The Dean of Lismore's Book: A Selection of Ancient Gaelic Poetry from a Manuscript Collection Made by Sir James M'Gregor, Dean of Lismore, in the Beginning of the Sixteenth Century

Edmonston and Douglas, 1862 - 324 páginas

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Página xix - Dialects have always been the feeders rather than the channels of a literary language ; anyhow, they are parallel streams which existed long before one of them was raised to that temporary eminence which is the result of literary cultivation.
Página lxxxv - used to sleep by its soothing murmur ; Fish, and flesh of wild boar and badger Was my repast in Glenlaidhe. Glenmasan ! 0 Glenmasan ; High its herbs, fair its boughs. Solitary was the place of our repose On grassy Invermasan.
Página 2 - the clouds this night above me ; In this great world none is like me, So sad, how sad my case! A poor old man now dragging stones. Long are the clouds this night above me, The last man of the Feine am I, The great Ossian, the son of Finn, Listening to the sound of bells.
Página lxxxv - translation :— Beloved land that Eastern land, Alba, with its wonders. 0 that I might not depart from it, But that I go with Naise. Beloved is Dunfidhgha and Dun Finn; Beloved the Dun above them; Beloved is Innisdraighende, And beloved Dun Suibhne.
Página 27 - flagons, Ten horns of gold. A noble house Was that of Finn. No grudge nor lust, Babbling nor sham; No man despised Among the Feinn. The first himself, All else like him. Finn was our chief, Easy his praise, Noblest of Kings. Finn ne'er refused To any man, Howe'er unknown ; Ne'er from his house Sent those who came.
Página 53 - lay at its root, Which they who sought its fruit must fight. A heavy, heavy sickness fell On Athach's daughter, of liberal horn; Her messenger she sent for Fraoch, Who asked her what 'twas ailed her now. Mai said her health would ne'er return, Unless her fair soft palm was filled
Página 25 - Of noble form, His people's head, His step so firm, Who often warred. In beauteous Banva, Three hundred battles He bravely fought. With miser's mind From none withheld. Anything false His lips ne'er spoke. He never grudged,
Página 27 - When Finn did live All things were mine. Seven sides had the house Of Cumhal's son. Seven score shields On every side. Fifty robes of wool Around the King. Fifty warriors Filled the robes. Ten bright cups For drink in his hall. Ten
Página lxxxv - Where Ainnle would, alas ! resort ; Too short, I deem, was then my stay 'With Ainnle in Oirir Alban. Glenlaidhe ! 0 Glenlaidhe ! 1 used to sleep by its soothing murmur ; Fish, and flesh of wild boar and badger Was my repast in Glenlaidhe.
Página lv - by whom I cannot now tell, that, after Lachlan Macpherson's death, a paper was found in his repositories containing the Gaelic of the seventh book of Temora, in his handwriting, with numerous corrections and alterations, with

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