, 86

Report of the capture of the " M. P.

Burton," D. 51

Report of the capture of Mobile,

Doc. 99
letter of Secretary Welles to, Doc. 99
Report on the surrender of Fort

Powell, Ala., Doc. 100

General Orders on the operations

near Mobile, Doc. 130

letter on the survey of the ram " Ten-
nessee," Doc. 181
Report on the loss of the " Phllippl,"

Doe. 148
Farrar, B. G., Col., Second Miss, ar-
tillery. Doe. 377
Fasts, Jefferson Davis's proclamation

or March 12, 1864, Doc. 453

Fat Volunteers, encouragement to, P. 35

Faclknkr, , rebel, his guerrillas

routed, D. 10

Faulkner, , Col., rebel, at Padu-

cah, Doc. 499

Faci.knbr, Wm. B., Gen. See Red

River campaign, Doc. 545

Fayette, Miss., fight at, D. 24

Fkstis, Aaron. See Fort Pillow, Doc. 15
PaKKKiio, Edward, Gen., at Bean Sta-
tion, D. 21
at Campbell's Station, Tenn., Doc. 189
Fkrucson, Champ, his band surprised,

D. 58, 54
noticed, Doc. 206

Fbr«L'son, J., Col., captures Gen.

Scanimon, Doc. 495

FirKR, Gkorgk N., Doc. 247

Fifteenth Army Corps U. S. A., oper-
ations of the, in Alabama, Doc. 356
Finances. Set Jay Cooke, D. 1

a chaos in the rebel, D. 29

Financial. See Confederate Notes, D. 6

FUJLKT, J. A., Ciipt,, Doc 501

Florida, Gen. Seymour's campaign in,

Doc. 894
Reports of naval operations in, Doc. 280
"Florida," report of the escape of the

privateer, Doc. 421

'* Florida" capture of the blockade-
running steamer, D. 55
Flovd, Jons B., an epitaph for, P. 6
noticed, P. 87
Flcsskr, C. W., Lieut. Com., death of,

D. 68, 69
"Fly," capture of the, D. 82

Fltnm, , Capt., release of, D. 63

Foots, H. S., of Tenn., criticises Jeffer-
son Davis, D. 18
remarks on the Amnesty Proclama-
tion, !>. 21
Forrest, N. B., Gen., captures Union
City and Paducah, Ky., D. 56;

Doc. 499, 506
despatch relative to the capture of

Union City, Doc. 509

at Fort Pillow, D. 63; Doc. 1, 24

at Wolf River, Tenn., D. 60

his account of Fort Pillow, P. 55

official report of the massacre at Fort

Pillow, Doc. 593

raid In Tennessee, Doc. 3J4

noticed, Doc. 491; D. 26

Fort Caswell, N. C, blockade-runner

"A. D. Vance" beached near, D. 85

Fort De Russey, La., capture of, D. 58

accounts of the capture of, Doc. 4:J9

list of officers captured at, Doc. 481

Fort Donelson, Tenn., a reminiscence

of the surrender of, P. 87

Fort Esperanza, Texas, destroyed, D. Hi
Reports of the reduction of, Doc. 245
Fort Gibson, Ark., fl?ht at, D. 23

Fort Gray, N. C, attack on, D. 6."

Fort Morgan, Reports of the capture

of, Doc. 133

Fort Pillow, Tenn., massacre at, Re-
port of Committee on the Conduct
of the War, Doc. 1; D. 68

General Forrest's official report of

the affair at, Doc. 593

General Forrest's unofficial account

of the massacre at, P. 65

President Lincoln's remarks on the

massacre at, D. 67

fight near, D. 53

Fort Pillow, a poem, P. 40

Fort Powell, Ala., bombardment of, D. 47
■urrender of, official reports of Ad-
miral Farragut and others, Doc. 100
Fort Sanders, Tenn., assault on, D. 16;

Doc. 310
Fort Smith, Ark., reconnolssance from,

D. 24
Fort Sumner, N. M., fight near, D. 31 |

Fort Sumter, 8. C, bombardment and
accidental, D. 1, 42

See Charleston, S. C.
Fort Wagner, S. C, Report of Major
T. B. Brooks, on the operations of
the negro troops at, Doc. 279

"Forward March," by Mrs. C. J.

Moore, P. 71'

Foster, , Col., noticed, D. 21!

Fostkr, Evkrktt W., Major, Report of
the battle of Fitzhugh's^Wood-S
Ark., Doc. 510

Foster, Ira R, Quar.-Haster Gen. of 1

Gardner, Cuari.r-s Howard, (lie
drummer-boy of the Eighth Michi-
gan. P.
Garfield, J. A., Brig.-Gen., at Chieka-

mauga, Doc. 864

Garrard, J., Col., at Cheek's Cross-
Roads, Tenn., D. 53
noticed, D. 37; Doc. 389

Gates, , Lieut., Third Arkansas

Cavalry, D. 94

Gbary, John W., Brig.-Gen., order on
the battle of Lookout Mountain,

Doc. 243, 211
at Chattanooga, Doc, 105


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