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76th Congress, 3d Session

(January 3, 1940-January 3, 1941)


VOL. 3






1651. Postpone date for report to Congress by Coronado Exposition Commission.

1652. Interest rate on Federal land bank and Land Bank Commissioner loans.

1653. Personnel for Senate Committee on Expenditures in Executive Depts.

1654. Navy Department and naval service appropriation bill, 1941.

1655. Providing leave of absence for educational employees of D. C.

1656. Pay officers, etc., of Navy for loss in hurricane at New London, Conn.

1657. Accept gift of yacht Freedom from Sterling Morton for Naval Academy.

1658. Payment of claim of Maj. Curtis W. LeGette.

1659. Exchange of land in naval air station, San Juan, P. R., for adjacent land.

1660. Convey to Virginia portion of Marine Corps reservation, Quantico, Va.

1661. Acquisition of lands for Naval Air Station, Lakehurst, N. J.

1662. Relief of Jerry McKinley Thompson.

1663. Relief of Maj. L. P. Worrall and of King & Boozer.

1664. Relief of certain disbursing agents of Indian service, etc.

1665. Relief of Guy F. Allen.

1666. Relief of A. A. Ramsay.

1667. Relief of legal guardian of Paul Sanford.

1668. Amend soil conservation and domestic allotment act rel. to crop insurance.

1669. Provide for refund of taxes collected under Bankhead cotton control act.

1670. Providing for reorganization of Navy Department.

1671. Transferring active list of Construction Corps to the line of Navy.

1672. Accepting real estate granted to United States by Miami, Fla.

1673. Waiving rentals in certain oil and gas leases.

1674. Conveying portion of Elk Refuge at Jackson's Hole to Wyoming.

1675. Acquire land for expansion of Naval Air Station, Key West, Fla.

1676. To record lawful admission to U. S. of Chaim or Hyman Wakerman.

1677. Relief of Umberto Tedeschi.

1678. Relief of Isaac Surmany.

1679. To record lawful admission to U. S. of Motiejus Buzas and Bernice Buzas.

1680. Relating to citizenship of William Lawrence Tan.

1681. Relief of Joseph B. Rupinski and Maria Zofia Rupinski.

1682. Relief of Leo Neumann and Alice Neumann.

1683. Relief of Emma Knutson.

1684. Exclude and deport aliens who advocate changes in American Government.

1685. Authorizing naturalization of Louis D. Friedman.

1686. Relief of Erich Hecht, Grete J. L. Hecht, and Erich F. Hecht, jr.

1687. Canceling deportation proceedings in case of Florence S. Cooper, etc.

1688. Relief of Adolph Burstein.

1689. Relief of Salvatore Taras.

1690. Establishment of assay office at Helena, Mont.

1691. Amending act rel. to Federal aid for wildlife-restoration projects.

1692. Amending agricultural adjustment act rel. to marketing quota for wheat.

1693. Amending agricultural adjustment act rel. to marketing of tobacco.

1694. Providing adequate supply of seed for production of food for Hawaii.

1695. Disposition of fines for failure to pay license taxes in Alaska.


1696. Punishment for transporting stolen animals in interstate commerce.

1697. Amend law rel. to facilities for holding district court at Benton, Ill.

1698. Extending time for filing claims for refunds of processing taxes.

1699. Adopting State laws to punish crimes on Federal reservations.

1700. Bridge across Columbia River at Astoria, Oreg.

1701. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Arrow Rock, Mo.

1702. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Niobrara, Nebr.

1703. Bridge across Missouri River at or near Petersburg, Mo.

1704. Bridge across Mississippi River at or near Winona, Minn.

1705. Bridge across St. Lawrence River at or near Ogdensburg, N. Y.

1706. Donation of totem pole to Seattle, Wash.

1707. Amending law rel. to service of process on U. S. in foreclosure actions.

1708. Jurisdiction of courts of U. S. over crimes on Federal reservations.

1709. Extend forest exchange act to lands adjacent to Ochoco National Forest.

1710. Establishment of Cumberland Gap National Historical Park.

1711. Interstate compact rel. to pollution in Ohio River drainage basin.

1712. Authorizing construction of protective works on Colorado River.

1713. Reimburse travel expenses to employees of Corps of Engineers, Army.

1714. Emergency provisions for vessels affected by neutrality act of 1939.

1715. Approval of compact creating Potomac Valley Conservancy District, etc.

1716. Construction of naval aircraft, construction of certain public works, etc.

1717. Increase credit resources of Commodity Credit Corporation.

1718. Amending Federal credit union act rel. to increase of loans.

1719. Amending agricultural adjustment act.

1720. Quarterly ce ate of settlement of money accounts of National Guard.

1721. Providing punishment for promoting overthrow of Government, etc.

1722. Use of certain facilities of national parks, etc., for school purposes.

1723. Amend agricultural marketing act to include moss as commodity.

1724. Appropriations for construction at military posts.

1725. Purchase by RFC of stock of Federal home-loan banks, etc.

1726. RFC loans for development of deposits of strategic minerals.

1727. Repeal act relating to Philippine currency reserves on deposit in U. S.

1728. Relief of Charles E. Molster et al.

1729. Relief of James H. Hearon.

1730. Relief of Louis Puccinelli Bail Bond Co.

1731. Relief of Anthony Borsellino.

1732. Relief of Chandler V. Jensen.

1733. Relief of George W. Coon.

1734. Relief of Raymond C. Knight.

1735. Relief of Nell V. Mullen.

1736. Relief of Albert L. Barnholtz.

1737. Court of Claims to hear claim of Bolinross Chemical Co., Inc.

1738. Relief of Greenlee County, Ariz., Board of Supervisors.

1739. District court for Kentucky to hear claims of Mat Hensley and others.

1740. Relief of Nathan A. Buck.

1741. Relief of Hannah S. Bray, Jane Bickers, and Frances Bickers.

1742. Citizenship of natives and inhabitants of Virgin Islands.

1743. Claims of Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians for leased district, Oklahoma.

1744. Federal insurance benefits for certain persons employed in coal-mining.

1745. Leasing lands on Port Madison and Snohomish Indian Reservations.

1746. Grant claimants preference right to purchase public lands in Florida.

1747. Issue patents for lands held under color of title in Monroe County, Mich.


1748. Leasing lands to Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

1749. Establishment of Cape Hatteras National Seashore Recreational Area.

1750. Adding lands to Siuslaw National Forest.

1751. Acquisition of Indian lands for Grand Coulee Dam and Reservoir.

1752. Amending railroad unemployment insurance act.

1753. Relief of Franco-American Construction Co.

1754. Emergency relief appropriation act, 1941.

1755. Relief of Isobell Shanks.

1756. Relief of Pennsylvania State College.

1757. Relief of Charles H. Upton.

1758. Relief of Thomas Boyd.

1759. Relief of Mary D. Briggs and Simeon G. Rigor.

1760. Relief of J. Montrose Edrehi.

1761. District court for Georgia to hear claim of Geraldine Ash.

1762. Relief of S. T. Enloe.

1763. Relief of Wilbur P. Riddlesbarger and Josephine Riddlesbarger.

1764. Reimburse Philip A. Penston for loss in hurricane at New London, Conn.

1765. Relief of H. S. Wayman.

1766. Relief of Mary Camastro.

1767. Relief of Don E. Hicks.

1768. Relief of Minnie Lowery and Winell Lowery.

1769. Relief of Solomon Brown.

1770. No transfer of any region in this hemisphere to non-American power.

1771. Disposition of estates of American citizens who die abroad.

1772. Relief of Thomas M. Barnes.

1773. Exchange of lands adjacent to San Juan National Forest, etc.

1774. Attendance of Marine Band at convention of G. A. R. at Springfield, III.

1775. Registration, etc., of investment companies and investment advisers.

1776. Claim of Theodore R. Troendle for Dawson Springs Construction Co.

1777. Relief of M. Seller & Co.

1778. Court of Claims to hear claim of R. Brinskelle and Charlie Melcher.

1779. Relief of Ralph C. Hardy and others.

1780. Cooperation in education of Indian children in Minnesota.

1781. Care of Mount of Victory plot in Cypress Hills Cemetery, Brooklyn, N. Y.

1782. License to Atlantic Refining Co. to construct pile dolphin in Delaware R.

1783. Rank of lieutenant general of Regular Army in Canal Zone and Hawaii.

1784. Boulder Canyon project adjustment act.

1785. Transfer property in San Francisco to city and county of San Francisco.

1786. Amend law rel. to Reserve Officers' Training Corps at Alaska University.

1787. Acquisition of additional land for military purposes.

1788. Changes in administration of National Guard.

1789. Repayment contract between U. S. and Strawberry Water Users' Association.

1790. Acceptance of donations of property for Mammoth Cave National Park.

1791. Sale of land to Conconully Cemetery Association.

1792. Placer mining claims for deposits of phosphate, etc., on public domain.

1793. Acquisition of property in D. C. owned by Union Stockyards Co.

1794. Appeal to Supreme Court in suit of G. A. Carden and A. T. Herd.

1795. Clarifying law relative to procuring motor carrier services.

1796. Prevention of subversive activities and registration of aliens.

1797. Grant leave to Federal employees outside of D. C. to enable them to vote.

1798. Relief of Vernon Atkison.

1799. Transferring organic act of Customs Court to judicial code.

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