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REPELLING ADMIRAL TOGO'S SECOND ATTEMPT TO SEAL UP PORT ARTHUR. The design of the Japanese for their second attempt to block the harbor was to sink four large merchant-steamers, which they sent in at 2 a. m., accompanied by six torpedo-boats. Owing to the combined efforts of the sea and land forces, the steamers were

driven out of their course, and sank at the side of the fairway. (130)


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TO SEAL UP PORT ARTHUR. ck the harbor was to sink four large companied by six torpedo-boats. d forces, the steamers were

side of the fairway. (130)

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RUSSIA'S ADVANCE TO THE PACIFIC. This series of maps and pictures is designed to illustrate Russia's advance to the Pacific, from the time of Vladimir the Great, in the tenth century, to the present. Peter the Great, the father of modern Russia, is naturally the chief figure in the portentous spread of the black cloud,




BEFORE the war the new Argentine cruisers, Moreno and Rivadavia, were bought by Japan. The scene represents the embarkation of a British crew on board the Nisshin, as one of them was renamed prior to its departure for Japan on the morning of January 9th. tust a month before the engagement at Port Arthur.

(22) RUSSIANS ENCAMPED IN A CHINESE TEMPLE. IN THEIR military occupation of Manchuria during the war, the Russian troops respectea nothing. They even broke into the Chinese temples and hustled their gods aside to make room for their arms and troops. But what could the native do except helplessly protest? (28)

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