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Menelaus (meh-e-lā’us), in Greek caused by injuries of the head, exposur

mythology, son of Atreus, to cold or heat, disease of the ear, etc., brother of Agamemnon, and husband of and the symptoms are pain in the head, the beauteous Helen, with whom he re- giddiness, feverishness, and often vomitceived the kingdom of Sparta or Lacede ing; while the latter is frequently due to

His wife having been abducted by a scrofulous taint, and is also called Paris, son of Priam, king of Troy, he acute hydrocephalus, or water in the summoned the Greek princes to avenge head. Inflammation of the enveloping the affront, and himself led sixty ships membranes of the spinal cord is called to the siege of Troy. After its conquest spinal meningitis. he returned with Helen

to his native land Meniscus. See Lens. in a devious voyage which led him to Cypria, Phænicia, Egypt and Libya dur. Menno (meno), SIMONs, the founder ing a period of eight years.

of the sect known as the MenMenelik II (men'e - lik), King of nonites, was born in Friesland in 1496:

Abyssinia, was born in died in 1561. He was educated for the 1843, and succeeded John II in 1889. church and became a Roman Catholic During his reign be defeated the Italian priest ; but about 1530 he joined the Anainvaders of his country and welcomed civ- baptists. After the suppression of the ilizing influences. He died in 1913. disturbances at Münster Menno collected Menes (me'nēz), or MENA, according the scattered remnants of the sect, incul

to Egyptian traditions, the first cated in them more moderate views, and king of Egypt. See Egypt.

for many years in Holland and the north Mengs mengz), ANTON RAFAEL, bis: of Germany, as far as Livonia, labored

torical painter, born in 1728; to increase the number of his followers, died in 1779. He was the son of a Dan- and to disseminate his doctrines. There ish artist settled in Dresden, by whom he are a number of congregations in Holwas trained in art, and taken to Rome, land, Germany and Russia. These do where he studied the works of Michael not believe in original sin, and object to Angelo and Raphael. On his return to taking oaths, making war, or going to Dresden the king appointed him principal law. The Mennonites in the United court painter. He painted also at Rome, States number about 55,000. and at the court of Charles III of Spain. Menobranchus (men-o-bran kus), In 1773 he executed at Rome the Apothe

genus of tailed amosis of Trajan in fresco, his finest work. phibians, allied in structure to the eft or Menhaden (men-ba'den), an Ameri- newt, found in lakes and streams of

can salt-water fish (Alosa North America. menhäden); It belongs to the family Clu- Menominee (mē-nom'o-ne), a city,

county seat of Menomiof oil, the refuse being used as manure. nee County, Michigan, on Green Bay at It is also preserved in the same way as the mouth of the Menominee River, at the the sardine. Menhaden fishing has done extreme southwestern point of the Northalmost irreparable damage to all other ern Peninsula. Menominee was at one kinds of fishing-especially the game food time the largest lumber-shipping center fishes along the Jersey coast-by depriv, in the world, but to-day it is supported ing them of one of their chief supplies of largely by manufacturing, agricultural in. food. It is carried on from Maine to

wholesale business. Pop. Florida.

(1920) 8907. Meningitis (men-in-ji'tis); the term Menomonie (mô-nom'o-në), a city,

county seat of Dunn of the two inner membranes (meninges). Co., Wisconsin, 25 miles w. by N. of Eau which envelop the brain—the arachnoid Claire, on Red Cedar River. Has brick membrane and the pia mater. There are yards, flour and barley mills, and a shiptwo forms of this disease, called simple ping trade in cattle, hogs, sheep and mill and tubercular. The former may be products. Pop. (1920) 5104.


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