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To be attached to General Regulations No. 63.

Collectors and other officers of the customs will please correct the copies of General Regulations No. 63 sent them, as per errata hereafter, viz:

Page 5, 16th line from top-" tariff duty and the" should be, "tariff duty but not the."

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15, 29th line from top-after “and transportation," insert "except in certain cases, see ‘Freight and transportation,' page 22."

"22, in the third paragraph on "Swiss goods," in the second line, strike out "place," and insert "country." On third line, same paragraph, after "seaport," add "of


another country." In seventh line, same paragraph, strike out "place," and insert


country." And at the conclusion of the paragraph, add "in pursuance of their original destination, as satisfactorily proved."

22, last paragraph on “Freight or transportation," in the fifth line, strike out "whether" and "the same or," so as to read “to another port or place in another country.” In the eighth line, same paragraph, instead of " shipped," insert "forwarded;" and in the ninth line, instead of "transported," insert "exported."

"23, on third and fourth lines from top, strike out "or Glasgow, or Cardiff, or Londonderry," so as to read "from China to Liverpool, &c."

"27, 27th line from top- for "entry," read "landing."



28, in the second paragraph, third line, strike out "positively known to the appraisers;" and in first line, third paragraph, strike out "not to be allowed unless," so as to read

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never more than the actual discount exhibited on the invoice;" and at the close of same paragraph, after "allowed," add, "but in no case to be allowed where it will reduce the invoice value below the actual foreign market value of the merchandise at the date of exportation to the United States."

29, last line on page-for "two cents and one-sixth of a cent," read "one cent and onehalf of a cent."

"47, the paragraph on "Gunny Bags" to be stricken out.

"57, 6th line from top-for "is to be," read " are to be."

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No. 63.

February 1, 1856.

The subjoined abstract of decisions and instructions on questions submitted to this Department, arising under the laws affecting revenue and commerce, in force since the 1st December, 1846, when the tariff act of 30th July, 1846, went into effect; and under treaty stipulations with foreign powers, is transmitted for the information and government of collectors and other officers of the customs; any decision in conflict with the same, heretofore made by the Department, being necessarily rescinded.


Secretary of the Treasury.

ABATEMENT OF DUTIES, under the last proviso of the 21st section of the tariff act of 30th August, 1842, for deficiency of articles in packages, can only take place where it shall satisfactorily appear to the appraisers that the packages had not been opened after their ship


Such abatement, on separate articles or packages, included in the manifest, but not found on board the vessel at the time of unloading the same in the United States, cannot be made, unless satisfactory proof be adduced, that, by accident or other cause, such articles or packages had never been actually shipped; or that, being shipped, they had been actually lost or destroyed by accident or other cause during the voyage, and before the arrival of the vessel within the limits of any collection district of the United States.

No abatement can be made for an alleged deficiency or difference in the character or description of articles contained in a package, discovered by the importer after the package has passed out of the custody of the officers of the customs into the possession of the importer. ACETATE OF MORPHIA, as a "medicinal preparation," liable under se' edule C, tariff of 1846, to a duty of thirty per cent. ad valorem. ACETATE, or SUGAR OF LEAD, as an "unenumerated article," to be

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