Includes Proceedings of the State Board of Equalization, 1890-1892, 1895-1900.

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Página 10 - ... he shall value each article or description of property by itself, and at such sum or price as he believes the same to be fairly worth in money at the time such assessment is made.
Página 10 - All property shall be assessed at its true and full value in money. In determining the true and full value of real or personal property, the assessor shall not adopt a lower or different standard of value, because the same is to serve as a basis of taxation, nor shall he adopt as a criterion of value the price for which the...
Página 24 - No bond or evidence of indebtedness of the State shall be valid unless the same shall have endorsed thereon a certificate signed by the auditor and secretary of State that the bond or evidence of debt is issued pursuant to law and is within the debt limit.
Página 10 - He shall actually view, when practicable, and determine the true and full value of each tract or lot of real property listed for taxation, and shall enter the value thereof, including the value of all improvements and structures thereon, opposite each description.
Página 11 - Every credit for a sum certain, payable either in money, property of any kind, labor or services, shall be valued at the full price of the sum so payable ; if for a specific article, or for a specified number or quantity of any article...
Página 165 - I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of the State of North Dakota; that I will fairly and impartially perform the...
Página 11 - ... of property, or for a certain amount of labor, or for services of any kind, it shall be valued at the current price of such property, or of such labor or service, at the place where payable.
Página 10 - In assessing any tract or lot of real property, the value of the land, exclusive of improvements, shall be determined ; also, the value of all improvements and structures thereon, and the aggregate value of the property, including all structures and other improvements, excluding the value of crops growing on cultivated lands.
Página 11 - In valuing any real property on which there is a coal or other mine, or stone or other quarry, the same shall be valued at such a price as such property, including the mine or quarry, would sell at a fair, voluntary sale for cash.

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