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Remarkable Foreign Trials.- List of Local and Personal Acts.

591 tion with an affectation of pious gratitude ; for 223. An Act for enabling the Birkenhead, he seems to have been as great a hypocrite as a Lancashire, and Cheshire Junction Railway sinner. But it was the will of God, whose Company to make a deviation in the Chester justice and mercy he had outraged, that he branch of their railway; and for other should not profit by the corruption that had purposes. spared his life. On the day appointed for his 224. An Act to enable the East Fife Railway quitting the prison, that life was required of Company to make a deviation in their main him by a Judge incorruptible - he expired sud-line, and to improve the Junction with the denly as they were throwing open the gates to Edinburgh and Northern Railway near set him free. His coadjutors in crime suffered Markinch. various degrees of punishment, and the injured 225. An Act to empower the Eastern Union Vallets received the 8000 livres.

Railway Company to make a railway from the
Eastern Union Railway at Manningtree to

Harwich, with branches thereout; and for LOCAL AND PERSONAL ACTS,

other purposes. DECLARED PUBLIC,

226. An Act for making braneh railways

from the Great Western Railway to Henby and AND TO BE JUDICIALLY NOTICED.

to Radstock ; to widen certain portions of the

Great Western Railway; to enable the Great [Concluded from p. 564.]

Western Railway Company to purchase or 214. An Act to empower the Midland Rail- amalgamate with the Birmingham, Wolverway Company to extend the line of their Not- hampton, and Dudley Railway, and to purchase tingham and Lincoln Railway at Lincoln, and the Wycombe and Great Western and Uxbridge to make a branch railway to their Lincoln sta- Railways; and for other purposes. tion.

227. An Act to authorize certain alterations 215. An Act to authorize certain deviations in the line of the Liverpool, Manchester, and in the line of the Syston and Peterborough Newcastle-upon-Tyne Junction Railway; and Branch of the Midland Railway, and the forma- for other purposes. tion of a road or approach to the intended 228. An Act to empower the London and Manton station thereof.

North-western Railway Company to enlarge 216. An Act to authorize the purchase by their stations at Liverpool and Crewe; and for the York and North Midland Railway Com- other purposes. pany of the interests of the shareholders in the 229. An Act to authorize the sale of the Market Weighton Canal, and the purchase of Paisley and Renfrew Railway to the Glasgow, the canal communicating therewith called Sir Paisley, Kilmarnock, and Ayr Railway ComEdward Vavasour's Canal, of the Pocklington pany, and the improvement of the said railway Canal, and of the Leven Canal, all in the East by that company. Riding of the county of York.

230. An Act to enable the South-eastern 217. An Act to facilitate the effectual drain- Railway Company further to widen the London age of certain districts within the Commission and Greenwich Railway, and to enlarge their of Sewers for the limits extending from East London Bridge Station. Moulsey in Surrey to Ravensbourne in Kent. 231. An Act to authorize certain alterations

218. An Act for enabling the York and in the line of the Waterford and Limerick North Midland Railway Company to ma a Railway; and to amend the act relating station at Hull, and certain branch railways thereto ; and for other purposes. connected with their railways and the said 232. An Act for making certain lines of station ; and for other purposes.

railway in the county of Lancaster, to be called 219. An Act for enabling the York and “The Oldham Alliance Railway." North Midland Railway Company to make a 233. An Act for making a railway and railway from their Church Fenton and Har- branch railways in the county of Chester, to be rogate branch to Knaresborough and Borough- called “The Manchester and Birmingham and bridge.

North Staffordshire Junction Railway." 220. An Act to enable the Edinburgh and 234. An Act to enable the Glasgow, Paisley, Northern Railway Company to make a devia- Kilmarnock, and Ayr Railway Company to tion and extension of their branch railway to make certain branch railways in the county of Dunfermline, to make another railway from Renfrew; and for other purposes. their Strathearn Deviation Railway to the 235. An Act to enable the Eastern Counties Scottish Central Railway, and to make an Railway Company to make a railway from alteration in the manner of constructing the Wisbech to Spalding. said branch and Strathearn deviation across 236. An Act to authorize the consolidation certain roads.

into one undertaking of the Oxford and 221. An Act for making a railway from Bletchley Junction Railway Company and the Southport through Wigan to Pendleton near Buckingham and Brackley Junction Railway Manchester, with several branches, to be called Company, and to enable the company so to be “ The Manchester and Southport Railway.” consolidated to make extension lines to Banbury

222. An Act to incorporate the Chester and and Aylesbury, and an alteration of the line Birkenhead Railway, with the Birkenhead, into the city of Oxford. Lancashire, and Cheshire Junction Railway. 237. An Act to enable the Caledonian

592 Local and Personal Acts, declared Public, and to be. Judicially Noticed.
Railway Company to extend their station in the said act, and to provide for the future ad-
Edinburgh, and to make branch railways to ministration and exercise of the trusts and
Granton and to the Edinburgh and Glasgow powers thereby respectively created.

251. An Act for paving, lighting, watching, 238. An Act to enable the Chester and draining, cleansing, regulating, and otherwise Holyhead Railway Company to extend their improving the town of Lytham, in the county line of railway to the proposed new harbour at palatine of Lancaster, for supplying the inhabiHolyhead, and to contribute towards the ex- tants thereof with water, and for establishing pense of constructing the said harbour. and regulating a market and market places

239. An Act to incorporate the Edinburgh, therein. Leith, and Granton Railway Company with 252. An Act for paving, lighting, watching, the Edinburgh and Northern Railway Com- cleansing, and otherwise improving the town pany.

and neighbourhood of Tunstall, in the county 240. An Act to enable the Liverpool, Man of Stafford, and for improving and regulating chester, and Newcastle-upon-Tyne Junction the market place and markets therein. Railway Company to make a railway from the 253. An Act for better paving, cleansing, Burnley branch of the Manchester and Leeds draining, regulating, lighting, and improving Railway in the township of Habergham Eaves, the district of Rathmines, Mount Pleasant, in the parish of Whalley, in the county of Ranelagh, Cullenswood, Milltown, Rathgar, Lancaster, to the East Lancashire Railway in and Haroldscross, and such other portions of the same township; and for other purposes. the parish of Saint Peter within the barony of

941. An Aet to authorize a certain alteration Uppercross, in the county of Dublin, and for in the lime of the Reading, Gaildford, and otherwise promoting the health and conveniReigate Railway, and to amend the act relating ence of the inhabitants. thereto.

254. An Act for the further improvement of 242. An Act to enable the South Devon the borough of Belfast. Railway Company to extend the line of the 255. An Act for improving the streets and South Devon Railway to Torquay and to public places, and erecting a town hall, and Brixham; and for other purposes.

improving the markets, in the township of 243. An Act to amend the Exeter and Ex- Blackburn, in the county palatine of Lancaster. mouth Railway Act, 1846, and to enable the 256. An Act for paving, lighting, watching, London and South-western Railway Company draining, cleansing, and improving the town of to subscribe towards, lease, or purchase the Saint Ives, and the neighbourhood thereof, in said railway.

the county of Huntingdon. 244. An Act for authorizing the sale of part 257. An Act for paving, lighting, cleansing, of the Brighton and Chichester (Portsmouth watering, regulating, and otherwise improving Extension) Railway to the London and South- the town of Portsmouth, in the county of western and the London, Brighton, and South Southampton, and for removing and preventing Coast Railway Company, and to the use by the nuisances and annoyances therein. last-mentioned company of part (Wandsworth 258. An Act for lighting, paving, cleansing, to London) of the London and South-western sewering, draining, regulating, and improving Railway

the town and neighbourhood of Bingley, in the 245. An Act for making a branch railway West Riding of the county of York, and for from the Glasgow, Airdrie, and Monklands other purposes connected therewith. Junction Railway at or near Whitevale Street, 259. An Act for constructing and maintainGlasgow, to the Edinburgh and Glasgow ing a bridge across the river Slaney, near the Railway at or near Cowlairs ; and to amend town of Wexford, with approaches, and for the acts relating to such railways.

taking down the present bridge there. 246. An Act to enable the Edinburgh and 260. An Act to amend the several acts reBathgate Railway Company to deviate a portion lating to Swansea harbour. of their main line, and for other purposes. 261. An Act for better supplying with water

247. An Act to make certain deviations in the borough of Liverpool and the neighbour. the authorized line of the “Manchester, Buxton, hood thereof, and for authorizing the mayor, Matlock, and Midlands Junction Railway," and aldermen, and burgesses of the said borough to amend the act relating thereto.

to purchase the Liverpool and Harrington 248. An Act to enable the Royston and Waterworks and Liverpool Waterworks. Hitchin Railway Company to lease or sell their 262. An Act for better supplying with water line, and to authorize the said company to enter the inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood into contracts and complete arrangements with of Leeds in the county of York. the Great Northern Railway Company.

263. An Act for making docks at Jarrow 249. An Act to amend the acts relating to Slake in the river Tyne. the London and South-western Railway. 264. An Act to authorize the Birkenhead

250. An Act to repeal an act passed in the Dock Commissioners to construct an additional 55th year of his late Majesty King George the Dock and other works at Birkenhead in the Third, for building a new church and also a county of Chester, and for other purposes. workhouse in the parish of Bathwick, in the 265. An Act to alter and amend the acts recounty of Somerset, and another act passed in lating to the Birkenhead Commissioners Docks, the 57th year of his said late Majesty to amend and to make further provision with respect to

Local and Personal Acts, declared Public, and to be Judicially Noticed. 593 the construction of the sea or wharf walls along, certain branch railway from Kenilworth to Wallesey Pool; and for other purposes. Berkswell, and to widen the line from

266. An Act for authorizing the sale of the Leamington to Coventry, all in the county Leominster Canal, and other property of the of Warwick; and for other purposes. company of proprietors of the Leominster 279. An Act to enable the Manchester, Canal Navigation, and for winding up and ad- Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway Company justing the concerns of the same company; to sell the water not required for their canals

267. An Act for the better drainage of lands called the Peak Forest Canal and Macclesfield called Crowland Washes and Fodder Lots, Canal, and to make additional works in con: Cowbit Wash, and Deeping Fen Wash, in the nexion with such canals. several parishes of Crowland, Spalding, and 280. An Act for widening and improving Pinchbeck, the hamlets of Cowbit and Peakhill

, Cannon Street, and for making a new street and the extra-parochial place or lands called from the west end of Cannon Street to Queen Deeping Fen, or Deeping Fen Welland Washes, Street, and for widening and improving Queen all in the county of Lincoln.

Street, and for effecting other improvements in 268. An Act to change the name of the the city of London. Liverpool Fire and Life Insurance Company, 281. An Act to amend an act for improving and for other purposes relating thereto. the navigation from the Hythe at Colchester to

269. An Act to enable the National Mercan- Wivenhoe in the county of Essex, and for tile Life Assurance Society to sue and be sued better paving, lighting, and improving the in the name of a nominal party, and for other town of Colchester; and for making a new purposes relating to the said company. channel and deepening the river Colne from

270. An Act to enable the Coventry, Wivenhoe to Ram's Hard leading towards the Nuneaton, Birmingham, and Leicester Railway sea. Company to sell and transfer their railway, 282. An Act for better supplying with water works, and interests to the London and North the inhabitants of the borough of Leicester, western Midland Railway Companies, or either and certain parishes and places adjacent of them; and for other purposes.

thereto, in the county of Leicester. 271. An Act to enable the Saint Helen's 283. An Act for removing doubts as to the Canal and Railway Company to make branch purchase of lands by the Dock Company at railways to Warrington and to Blackbrook, and Kingston-upon-Hull in certain cases. to make certain alterations in their railway, 284. An Act to purchase and define the and also to take a lease of the Rainford branch manorial and market rights of Stockport, to of the London and North-western Railway. establish public parks, to purchase or lease

272. An Act to enable the Great Northern water-works, to build bridges, and to make Railway Company to make a railway from other communications within the borough of Saint Alban's to the Great Northern Railway Stockport. at Hatfield, and thence to the town of Hertford. 285. An Act for establishing a general

273. An Act for making a deviation in the cemetery at Wolverhampton in the county of line of the Taw Vale Railway, for making Stafford, and for making certain direct roads branches therefrom to the towns of Bideford and approaches to the said Cemetery from the and South Molton, for enlarging the dock, and town of Wolverhampton and the neighbourfor amending the acts relating thereto.

hood thereof. 274. An act to enable the Edinburgh and 286. An Act to enable the Great Nortbern Northern Railway Company to improve the Railway Company to make a branch railway Ferry between Ferry-Port-on-Craig and the near Sutton in Lincolnshire. North Shore of the river Tay.

287. An Act to enable the Great Northern 275. An Act for consolidating the Lynn and Railway Company to make certain alterations Ely, the Ely and Huntingdon, and the Lynn in the line and levels of their railway between and Dereham Railway Companies into one London and the neighbourhood of Grantham. company, to be called “The East Anglian 288. An Act to enable the East Lancashire Railways Company."

Railway Company to alter the line and levels 276. An Act for enlarging the present of their railway, and to make a branch railway station of the London, Brighton, and South therefrom; and for other purposes relating Coast Railway Company at or near London thereto. Bridge, and for the division of the present 289. An Act to enable the East Lancashire station between the London, Brighton, and Railway Company to extend the Liverpool, South Coast and the South-eastern Railway Ormskirk, and Preston, and the Blackburn and Companies, for the separate accommodation of Preston lines of their railway, into Preston ; the traffic of such two railway companies, and for other purposes relating thereto.

277. An Act to enable the Edinburgh and 290. An Act to enable the Northern Northern Railway Company to construct Counties Union Railway Company to make branch railways to Saint Andrew's and New- certain alterations in their_railway in the burgh harbour, and to divert and alter the parishes of Ayegarth and Wensley in the levels of certain turnpike roads in the line of North Riding of the county of York. the Newport Railway Extension.

291. An Act for making several lines of rail278. An Act to empower the London and way between Penistone, Barnsley, Elsecar, and North-western Railway Company to make a Doncaster, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, 594 Local and Personal Acts.- Private Acts Printed by the Queen's Printer. to be called “The South Yorkshire, Doncaster, Churchman Long, deceased, and for authoand Goole Railway;" and for authorizing the rizing the leasing of the settled estates. purchase of part of the Sheffield, Rotherham, 7. An Act for exchanging certain detached Barnsley, Wakefield, Huddersfield, and Goole portions situate in the county of Sutherland of Railway, and of the Dun Navigation and the entailed estate of Poyntzfield, belonging to Dearne and Dove Canal.

Sir George Gun Munro, Knight, for the lands 292. An Act for enabling the Wear Valley of Udale, situate in the county of Cromarty, Railway Company to purchase or lease the belonging to James Matheson, Esq., conBishop Auckland and Weardale Railway, the tiguous to the said estate of Poyntzfield, and Wear and Derwent Railway, the Weardale for securing the purchase of other lands, to be Extension Railway, and the Shildon Tunnel, entailed, and to form, along with the said lands and to raise an additional sum of money; and of Udale, parts of the said entailed estate of for other purposes.

Poyntzfield. 293. An Act for establishing a general 8. An Act to rectify an error in an act of the cemetery for the interment of the dead in the last session, intituled “An Act to enable the parish of Newbury near the town of Newbury Trustees appointed by Mrs. Jane Ferguson, in the county of Berks.

deceased, to sell the lands of Laverocklaw, and 294. An Act to empower the London and also certain subjects situate in the village of North-western Railway Company to make Ormiston, vested in them in trust, and to divers branch railways in the county of Lan- apply the price to be obtained, and certain caster; and for other purposes.

trust monies in their hands, in the purchase of 295. An Act for the consolidation of the other lands, for the purposes of the said trust. Duffryn, Llynvi, and Porth Cawl Railway 9. An Act for exchanging hereditaments subCompany with the Llynvi Valley Railway ject to uses declared by the will of Anthony Company

Compton, Esq., deceased, for hereditanients 296. Án Act for forming and regulating belonging to the Right Honourable Henry Earl “The Timber Preserving Company ;" and to Grey, for selling and exchanging other hereenable the said company to purchase and work ditaments subject to the same uses, and for in. certain letters patent.

vesting the net proceeds to arise from such 297. An Act for improving and regulating sales and exchanges in the purchase of other the harbour of Sutton Pool within the port of hereditaments, to be settled to the same uses; Plymouth in the County of Devon.

and to authorize the granting of leases of part of the hereditaments subject to the uses of the

said will. PRIVATE ACTS,

10. An Act to enable Edward Legh and Mary PRINTED BY THE QUEEN'S PRINTER,

Anne his wife, and others, to make and authoAnd whereof the Printed Copies may be given other leases, of estates at Newington otherwise

rize sales, exchanges, and also building and in Evidence.

Newington Lucies and Lewisham respectively,

in the county of Kent; and for other purposes. 1. An Act to enable the minister of the 11. An Act to enable Charles Gordon Duke parish of Dalkeith in the county of Edinburgh of Richmond and Lennox to borrow a certain to feu his glebe lands lying in the said parish. sum of money upon the gecurity of his entailed

2. An Act to empower the devisees of the estates, for repayment to him of a portion of Most Noble Francis Duke of Bridgewater, de- the monies laid out by him in the improvement ceased, to appropriate to building purposes a of these estates. portion of Cleveland Square, in the parish of 12. An Act for enabling certain estates in Saint James, Westminster, and to improve the Ireland of the Right Honourable William Earl approaches thereto.

8f Devon to be sold, and the proceeds arising 3. An Act to divide the parish and rectory therefrom, after payment of certain charges and of Doddington, otherwise Dornington, into incumbrances, to be applied in payment or tothree separate and distinct parishes and wards reduction of the charges and incumrectories, and to endow the same out of the brances affecting the family and other estates revenues of that rectory, and to make pro- in England late of the said Earl of Devon; and vision for the further division of such rectories for authorizing the raising by mortgage of the and parishes; and for other purposes con- estates in Ireland, until sold, of a limited sum nected therewith.

of money, to be applied, under the direction of 4. An Act for dividing, allotting, and in- the High Court of Chancery in England, in or closing certain open marshes and waste lands towards permanently improving the said estates in the township of Terrington in the county of in Ireland ; and for making provision for the Norfolk.

liquidation and payment of the principal monies 5. An Act for facilitating the proof of the and interest; and for other purposes. will of the Right Honourable George Obrien, 13. An Act for enabling the sale and conlate Earl of Egremont and Baron of Cocker- veyance of certain cottages, gardens, and other mouth, in certain actions in Ireland.

improved lands comprised in the will of the 6. An Act for exchanging freehold estates Right Honourable John William Earl of Dudbelonging to Robert Kellett Long, Esg., for ley, deceased, and for laying out the sale monies freehold estates settled by the will of Robert in the purchase of estates, to be settled to the

uses of the said will; and for other purposes.

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List of Private Acts Printed by the Queen's Printer.

595 14. An Act for authorizing the sale and ex- 24. An Act for vesting in the company of change of certain lands, collieries, heredita proprietors of Northam Bridge and Roads cerments, and mining stock, forming part of the tain lands in the town and county of Southestate of John Bowes late Earl of Strathmore, ampton, and for empowering them to sell the and for enabling the trustees to shift the same. charges affecting the inheritance of the same 25. An Act for enabling the trustees of the lands and hereditaments; and for other pur- will of George Charles Rooke, Esq., deceased, poses.

to carry into effect a contract for the purchase 15. An Act to incorporate the president and of the life estate and interest of Hannah Rooke, trustees of Huggens's College at Northfleet in widow, in the real and personal estates of the the county of Kent, and to enable them the said George Charles Rooke, respectively devised better to carry on the charitable designs of the and bequeathed by his will, and for raising said college.

money for that purpose; and for payment of 16. An Act to increase the number of the debts of the said George Charles Rooke, and trustees for the management of the Dollar In- of the legacies and arrears of annuities bestitution of John M‘Nabb’s School, and to in- queathed by his said will ; and for other purcorporate the trustees.


incidental thereto. 17. An Act for enabling conveyances to be 26. An Act for enabling leases, sales, and made of the estate and interest of Elizabeth partitions to be made of certain estates in the Goddard (who is of unsound mind) in lands county palatine of Lancaster heretofore belongand tenements a partition or division whereof ing to John Penson and Molly his wife. is directed by a decree of the High Court of 27. An Act to enable the trustees of a charity Chancery made in a cause Whitmore v. called the Leeds Free Grammar School to sell Goddard:

parts of the trust estates belonging to the said 18. An Act to authorize the sale of an estate charity, and to purchase other lands, for the called Morrant's Court, otherwise Morant's uses and purposes of the said charity; and for Court, otherwise Madam's Court, in the county other purposes. of Kent, late the property of John Fry, Esq., 28. An Act to empower the Dean and deceased, and for applying the monies to arise Chapter of Westminster to sell and exchange by such sale in payment of incumbrances certain lands and hereditaments in the parishes affecting the said estate, and for investing the of Paddington and Saint George Hanover residue of such monies for the benefit of the Square, in the county of Middlesex, and to lay parties beneficially interested in the said estate. out the monies to arise from such sale in the pur

19. An Act for exonerating the trustees of chase of other lands and hereditaments; and the deceased George Paterson, of Castle Huntly, for other purposes. Esq., the elder, of their expenditure in making 29. An Act to vest certain estates in the improvements upon the entailed estates left by county of York in England in Alexander him; for enabling them to acquire certain William Robert Bosville and Godfrey Wentlands contiguous thereto, and to grant feus; worth Bayard Bosville, and in Skye and North and for certain other purposes.

Uist in Scotland in the Right Honourable 20. An Act for authorizing the sale of so Godfrey William Wentworth Lord Macdonald, much of the entailed lands and estates of and to enable the said Lord Macdonald to sell Dundas, in the county of Linlithgow, belong- parts of the said estates in Scotland, for the ing to James Dundas, Esq., as may be required payment of debts; and for other purposes. to pay the debts affecting or that may

be made 30. An Act for authorizing the sale to the to affect the said estates; and for enabling the Right Honourable William Baron Ward of said James Dundas to borrow money upon the certain freehold and copyhold hereditaments security of the said lands and estates, for re- in the county of Worcester devised by the will payment of a portion of the monies laid out in of Thomas Pickernell, Esq., deceased, and for the improvement of the said lands and estates, directing the investment of the purchase money and in building a mansion house and offices for in other hereditaments, to be settled in like the same.

manner. 21. An Act for authorizing the granting of a 31. An Act for authorizing leases to be new lease of certain coal mines and heredita- granted for quarrying and mining purposes of ments in the county of Durham, late the estate certain estates in the Isle of Purbeck in the of John Lyon, Esq., deceased.

county of Dorset, subject to the uses of the 22. An Act to vest in trustees certain lands will of Maria Sophia Richards, Spinster, dein the vicinity of Glasgow which belonged to ceased. the late Colin Gillespie, for the purpose of sell- 32. An Act for enabling the Tunstall ing a portion thereof to pay off the debt affect- Market Company to sell their estate and wind ing the same, and of partitioning the feuing out up their concerns, and for dissolving the comthe remainder for the benefit of his heirs. pany.

23. An Act for extending the time for enroll- 33. An Act to enable the trustees and ing (pursuant to the statute 3rd and 4th Wil- executors of the will and codicil of Sir John biam the 4th, c. 74,) a deed executed in the Saint Aubyn, Baronet, deceased, to raise a sum colony of New South Wales for the purpose of of money towards the liquidation of his debts enlarging a base fee in hereditaments at Mes- by mortgage of his devised estates in the singham in the county of Lincoln into an estate county of Devon, instead of selling cer in fee simple,

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