Consumers' Co-Operative Societites

Knopf, 1922 - 287 páginas
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Página 198 - Department chartered and sponsored the majority of the present air routes. This sponsorship has been one of the most important factors, if not the most important, in the development of the present air transport system. Throughout the development period the financial aid of the Post Office Department was a most essential factor.
Página 35 - The building, purchasing or erecting of a number of houses, in which those members desiring to assist each other in improving their domestic and social conditions may reside. "To commence the manufacture of such articles as the Society may determine upon, for the employment of such members as may be without employment, or who may be suffering in consequence of repeated reductions in their wages.
Página 36 - As a further benefit and security to the members of this society, the society shall purchase or rent an estate or estates of land, which shall be cultivated by the members who may be out of employment, or whose labour may be badly remunerated.
Página 35 - The objects and plans of this Society are to form arrangements for the pecuniary benefit and the improvement of the social and domestic condition of its members, by raising a sufficient amount of capital in shares of one pound each, to bring into operation the following plans and arrangements: — The establishment of a Store for the sale of provisions, clothing, etc.
Página 36 - That as soon as practicable, this society shall proceed to arrange the powers of production, distribution, education, and government, or in other words to establish a self-supporting home colony of united interests, or assist other societies in establishing such colonies. That for the promotion of sobriety, a temperance hotel be opened in one of the society's houses as soon as convenient.
Página 2 - Its first appearance in the United States was in 1845 when the Workingmen's Protective Union opened its first store in Boston. Since that time the working people have made continuous attempts to establish co-operative societies. In 1853 the International Industrial Assembly of America, with a membership of 200,000, promoted co-operative enterprises.
Página 28 - ... Sancho. It follows the blue bird, but instead of seeking it in the Fortunate Islands, shuts it up in a shop. It sets before itself the reformation of the world ; it begins by sweeping the pavement before its own door and setting its own house in order. It follows the stars; but looks before it leaps.
Página 5 - The influential elements in each community are the "boards of trade," "merchants associations" and "chambers of commerce." These organizations are composed of the prominent citizens. They dominate the schools, the press, and the public thought, as well as the industries.
Página 4 - The idea that any man can grow rich by his own individual actions has deterred people from uniting in a project which is based upon an acknowledgment of the need of mutual aid, and in which the early rewards are so meagre while the efforts are so great.
Página 10 - Minnesota are over 100 societies composed largely of Scandinavians. The Co-operative Central Exchange at Superior, Wisconsin, is a wholesale composed of fifty of these societies. Besides supplying general merchandise it manufactures the peculiar bread and biscuit products required by the Finnish societies, all over the country. This organization conducts a school for the training of co-operative executives. Its educational work is most effective. Most societies in the United States have under 1000...

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