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seaman, back part of chest and head carried away; Michael Murphy, private marine, right leg and half of the pelvis carried away; William Smith, private marine, struck by a shot and knocked overboard; Richard Burke, coal-heaver, back part of chest carried away, and compound fracture of left leg; Anthony Dunn, first-class fireman, abdomen and chest opened by shell; James McDermott, landsman, left side of abdomen carried away.

Wounded—Charles F. Blake, Lieutenant, fleshwound of right leg, slight; Douglass R. Cassell, Acting Ensign, (in regular navy,) wound of scalp, slight; Daniel C. Brayton, sailmaker, contusion of right fore-arm, severe; Abraham L. Stephens, Acting Master's Mate, wound of face, slight; Alexander Mack, Captain Maintop, compound fracture of left hand, severe; Patrick Brierton, landsman, wound in right aim, severe; Francis Prior, ordinary seaman, compound fracture of rib, wound of scalp, dangerous; Rufus Brittell, landsman, left eye destroyed, severe; Patrick Duggin, landsman, fracture of left leg, severe; John McPherson, seaman, scalp-wound and contusions, severe; John Dunn, coal-heaver, left eye destroyed, severe; Charles Steinbeck, ordinary seaman, fracture of skull, severe; Daniel McCarthy, landsman, compound fracture of scapula, severe; George W. Hersey, seaman, flesh-wound over hip, severe; Wm. II. Harrison, ordinary seaman, flesh wound iu right arm, severe; Thomas Dennison, landsman, wounded over left eye, severe; Frank Hanson, seaman, contusion of both eyes, severe; Alvin A. Carter, ordinary seaman, fracture of right thigh, severe; George R. Leland, private marine, bolt driven into left thigh, severe.

William McCaffrey, seaman, wound over right <eyc, slight; John Bryant, Armorer's Mate, scalp .wound, slight; Roland M. Clark, ordinary seaman, flesh wound in left fore-arm, slight; William Brown, landsman, splinter-wounds in thigh and shoulder, slight; Charles Miner, landsman, contusion of shoulder, slight; Lewis Hareck, ordinary seaman, contusion of right arm and chest, slight; Alexander Degges, landsman, abrasion, slight; Frank Bennett, first-class boy, contusion, slight; Bernard Brown, ordinary seaman, scalpwound, slight; William Robinson, Captain Foretop, contusion, slight; John Thompson, ordinary seaman, contusion, slight; William H. Brown, landsman, contusion and abrasion, slight; Barclay Rerlington, coal-heaver, scalp-wound, slight; John K. Housel, coal-heaver, contusion and abrasion, slight; William Frick, ordinary seaman, abrasion of side and thigh, slight; John Maxwell, coalheaver, scalp-wounds, slight; James Sterling, coal-heaver, contusion of side, slight; John McKennon, ordinary seaman, contusion, slight; Benjamin K. Taylor, landsman, contusion, slight; Isaac B. Larett, seaman, contusion, slight; and James Shea, Quarter-Gunner, contusion, slight. All these rrounds were slight.

Patrick McGowan, conl-heaver, wound of left elbow severe; Joseph Machon, first-class boy,

splinter-wound and contusion, severe; William McCarren, landsman, contusion of left eye, severe.

Killed, cloven; wounded, forty-three. Total, fifty-four.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,

Geokoe Maulsov, , Surgeon.

Captain J. Ali>en,

Commanding IT. S. Steamer Brooklyn.


Uhitid States SriiK-BLoor LidCAwism,)
Momle Bat, August S, 1864. f

Sir: I have the honor to report the following list of casualties which have occurred in the action of this day, while passing the forts, and occupying Mobile Bay:

Killed—JamcsWilliams, Master-at-Arms; John Troy, Captain Forecastle; Charles Anderson, ordinary seaman; Richard Ashley, colored boy.

Wounded—Lieutenant Stephen A. McCarty, splinter-wound of ankle, slight; Ensign Clarence Rathbone, splinter-wound of knee, slight; Charles Hayden, yeoman, fracture of right leg, serious; John Burns, seaman, SDlintcr-wcund of arm and back, severe; James Ward, QuarterGunner, splinter-wound of back, slight; Frederick Stewart, officers' cook, shell-wound of head, severe; Edward Harris, seaman, splintor-wound of head, slight; John Bcngsten, seaman, splinterwound of wrist, slight; Anten Lewis, seaman, splinter-wound of knee, slight; Adam McCullock, seaman, splinter-wound of leg, slight; S. H. Eldridge, Quartermaster, splinter-wound of face; John Edwards, seaman, splinter-wound of face and arm, severe; John Lear, ordinary seaman, splinter-wound of shoulder and hand; Francis Burns, ordinary seaman, splinter-wound of back; R. 0. Seaver, ordinary seaman, splinter-wound of both legs, slight; Dennis Muellen, landsman, splinter-wound of back, slight; James D. Atkinson, landsman, splinter-wound of arm, slight; John Maline, landsman, fracture of clavicle; John Acker, landsman, splinter-wound of back, slight; Jesso Sweet, landsman, splinter-wound of thigh, severe ; John Gallagher, landsman, splinter-wound of leg, slight; Louis Copat, landsman, splinterwound of face and limbs, severe; Theo. Fletcher, landsman, shell-wound of face, with concussion, severe; AlexanderFivey, landsman, shell-wound of head, back, and leg, serious; James McCauley, landsman, left thigh torn off, mortally; Silas M. Stevens, landsman, splinter-wound of head, severe; Richard McCay, boy, splinter-wound of arm, slight; George Taylor, armorer, shell-wound of forehead, slight; Patrick Morrissey, first-class fireman, splinter-wound in ankle, slight; Isaac Hewsom, coal-heaver, (colored,) splinter-wound of leg, slight; Jacob Maggett, coal-heaver, (colored,) splinter-wound of leg, slight; Andrew Achum, second-class fireman, shell-wound of face, slight; James Keefe, marine, splinter-wound of thigh, severe; Frederick Hines, marine, shellwound of head, serious; D. F. Pratt, private signal corps United States array, fracture of left fore-arm.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
T. W. Leach,

Surgeon U. a Navy. Captain J. B. Makcttand,

Commanding United States Ship Lackawanna.


United States Stkamkr Oneida, I
Mobile Bat, August 5, ISM. f

Sir: I have to report the following casualties, which occurred to-day on board this vessel while passing Fort Morgan, and during an engagement with the licet of the enemy.

Killed — Frank Levay, ordinary seaman; Thomas Gibson, marine; Albert Phillips, Captain Forecastle; John C. Jensen, seaman; James Agern, first-class fireman, scalded; Emanuel Boyakin, cabin steward; Robert Lenox, landsman; Patrick Dorris, landsman, missing, killed or drowned.

Wounded severely—J. R. M. Mullany, commander, left arm amputated; R. II. Fitch, First Assistant-Engineer, scalded; Oliver Crommclia, Surgeon's Steward, scalded ; John Peacock, firstclass fireman; scalded; William Mitchell, landsman, scalded; John Nelson, landsman, scalded; William. Ager, coal-heaver, scalded; William Burtis, first-class fireman, scalded; Samuel Vanasery, coal-heaver, scalded; William Newland, ordinary seaman, flesh-wound; John Preston, landsman, eyes; Charles Matthews, landsman.

Wounded slightly—William II. Hunt, ChiefEngineer, scalded; George A. Ebbets, Captain's Clerk, contusion; William P. Treadwell, Paymaster's Clerk, scalded; Peter McKeloye, secondclass fireman, scalded; Stephen Dolan, first class fireman, scalded; John Boyle, coal-heaver, scalded; Moses Jones, coal-heaver, scalded; John Ralton, landsman, scalded; Edward Thomas, ordinary seaman, scalded; James Sheridan, Quartermaster, contusion; John E. Jones, Quartermaster, contusion; Henry Binncy, Quartermaster, contusion; Francis Brown, Quarter-Gunner, contusion; Christian Christeinick, landsman ; Roger Sharman, landsman; John Johnson, ordinary seaman; David Johnston, Corporal Marines ; John Kilroy, private marine. Killed, eight; wounded severely, twelve; wounded slightly, eighteen.

Very respectfully, John Y. Taylor,


Lieutenant C. L. Huntington-, U. S. N,

Commanding U. S. S. Oneida.

United States Stkamkr Monongahbla, )
Mobile Bat, Augusts, 18.4. J

Sir: The following are the casualties on board this ship, resulting from the action to-day with Forts Morgan and Gaines and the rebel rams:

Roderick Prentiss, Lieutenant, both legs badly injured by splinters, left one amputated; Michael Smith, boy, severe lacerated wound of scalp by splinters; William Feeney, Paymaster, contusion of back and left arm, slight; Holbert Lane,

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Surgeon's Steward, wound of scalp, splinter, slight; James Johnston, landsman, wound of head, splinter, not dangerous; Richard Condon, landsman, wound of back, splinter, slight.

I am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, David Koxdleberger,

Surgeon United States NaTy. Commander James H. Strong, U. S. N., Commanding United States Steamer Monongahela.


LT. S. S. Metacomkt,
West Gtlf Blockading Sqtai
Mobile Bat, August

Sir: I have to report that on the morning of the fifth instant, during the engagement while passing the forts, and engaging the gunboats, the following casualties occurred:

John Stewart, landsman, killed, Julian J. Butler, ordinary seaman, shell-wound ; Oliver D. Wolfe, fireman, slightly wounded.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, E. D. Payne,

Assistant Surgeon. Lieut. Com. Jas. E. Jouett, Commanding.


United States Stkam Sloop Ossipkk, ^
Mobile Bay, Aug. 5, IStU. J

Sir: I have the honor to report the following casualties on board this ship during the engagement of this day with the enemy's batteries on shore and afloat:

Lewis Lord, landsman, nape of neck, dangerous; Owen Maines, seaman, fore-arm broken, shoulder-joint, head, and hip contused, since died of wounds, killed; John Harris, Quarter-Gunner, gunshot wound in lower jaw, serious; Thomas Rogers, landsman, contusion of right leg, slight, Henry Johnson, ordinary seaman, splinter-wound, slight; James Sweeney, seaman, splinter-wound, slight; George Rowe, second-class fireman, splinter-wound, slight; Sam Hazard, landsman, splinter-wound, slight.

Total, one killed, seven wounded.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
B. F. Gibus,


Commander W. E. Le Roy,

Commanding U. S. Steam Sloop Ossipee, Mobile Bay. REPORT OF CASUALTIES ON THE U. S. S. GALENA. United States Steamer Galena, Aug. 5, 1SG4.

Sir: I would most respectfully report the following casualty on board this vessel while passing Fort Morgan:

AVounded—James McCafterty, coal-heaver, scalp-wound, with concussion of the brain. Very respectfully, Geo. P. Wright,

Acting Assistant^Snrgeon, United States Navy. To Lieut. Com. C. II. Wells, IT. S. Navy,

Commanding United States Steamer Galena.

REPORT OF CASUALTIES ON THE U. S. S. OCTORARA. U. S. 8. Octoraka, Mobile, Ala., Aug. S, IS64.

Sir: I have to report the following as a list of casualties occurring this morning, while passing; Forts Morgan and Gaines, namely:

Killed—W. H. Davis, seaman, by splinters.

Wounded—Lieutenant Commanding 0. H. Green, contusion of leg; Acting Ensign Maurice McEntree, contusion of the thigh; Acting Master Henry R. Billings, contusion of face, all from splinters, slight; James Mcintosh, Coxswain, incised wound of scalp, not severe; John Govard, seaman, lacerated wound of forehead, quite severe; Charles Howard, seaman, contusion of sacrum, slight; William H. Nice, Boatswain's Mate, severe contusion of right eye; Andrew Crough, Quartermaster, contusion of scalp, slight; George Smith, ship's corporal, wound of upper third left arm, quite severe; John Robinson, quartermaster, contusion of left foot, slight.

Killed, one; wounded, ten.

I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, Edward R. Dodge.

Assistant Surgeon U. S. Navy.

Lieut. Com. C. H. Green,

Commanding U. S. Octorara. REPORT OP CASUALTIES ON THE U. S. S. KENNEBEC. TJ. 8. S. Kejsebsc, Mobile Bat, Aujt. 6, ISM.

Sir: I respectfully report the following casualties in action yesterday morning, while passing Fort Morgan, namely:

Daniel Godfrey, coal-heaver, mortally wounded in abdomen, by fragment of shell from the rebel iron-clad Tennessee, and has since died; Acting Ensign H. E. Tinkham, serious gunshot wounds, and contusions of left arm, side, thigh, and leg, by fragments of shell from the rebel ram Tennessee, no fracture; Peter R. Post, landsman, gunshot wound and fracture of right cheek-bone, serious; Charles Sanders, Master-at-Arms, slight contusion of lips ; J. D. Ircson, Captain of the Hold, Isaac Fisher, (colored,) first-class boy, and several others, very slight contusions, by fragments of shell from the Tennessee, and splinters caused by it; and Kimball Prince, landsman, contusion of right shoulder, slight, by splinter caused by a solid shot from the Fort. Very respectfully, George W. Hatch,

Acting Assistant-Surgeon, United States Navy.

Lieut. Com. W. P. Mccann, U. S. N.,

Commanding United States Steamer Kennebec.


Flag-ship Hartford, Mobilk Bat, Aug. 8, 1S64. Sir: I regret to inform the Department, that after I had passed the forts some time, I saw a steamer on fire inside the bay. I soon perceived that it was the Philippi, and I could not imagine how she came to be set on fire.

I have since received the report of her commanding officer, Acting Master J. T. Seaver, which is herewith inclosed:

The facts appear to be, that Acting Master Seaver, on the evening before the action, asked Fleet-Captain Drayton if he should not follow the squadron into the bay. Captain Drayton told him that that would be a folly, and ordered him to go and deliver the ammunition he had brought from Pensacola, on board the Tennessee, and then report to Lieutenant Commander Grafton, senior

officer for duty outside. Instead of doing this, ho followed the fleet in, and was struck with a shot from the Fort, when he put his helm a-port and ran her on the bank. After having had two men killed and two wounded, he deserted tlio vessel, leaving his signal-book (boat code,) on the quarter-deck, where it was found by the enemy, who subsequently boarded the vessel.

The rebels set the vessel on fire, and we have thus lost one of the most efficient vessels in the squadron for all kinds of express duty, and wo are sadly in want of just such vessels.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
D. G. Farragut,

Rear-Admiral Commanding W. G. B. Squadron. Hon. Gideon Welles,

Secretary of the Navy, Washington.


Sir: I beg leave to make the following report to you in regard to the loss of the U. S. steamer Philippi:

At daylight, hove up anchor, and steamed alongside the Tennessee, and discharged all the ordnance stores and provisions belonging to other vessels; not having orders to report to any one, and the verbal order I received being to disehargo the stores into the Tennessee as quickly as possible, I did so. Wishing to be of assistance to the fleet in case any vessels were disabled, and knowing the power of my steamer, immediately after tho freight was out, I dropped off from the Tennessee, got hawsers, lines, etc., all ready to be of assistance in towing any disabled vessel which would need my services. At forty-five minutes past seven stood up the channel for the fleet, keeping as far out of range of the Fort as I could judge was necessary to clear the shoal, the Quartermaster at the lead from tho time of making the bar. At about fifteen minutes past nine, while going ahead slow, the Quartermaster gave the cast, a quarter less three, and the steamer immediately struck. I rang three bells and tried to back her o(F, but she did not stir. I kept backing for ten minutes; had about thirty-live pounds of steam on. The Fort then opened fire on us, and, getting our range, every other shell did execution—the second shell or shot, (as it did not explode, I could not tell which,) struck the rail about the starboard bow-port, and immediately killed Frank Wilson, landsman. Oho shot passed through the boiler, entirely disabling us, and another burst in the engine-room. At this time Fort Morgan kept up a constant fire at us, every shell doing more or less execution. The men, while I was forward, many of them, rushed aft, and commenced cutting the boats' falls. Hearing this, I came aft and ordered them to stop, which they did, and the boats were lowered with safety, bu,t the men crowded in, and two of the boats were immediately filled. I put the wounded in one of the boats, and sent the dying in charge of Acting Ensign L. R Vance, to the Cowslip, for assistance.

The deck being full of steam and smoke, and indications of the ship being on fire, and two of my men being wounded and one scalded, and almost every shell, cither direct or ricochet, striking the steamer, and the boilers being disabled, and my men, several of them being almost paralyzed with fear; also, the sight of the rebel steamer coming out, and the utter impossibility to save the steamer or resist the enemy, I judged it best to abandon her.

I pulled alongside the Cowslip and Buckthorn, the two vessels being close to each other, and put the wounded on board; both vessels then stood toward the Genesee. I went on board, and reported to Captain Grafton ; was ordered to put the wounded on board the Tennessee and report to Captain Grafton again, but as the Genesee steamed toward Pelican Channel, I was forced to remain on the Tennessee. The Quartermaster, William H. French, who was wounded in the stomach, died at twenty minutes past seven.

List of Casualties—Frank Wilson, landsman, killed; William H. French, Quartermaster, mortally wounded; John Collins, coal-heaver, scalded; and Joseph Boyd, slightly wounded.

The officers were perfectly cool throughout the time while under fire, and in leaving the ship.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
James T. Seaver,

Acting Master.

To Admiral D. G. Farraqut,

Commanding W. G. B. Squadron.



PLAG-Pnip Hartford, W. G. B. Sqcahros, Mobile Bat, I
August 27, 16G4. f

Sir: I have the honor to forward herewith (marked No.l) a copy of a report made to me by Acting Masters C. P. Langley and Gardner Cottrcll, two of the survivors of the iron-clad Tecumseh, and in which are given the names of six men who were saved in the same boat, namely: S. S. Shinn, Gunner's Mate ; Jno. Gould, QuarterGunner; Frank Commins, seaman ; Richard Collins, seaman ; and Peter Parks, seaman.

These officers are certainly in error in their statement that a row of buoys stretched from the shore a distance of one to two hundred yards. We now know, that the channel adjacent to the shore was entirely clear of torpedoes, and that the latter were placed between the two large buoys, to which I have referred in my reports.

In addition to the persons named in this report as saved, the boat from the Metacomet, under Acting Ensign Niclds, rescued Acting Ensign John P. Zetlich, Chauncey V. Dean, Quartermaster; Wm. Roberts, Quartermaster; James McDonald, seaman; Geo. Major, seaman; James Thorn, seaman ; Chas. Packard, ordinary seaman; Wm. Fadden, landsman; and Wm. C. West, coal-heaver—with the pilot of the Tccumscli, John Collins.

Four others also swam to the beach, and were taken prisoners at Fort Morgan and immediately sent away.

This information was received when communicating by flag of truce with the Fort none of them, we were told, were officers.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
D. G. Farraoitt,

Rear-Admiral Commanding W. G. B. Squadron.

Hon. Gideon Welles,

Secretary of the Navy, Washington.


U. S. Snip Potomac, Pejsacola, August C, ISM.

Sir: Believing that we arc the only surviving officers of the U. S. Monitor Tecumseh, we feel it our duty to report the circumstances attending her loss, and of the safety of a boat's crew.

When nearly abreast of Fort Morgan, and about one hundred and fifty yards from the beach, a row of buoys was discovered stretching from the shore, a distance from one to two hundred yards. It being reported to Captain Craven, he immediately gave the vessel full speed, and attempted to pass between two of them. When in their range, a torpedo was exploded directly under the turret, blowing a large hole through the bottom of the vessel, through which the water rushed in with great rapidity.

Finding that the vessel was sinking, the order was given to leave our quarters, and from that moment every one used tho utmost exertions to clear himself from the wreek.

After being carried down by tho vessel several times, we were picked up in a drowning condition by one of our boats, manned by the following men: S. S. Shinn, Gunner's Mate; John Gould, Quarter-Gunner; Frank Commens, seaman ; Richard Collins, seaman; and Peter Parkes, landsman, all of whom are now on board this ship.

Captain Craven was seen in the turret by Mr. Cottrell, just before the vessel sunk, and as he had a life-preserving vest on, we have hopes that he reached the shore.

Not recovering from our exhausted condition until the boat was abreast of the Hartford, and knowing that an attempt to board one of the attacking fleet would cause the loss of her position, we pulled for tho Buckthorn, from which vessel we were sent to the Tennessee, and afterward, by Captain Grafton's order, sent to this ship. There was no opportunity of making a report to Captain Grafton, otherwise it wouli have been done in person.

Hoping that the course pursued by us will meet your approval, we are, very respectfully, etc., C. F. Langlev,

Acting Master.

Gardner Cottrell., Acting Master. Rear-Admiral D. G. Farragdt, Commanding W. G. B. Squadron.

Doc. 4.


Wasmsoton, D. C, October 18, 1S68. f

Whereas, the exigencies of the war require that colored troops be enlisted in the States of Maryland, Missouri, and Tennessee, it is

Ordered By The President, That the Chief of the Bureau for the Organization of Colored Troops shall establish recruiting stations at convenient placas within said States, and give public notice thereof, and be governed by the following regulations:

First. None but able-bodied persons shall be enlisted.

Second. The State and county in which the enlistments arc made shall be credited with the recruits enlisted.

Third. All persons enlisted into the military service shall for ever thereafter be Free.

Fourth. Free persons, and slaves with the written consent of their owners, and slaves belonging to those who have been engaged in or given aid or comfort to the rebellion, may now be enlisted— the owners who have not been engaged in or given aid to the rebellion being entitled to compensation as hereinafter provided..

Fifth. If within thirty days from the date of opening enlistments, notice thereof and of the recruiting stations being published, a sufficient number of the description of persons aforesaid to meet the exigencies of the service should not be enlisted, then enlistments may be made of slaves without requiring consent of their owners, but they may receive compensation as herein provided for owners offering their slaves for enlistment.

Sixth. Any citizen of said States, who shall offer his or her slave for enlistment into the military service, shall, if such slave be accepted, receive from the recruiting officer a certificate thereof, and become entitled to compensation for the service of said slave, not exceeding the sum of three hundred dollars, upon filing a valid deed of manumission and of release, and making satisfactory proof of title. And the recruiting officer shall furnish to any claimant of descriptive list of any person enlisted and claimed under oath to be his or her slave, and allow any one claiming under oath that his or her slave has been enlisted without his or her consent, tho privilege of inspecting the enlisted man for the purposo of identification.

Seventh. A board of three persons shall be appointed by the President, to whom the rolls and recruiting lists shall bo furnished for public information, and, on demand exhibited to any person, claiming that his or her slave has been enlisted against'his or her will.

Eighth. If a person shall, within ten days after the filing of said rolls, make a claim for the service of any person so enlisted, the board shall proceed to examine the proof of title, and, if valid, shall award just compensation, not three hundred dollars for each slave enlisted

Vol. VIIL—Doc. 10

belonging to the claimant, and upon the clnimant filing a valid deed of manumission and release of service, the bjoard shall give the claimant a certificate of the sum awarded, which, on presentation, shall be paid by the chief of the Bureau.

Ninth. All enlistments of colored troops in tho State of Maryland, otherwise than in accordance with these regulations, are forbidden.

Tenth. No person who is or has been engaged in the rebellion against the Government of the United States, or who in any way has or shall give aid or comfort to the enemies of the Government, shall be permitted to present any claim or receive any compensation for the labor or service of any slave, and all claimants shall file with their claims an oath of allegiance to the United States. By order of the President

E. D. Townsf.nd,

ABslstant Adjutant-General.

This order was extended, on October twentysixth, to Delaware, at the personal request of Governor Cannon.

Doc. 5.

Roixi, Mo., November 8, 1808. Editors Missouri Democrat:

Sirs: There have been many accounts of unequal fights published during this war,but if there is any that will beat tho following, I should like to hear of it:

Lieutenant C. C. Troyford, of company H, Fifth Missouri militia cavalry, while on a scout with seven men of his company, was attacked in a house about eighteen miles south of Waynesville by two hundred and fifty rebels, under Colonel Love; the boys fought three hours against this overwhelming force, when their ammunition was exhausted. The rebels crept up and set fire to the house; the boys then came out, and threw down their revolvers and surrendered. The rebels lost five killed, seven wounded, and some that could not be counted by the Lieutenant Also, seven horses were killed. Among the mortally wounded is Colonel Tucker, alias Bent Woods, tho notorious guerrilla and stage-robber. Not one of our boys was wounded in any way, but they were stripped of every thing. Lieutenant Troyford had three hundred dollars in greenbacks, which he managed to hide and keep. The boys were paroled, and returned, and are now safely in camp.

It appears that the forces of Colonel Love and Colonel Freeman contemplated an attack on Waynesville on Sunday last, but hesitated, and put it off till the next morning; then, hearing of the return of Major Fischer from pursuing Joe Shelby, beat a hasty retreat and came upon the little squad of company II, gobbled them, but found a bitter pill. The boys say, that if it had been a decent house, the rebs would never have got them out of it

I remain, very respectfully, yours,

R. B. Kki.i.ev,


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