Trucking of Mail: Hearing Before the Post Office Subcommittee of the Committee on Post Office and Civil Service, United States Senate, Eighty-fifth Congress, Second Session, on S. 3960, a Bill to Authorize the Postmaster General to Provide for the Transportation of Mail

Considers legislation to authorize Post Office Dept mail-hauling contracts with truck companies.

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Página 44 - When immediate delivery or performance is required by the public exigency the articles or service required may be procured by open purchase or contract at the places and in the manner in which such articles are usually bought and sold, or such services engaged, between individuals.
Página 44 - That all purchases and contracts for supplies or services in any of the departments of the Government, except for personal services, when the public exigencies do not require the immediate delivery of the article or articles or performance of the service, shall be made by advertising a sufficient time previously for proposals respecting the same.
Página 5 - Act of 1940, that the act be so administered as to develop, coordinate, and preserve a national transportation system by water, highway, and rail, as well as other means, adequate to meet the needs of the commerce of the United States, of the postal service, and of the national defense, and, further, to recognize and preserve the inherent advantages of each means of transportation.
Página 17 - That organization is known to most of you but I might say for the record that it is the national trade association of the trucking industry, representing all types of carriers, both for hire and private, and having affiliated associations in all 48 States and the District of Columbia.
Página 3 - Commission granting an applicant a certificate of public convenience and necessity as a common carrier by motor vehicle under the so-called "grandfather clause" provisions of section 206 (a) of the Motor Carrier Act of 1935 8 in Chicago, etc., Ry.
Página 4 - From the testimony the subcommittee believes that the statutes for transporting mail are obsolete and should be amended. Consequently it is urged that the Post Office and Civil Service Committee reexamine present laws to provide fair and impartial treatment for hauling mail by all forms of transportation. For instance, the railroads are required to haul the mail as directed by the Post Office Department under threat of fine for not performing. Consideration should be given to removing this compulsion....
Página 19 - Transportation, will address the board of governors of the Regular Common Carrier Conference of the American Trucking...
Página 1 - ... possession of the United States, for the transportation of property by motor vehicles in intrastate, interstate or foreign commerce for compensation (except an express company to the extent that it is subject to part I of the Interstate Commerce Act) as a common carrier or, (b) any person who holds a permit...
Página 24 - In the past the passenger train network of the railroads was such that most of our post offices throughout the country were served by rail," Mr. Siedle said. "Todav, of the 37,409 post offices, we find that the railroads are serving fewer than one-third. Thirty years ago there were more than 10,000 usable passenger trains available. Today there are fewer than 3,000. "Trains are scheduled to accommodate passengers and many of those remaining today are not scheduled to meet the needs of our mail service....
Página 17 - I am managing director of the American Trucking Associations, Inc. Our offices are located at 1424 16th Street NW., Washington 6, DC The American Trucking Associations, Inc., is a federation that was established in 1933 as the national trade association of the trucking industry, representing all types of motor carriers of property, both for hire and private. We have affiliated associations in all 48 States and in the District of Columbia. In addition, we speak for 11 affiliated conferences, as follows:...

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