Annual Report of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Parte1

"Report of Pennsylvania Forestry Commission", published in 1896: 1895, pt. 2.

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Página 76 - ... oleomargarine;" namely: All substances heretofore known as oleomargarine, oleo, oleomargarine oil, butterine, lardine, suine and neutral; all mixtures and compounds of oleomargarine, oleo, oleomargarine oil, butterine, lardine, suine and neutral; all lard extracts and tallow extracts; and all mixtures and compounds of tallow, beef-fat, suet, lard, lard-oil, vegetable oil, annatto and other coloring matter, intestinal fat.
Página 66 - Be it enacted, etc., that no person, firm, or corporate body shall manufacture out of any oleaginous substance or any compound of the same, other than that produced from unadulterated milk or of cream from the same, any article designed to take the place of butter or cheese produced from pure unadulterated milk, or cream from the same, or...
Página 62 - ... in imitation of yellow butter produced from pure unadulterated milk or cream of the same : provided, that nothing in this act shall be construed to prohibit the manufacture or sale of oleomargarine in a separate and distinct form and in such manner as will advise the consumer of its real character, free from coloration or ingredient that causes it to look like butter.
Página 62 - ... nor shall sell, or offer for sale, or have in his, her, or their possession with intent to sell the same as an article of food.
Página 465 - ... domestic animals, and for these purposes it is hereby authorized and empowered to establish, maintain, enforce and regulate such quarantine and other measures relating to the...
Página 466 - That all necessary expenses under the provisions of this act, shall, after approval in. writing by the Governor and the Secretary of Agriculture, be paid by the State Treasurer upon the warrant of the Auditor General in the manner now provided by law.
Página 66 - The payment of any tax imposed by this part for carrying on any trade or business shall not be held to exempt any person from any penalty or punishment provided by the -laws of any State for carrying on such trade or business within such State, or in any manner to authorize the commencement or continuance of such trade or business contrary to the laws of such State...
Página 76 - That for the purpose of this act the word "butter" shall be understood to mean the food product usually known as butter, and which is made exclusively from milk or cream, or both, with or without common salt, and with or without additional coloring matter.
Página 482 - In transit, for each offense, forfeit and pay a fine of not less than fifty dollars or more than one hundred dollars...
Página 77 - No person, by himself or his agents or servants, shall render or manufacture, sell, offer for sale, expose for sale or have in his possession with intent to sell, any article, product or compound made wholly or partly out of any fat, oil or oleaginous substance or compound thereof, not produced from unadulterated milk or cream from the same...

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