Workmen's Compensation Act of the State of Washington: Chapter 74, Session Laws of 1911

E.L. Boardman, public printer, 1911 - 30 páginas

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Página 4 - That if the injury to a workman occuring away from the plant of his employer is due to the negligence or wrong of another not in the same employ, the injured workman, or if death result from the injury, his widow, children, or dependents, as the case may be, shall elect whether to take under this act or seek a remedy against such other...
Página 22 - An employee injured claiming or entitled to compensation under this chapter shall, if requested by the commission, submit himself for medical examination at a time, and from time to time, at a place reasonably convenient for the employee, and as may be provided by the rules of the commission.
Página 29 - ... invalidity, shall not be computed as a part of the time limited by law for the commencement of any action relating to such injury or death, but the amount of any compensation which may have been paid for any such injury shall be deducted from any judgment for damages recovered on account of such injury.
Página 2 - There is a hazard in all employment, but certain employments have come to be, and to be recognized as being inherently constantly dangerous. This act is intended to apply to all such inherently hazardous works and occupations, and it is the purpose to embrace all of them, which are within the legislative jurisdiction of the state, in the following enumeration, and they are intended to be embraced within the term "extra hazardous...
Página 16 - Loss of one foot, leg, hand, eye, one or more fingers, one or more toes, any dislocation where ligaments are severed, or any other injury known in surgery to be permanent partial disability.
Página 19 - If any employer shall default in any payment to the accident fund hereinbefore in this act required, the sum due shall be collected by action at law in the name of the state as plaintiff, and such right of action shall be in addition to any other right of action or remedy.
Página 1 - ... department, making an appropriation for its administration, providing for the creation and disbursement of funds for the compensation and care of workmen injured in hazardous employment, providing penalties for the non-observance of regulations for the prevention of such injuries and for violation of...
Página 17 - If aggravation, diminution, or termination of disability takes place or be discovered after the rate of compensation shall have been established or compensation terminated in any case the department may, upon the application of the beneficiary or upon its own motion, readjust for future application the rate of compensation in accordance with the rules in this section provided for the same, or in a proper case terminate the payments.
Página 14 - ... average monthly support actually received by such dependent from the workman during the twelve months next preceding the occurrence of the injury, but the total payment to all dependents in any case shall not exceed...
Página 17 - The loss of one major arm at or above the elbow shall be deemed the maximum permanent partial disability. Compensation for any other permanent partial disability shall be in the proportion which the extent of such disability shall bear to the said maxi(16) mum.

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