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Paper board, and pulpboard, including card

board, and leather board or compress
leather, not plate finished, supercalon-
dered or friction calendered, laminated
by means of an adhesive substance, coated,
surface stained or dyed, lined or vat-
lined, embossed, printed, decorated or
ornamented in any manner, nor cut into
shapes for boxes or other articles and
not specially provided for (not including
wallboard; and except pulpboard in rolls
for use in the manufacture of wallboard,
except strawboard, and except beer mat
board and other wet-machine board).

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Papers commonly or commercially known as

tissue paper (except tissue paper valued
at more than 15 cents per pound), stereo-
type paper, carbon paper, coated or un-
coated, and pottery paper; and all paper
valued at not more than 15 cents per
pound and similar to tissue paper, stereo-
type paper, copying paper, india and bible
paper, condenser paper, carbon paper,
bibulous paper, pottery paper, or tissue
paper for waxing; all the foregoing, not
specially provided for, colored or un-
colored, white or printed, weighing not
over six pounds to the ream, and whether
in sheets or any other form, or weighing
over six pounds and less than ten pounds
to the ream; india and bible paper weigh-
ing ten pounds or more and less than twenty
and one-half pounds to the ream; paper
wadding, and pulp wadding, and manufactures

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of such wadding.


Papers with coated surface or surfaces, em

bossed or printed otherwise than litho-
graphically; papers wholly or partly covered
with metal or its solutions, or with gelatin,
linseed oil cement, or flock; uncoated papers,
including wrapping paper, with the surface
or surfaces wholly or partly decorated or
covered with a design, fancy effect, pattern,
or character (except designs, fancy effects,
patterns, or characters produced on a paper
machine without attachments, or produced by
lithographic process), but not embossed, or
printed otherwise than lithographically, or
wholly or partly covered with metal or its
solutions, or with gelatin or flock; gummed
papers, not specially provided for; papers
with paraffin or waxcoated surface or sur-
faces; printed matter other than lithographic,
not specially provided for, which is duti-
able under paragraph 1405, Tariff Act of
1930, by reason of being composed wholly
or in chief value of any paper specified
in that paragraph; all boxes of paper or
papier-macho or wood which are dutiable
under paragraph 1405, Tariff Act of 1930,
by reason of being covered or lined with
any of the papers or lithographed paper
specified in that paragraph, or covered or
lined with cotton or other vegetable fiber;
unsensitized basic paper, and baryta coated
paper, to be sensitized for use in photogra-
phy; wet transfer paper or paper prepared
wholly with clycerin or glycerin combined
with other materials, containing the im-
prints taken from lithographic plates or


aonicalle latin, bvid

others and flie-cut, not,mensions)ninting

Articles, composed wholly or in chief value

of paper lithographically printed in whole
or in part from stone, gelatin, metal, or
other material, not specially provided for:
Labels and flaps (except labels and flaps,
embossed or die-cut, not exceeding 10 square
inches cutting size in dimensions), printed
in less than eicht colors (bronze printing
to be counted as two colors), or printed in
whole or in part in metal leaf; fashion
magazines or periodicals, printed in whole
or in part by lithographic process, or


decorated by hand; decalcomanias in ceramic
colors; all articles (except post cards) pro-
vided for in the provisions of paragraph
1406, Tariff Act of 1930, for "all articles
other than those hereinbefore specifically
provided for in this paragraph", if exceeding
twelve and not exceeding twenty one-thousandths
of one inch in thicloness, regardless of value,
or if exceeding twenty one-thousandths of one
inch in thickness and valued at more than 35
cents per pound.


(a) Drawing paper, valued at less than 40 cents

per pound; handmade paper and paper commonly
or commercially known as handmade or machine
handmade paper, valued at 50 cents or more
per pound; and paper similar to the fore-
going drawing paper; all the above weighing
eight pounds or over per ream, whether or
not ruled, bordered, embossed, printed,
lined, or decorated in any manner, whether
in the pulp or otherwise, other than by

lithographic process.
(b) Sheets of writing, letter, and note paper,
with border gummed or perforated, with or
without inserts, prepared for use as com-
bination sheet and envelope.

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Unbound books of all kinds, bound books of

all kinds except those bound wholly or in
part in leather, sheets or printed pages
of books bound wholly or in part in leather,
pamphlets, music in books or sheets, and
printed matter, all the foregoing not
specially provided for (except tourist
literature containing historical, geographic,
time-table, travel, hotel, or similar infor-
mation, chiefly with respect to places or
travel facilities outside the continental
United States; except prayer books of bona
fide foreign authorship; except sheets or
printed pages of such prayer books bound
wholly or in part in leather; and except

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