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Maj. Sinclair, Lt. Col. vice Farrington,

Lt. Darroch, from 24 F. 19 Nov. ret.

5 Nov.
Timson, from 51 F.

do. Brev. Maj. Roberts, Maj.

do. To be Lieutenants of Infantry by purchase. 2d Capt. Hunt, Capt.


Ens. Hon. G. Upton, from 43 F.
Brev. Maj. Paterson, Maj. vice Unett,

29 Oct. ret.

Campbell, from 72 F.

do. 2d Capt. Cruttenden, Capt.


Sturgeon, from 24 F. 12 Nov. Sheppard from h. p. 2d Capt.

Newton, from 8 F.

26 do. do. Cor. Alexander, from 13 Dr.

do. Royal Engineers.

To be Ensigns by purchase. 2d Lt. Trevelyan, 1st Lt. vice Eyre,

Gent. Cadet Wilkie, from R. Mil. Coll. dead 25 Sept.

29 Oct. Staff

G. W. Tireman

26 Nov. Maj. Pitz-Roy, h. p. Dep. Adj. Gen.

Cape of Good Hope, with rank of Lt.

Bt. Lt. Col. Hompesch, from 25 F. with Major
Col. in the Army, vice Blake, res. Chambers, h. p.

20 Oct.

Major Brownlow, from 72 F. with Major MaberBrev.-Maj. Elliot, 68 F. Major of Bri

ly, h. p. gade, Lower Canada, vice Shekleton,

Capt. Locke, from 17 Dr. rec. diff. with Captain dead

29 Sept.

Marquis of Carmarthen, h. p.
Hospital Staff

Langrishe, from 1 F. G. do. with Capt. Fitz-
Surg. W. Barry Insp. of Hosp. vice Roy, h. p.
Inglis, dead

10 Nov.

Kortwright, from Coldst. G. with Lord
D. Barry, from h. p. Surg. vice Hotham, h. p.
Baillie, h. p.


Rentoul, from 23 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Hosp. As. Grant, As. Surg. vice Millar, Fenwick, h. p. prom.

20 Oct.

Murray, from 26 F. rec. diff. with Capt. Campbell, do. vice Kennedy, Prat, h. p. res.

25 do.

Peat, from 92 F. with Capt. Pilkington,
As. Sur. M'Andrew, from h. p. 84 F. h. p. 59 P.
As. Surg. vice Hosp. As. Leslie. res.

Coxon, from Rifle Brig. with Capt. Fergu

10 Nov. son, h. p. Garr. Mate S._Taylor, As. Sur. vice Lieut. Yelverton, from 6 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Brisbane, 74 F.

do. Hon. G. A. Browne, h. p. C. Bell, Hosp. Assist.

20 Oct.

Ramsden, from 7 F. with Lieut. Hon. C. A. Gibson, do.

do. Blayney, Rifle Brig. 1. Ewing, do.


Hohne, from 6 F. with Lieut. Allan, h. p. W. Lucas, do.

3 Nov. 96 F. A. Callander, do.


Stott, from 6 F. with Lieut. Dunn, h. D. D. Dumbreck, do.

do. 25 F. M. Baillie, do.


Radford, from 15 F. with Lieut. Clinton, T. Williams, do.

do. h. p. 17 F. J. Macdonald, do.

10 do.

Booth, from 19 F. with Lieut. Fletcher, J. Forrest, do.

do. 88 F. M. Ryan, do.

Douglas, from 19 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. T. Beavan, do.

do. Graves, h. p. 55 F. G. J. Hyde, do.


Davies, from 74 F. with Lieut. Crisp, h. p. Chaplains' Department.

18 F. Rev. J. Hudson, A.M. Chaplain to the

Bickerton, from 94 F. rec. diff. with Lieut. Forces

Gilliess, h. p.

25 do. Unattached.

Keogh, from 94 F. with Lieut. Coates, h. p.

60 F. To be Lt. Colonels of Infantry by purchase.

Manby, from 2 W. I. R. with Lieut. MorMaj. England, from 23 P. 29 Oct.

gan, h. p. 37 F. Brev. Lt. Col. Keyt, from 51 F. 5 Nov. Ens. Clarke, from 4 F. with Ens. Clarke, 98 F. Maj. Elton, from 1 Dr. Gds. do.

Martin, from 46 F. with Eng. Legh, b. p. 61 Middleton, from 72 F.

19 do. F. Brev. Lt. Col. Thomas from 21 F.

26 do.

Resignations and Retirements. To be Majors of Infantry by purchase.

Colonel Jones, Gren. Gds.
Capt. Leving, from 52 P.

14 July

Sir J. M. Doyle, K.C.B. h. p. 12 Gn. Bn.
Chambers, from 29 F. 29 Oct.

Thomas, h. p. Wag. Tr.
O'Grady, from 53 P.

do. Lieut.-Col. Sir T. P. Hankin, 2 Dr.
Whichcote, from 4 Dr. G. do.

Dodgin, 99 F.
Wood, from 65 F.


Ryves, h. p. As. Qua. Mas. Gen.
Perceval, from Rifle Brig. do.

Farrington, R. Art.
Hopkins, from 43 F. 5 Nov.

Cassel, late of R. Mar.
Butler, from 80 F.

19 do.

Stewart, h. p. 4 F.
Ellis, from 16 Dr.

12 do.

Tane, late of R. Mar.
To be Captains of Infantry by purchase.

Bland, h. p. 107 F.
Lt. Small, from 25 F.

29 Oct.

Cockburn, late of Vet. Bn.
Dixon, from 1 F.

5 Nov. Major O'Connell, h. p. 18 F.
- Frazer, from 17 F.


Sir T. T. F. E. Drake, Bt. h. p. 52 F.
- Pennefather, from 7 Dr. G. do.

Ouseley, h. p. Port-Serv.
-Stuart, from 6 F.


Unett, R. Art. - Brown, from 64 F.

19 Nov.

Poppleton, h. p. 12 F.
-Wickham, from 37 F.

12 do.

Capt. Brooke, 48 F.
Gossip, from 41 F


Richardson, 91 F.
Stewart, from 30 f.

do. Im Thurn, h. p. 35 P.
Hogarth, from 42 F.


Blair, late 1 Black Gn. Comp.
Chichester, from 59 F.


Pigott, h. p. Port Serv.
Wigley, from 71 F.

19 do. Haly, h. p. 66 F.
- Doyne, from 7 Dr. G.

Winger, h. p. 27 F.
Mathais, from 1 F.

do. Carden, h. p. 1 Dr.
Laing, from 70 F.


Jackson, h. p. 7 Gn. Bn.
Eastwood, from 44 F.


Le Grand, h. p. 8 do.
M Nicol, from 93 F.


Marsden, h. p. 60 F.
Hon. H. M. Upton, frorn 1 Life G.

Pollard, h. p. 39 P.

do. Girord, h. p. 101 F. Sweny, from 34 P.

do. Clarke, h. D. 1 P. - Chambre, from 7 F.

do. Clarke, h. p. 15 F. VOL. XIX.

N 2


Capt. Hamilton, h. p. 11 Gn. Bn.

Capt. Lodders, late 6 Line, Ger Leg. Dorum, HaFrench, h. p. Unatt.


4 Oct. Dashwood, do.

Gunn, h, p. 71 P.

1 June, 1824 Hopson, b. p. 7 Gn. Bn.

Short, h. p. Bradshaw's Corps. 17 June 1825 Douglas, h. p. Novia Scotia Fen.

Wallop, h. p. 7 Gn. Bn.

27 Jan. 1824 Drew, h. p. 105 F.

Lieut. Buchanan, 88 F. on passage from India Wood, h. p. 82 F.

11 Dec. Herbert, h. p. 25 F.

Richard Irvine, 87 F. Fort William, BenLieut. Mackey, 55 F.

23 April 1825 Ship, 87 F.

Robeson, 91 P. Jamaica
Thornhill, h. p. 7 Dr. Gds.

Stapleton, Af. Col. Corps, Gambis 28 July
Tyner, h. p. 104 p.

Ramsden, h. p. 18 F.

15 Aug Disney, h. p. 2 Gn. Bn.

Nash, h. p. 24 F.

26 May Green, h. p. 2 Dr. Gds.

Alsop, h. p. 24 F.

12 April 1814 Ens. Hickman, b. p. 63 F.

Woore, h. p. 68 F.

11 Nov. 1825 Robinson, h. p. Cape Reg.

Loftus, h. p. 91 F. London

29 Oct. As. Surg. Alexander, 16 F.

Crotty, h. p. 8 Ceylon R.

3 Sept. Kennedy, Med. Staff.

Bickerton, h. p. Unatt. Hosp. As. R. Leslie.

Cornet Lloyd, Royal Horse Gds. Hyde Park Barracks

Nov. Appointments Cancelled.

Greysley, h. p. 19 Dr.

6 Sept. Major John Hewett, h. p. Unatt.

Lloyd, Royal Horse Guards 19 Nov. Capt. Hamilton, 60 F.

Ens. Watson, 2 W. I. R. New Providence Lieut. Whitaker, Ceylon R.

Hartley, African Colonial Corps, Sierra Leone - Hon. C. Berkeley, h. p. Unatt.

18 Aug. Surg. Young, 1 Dr.

Craig, h. p. 15 F.

10 Jan. Graham, 10 F.

Anderson, h. p. 2 Gn. Bn. 31 Dec. 1824 As. Surg. Foote, 12 F.

Bellamy, h. p. Wall's Corps 6 Oct. 1825 Ewing, 86 F.

Adjutant Lieutenant Deans, 92 F. Uppark Camp, Portelli, 28 F.


8 Aug Leslie, 60 P.

Quarter Master Hutchinson, h. p. 63 F.
Campbell, 45 F.

17 Oct. 1821 Howell, Med. Staff.

Dickons, h. p. 87 F. Hosp. As. W. H. Crawford.


27 Jan. 1823 Deaths.

Commissariat Department. Colonel Erskine, 48 F. Madras 7 June, 1825 Dep. As. Com. Gen. Allsop, London 7 Nov. 1825 Kingscote, h. p. 56 P.

8 May Lieut.-Col. Sir T. P. Hankin, 2 Dr. Norwich

Medical Department. 26 Oct. Dr. Hazleton, h. p, Inspector

7 May Hewitt, h. p. Port Serv. 20 July As. Surg. O'Reilly, Staff, Hythe Barracks 15 Nov. Browne, 87 F. Fort William Bengal.

Leich, 54 P. on board the Indiana HospiMajor Johnson, 49 F. Chatham

24 Nov. tal Ship, near Camp Kraykangdong 12 March Payne, h. p. 29 Dr.

16 July Hosp. As. Williamson, Isle de Soss, Africa Walter Scott, h. p. 26 F.

28 July Capt. Pigott, 77 F. Stony Hill, Jamaica.

Patterson, Isle de Soss, Africa 22 Aug.


Lately, At No. 11, Picardy Place, Mrs William BIRTHS.

Cookson, of a daughter. Oct. 16. At Madras, the Lady of John Cross - At Madras, the Lady of P. Vans Agnew, Esq. Buchanan, of Auchentoshan, Esq. of a son. of a daughter

Nov. 3. At Dunsinane, Mrs Nairne of Dunsinane, of a daughter.

MARRIAGES. 6. At Garteraig, Mrs Millar, of a son.

May 23. At St John's Cathedral, Calcutta, Mr 7. At 61, York Place, Mrs Andrew Tawse, of a Samuel Wood, Assistant Judicial Department, to daughter.

Miss Jane Hair. 11. At 17, Dublin Street, Mrs Stuart, of a son. June 17. At Bombay, Captain Bruce Seton, 12. At Kirkaldy, Mrs Menzies, of a son.

third son of the late Sir Alexander Seton, Bart. - At Rockvalehouse, Law Torie, Mrs M- to Miss Jane Elphinston, daughter of John ElQueen, of a son.

phinston, Esq. of the Civil Service, and late Mem13. At Duncan Street, Drummond Place, Mrs ber of Council at Bombay. Robert Kirkwood, of a daughter.

July 1. At St. Thomas's Mount, Madras, John 14. At 78, Great King Street, Mrs J. A. Cheyne, Walker, Esq. Civil Service, to Margaret Somerof a daughter.

ville, second daughter of Mr William Allan, mer18. At Tayfield, Mrs Derry, of a son.

chant, Leith. 19. At Kensington, the lady of Dr. Waller S. Oct. 24. At Slipperfield, Thomas Jackson, Esq. Morson, of a son.

of Broomhill, to Jane, third daughter of Mr Simon - At No. 2, Gilmore Place, Mrs Balfour, of a Linton, merchant, Biggar.

24. At Hull, Mr. Alexander Anderson, wine 21. At Edinburgh, Mrs Anderson, Walker merchant, Pathhead, Fifeshire, to Mary, third Street, of a son.

daughter of Mr John Miller, timber merchant, 25. Mrs Greig, Lothian Vale, of a daughter.

Hull. 26. At Dunbar, Mrs William H. Ritchie, of a 25. At Jackson's Cottage, near Dumfries, Wildaughter.

liam Bruce, Esq. younger of Symbister, advocate, 27. At Great Yarmouth, Mrs Capt. R. H. Bar- to Agnes, second daughter of William Gordon clay, royal navy, of a daughter.

M'Crae, Esq. formerly of the island of Jamaica. At 4, Bellevue Crescent, Mrs Rattray, of a - At St James's, Church, London, Lord Charles son.

Fitzroy, second son of the Duke of Grafton, to the At Larchgrove, Dear Edinburgh, Mrs D. Mo- Hon. Miss Cavendish, eldest daughter of Lord G. rison, of a daughter.

H. Cavendish. Mrs A. Stevenson, Walker Street, Coates 27. At St Fort, in the county of Fife, W. F. Crescent, of a daughter.

Blackett, Esq. to Catherine, daughter of the late 28. Mrs Lang of Broomhill, of a daughter. Robert Stewart. Esq. of St Fort.

- At Linkfield, the lady of William Aitchison, - At Newhalls House, Robert Mercer, Esq. jun. Esq. of a son, which survived only a few younger of Scotsbank, writer to the signet, to Elihours.

zabeth, daughter of William Scott Moncrieff, Esq. - At Musselburgh, Mrs Dickson, of a son. of Newhalls.

30. At Edinburgh, the lady of Joseph Murray, 28. At Rosehaugh House, Ross-shire, James Esq. younger of Aytoun, of a daughter.

Walker, Esq. of Dalry, advocate, to Miss Lillias


Mackenzie, youngest daughter of the late Rode- Feb. 22. At sea, William Small, Esq. purser of rick Mackenzie, Esq. of Scotsburn.

the General Kyd, East Indiaman, youngest son of 31. At Kelso, Robert Bruce, Esq. chief magis- the late Andrew Small, Esq. of Dirnanean. trate, and writer in Kelso, to Mrs Murray, widow April 15. At Rangoon, Lieut. Williamson, of of James Murray, Esq. civil engineer.

his Majesty's Royal Regiment. 31. At Kinloch, Charles Guthrie, Esq. younger May 1. At Kandy, Alex. Moon, Esq. Superinof Taybank, to Margaret, second daughter of Geo. tendant of the Royal Botanic Garden, Ceylon. Kinloch, Esq. of Kinloch.

8. At Cuddapah, Madras, Captain H. Miller, of Nov. 1. Ai Edinburgh, John Sinclair Cunning- the 8th Regiment, N. 1. ham, Esq. inspector of branches of the Commer- 22._At Meerut, William Beveridge, of the cial Banks of Scotland, to Janet, eldest daughter of Hon. East India Company's Service, Bengal Estathe late Rev. James Rhind, minister of Whitburn. blishment, eldest son of the late William Beveridge,

- At Edinburgh, Mr James Edington, mer- Esq. W. S. chant, Leith, to Catharine, eldest daughter of the June 1. At Madras, Captain Felix Robson, in the late Mr John Richardson, builder, Prestonpans. service of the East India Company, on the Madras

- At Glasgow, James Wilson, Esq. Bannock- Establishment. burn, to Mary, youngest daughter of the late Mr 3. At Fort William, in the East Indies, in conWilliam Lennox.

sequence of an accident in a buggy, with a restive - At Fort William, Alexander Macdonell, Esq. horse, Lieut.-Colonel H. R. Brown, commanding Inch, to Mary Isabella, eldest daughter of Duncan his Majesty's 87th Regiment. Stewart, Esq. of Achnacand, Collector of his Ma- 7. At the Presidency, Madras, Colonel James jesty's Customs at Fort William.

Erskine, C. B. of his Majesty's 48th Foot. 2. At Edinburgh, James Gilliland Simpson, of - At Indore, of cholera, John Warner, Esq. Bush Lane and Islington, London, to Jane, only surgeon of the 13th Regiment Native Infantry. child of the late Mr Thomas Horsburgh of Lee, 12. At Arcot, in the Presidency of Madras, Mary Peebles-shire.

Ann Cathcart, wife of Alexander Bruce, Esq. 2. At Greenock, James Smith, Esq. Birming- youngest son of Sir William Bruce of Stenhouse, ham, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Thomas Bart. Nimmo, Esq. of Auchinblain.

- At Arcot, Lieut. George Cheape, youngest & At Mary-la-Bonne Church, London, Sir John son of John Cheape, Esq. of Rossie. Thomas Claridge, Recorder of Prince of Wales's Aug. In Westmorland, Jamaica, Dr John NisIsland, to Miss M. P. Scott, eldest daughter of

bett. Vice-Admiral Scott.

Sept. 4. At Geneva, state of New York, Mr T. - At Collonsay House, James J. Duncan, Esq. Syrn, late of East Briech. Craigend, to Mary, eldest daughter of John Mac- 9. At Koniek, Caramania, (the ancient Iconineill of Collonsay, Esq.

um,) aged 32, Thomas Ayre Bromhead, Esq. late At Ellieston, the Rev. P. Craw, minister of of Christ's College, Cambridge, only son of the St. Boswell's, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Rev. Edward Bromhead, of Repham, near Linthe deceased William Dunbar, Esq. of Forres. coln. This enterprizing traveller, arter an absence

- At Edinburgh, Archibald Gibson, Esq. ac- of five years from his native country, was hastencountant, to Harriet, youngest daughter of the ing homewards, when arrested by a sudden and late James Newbigging, of Whitehouse, Esq. fatal disease. He breathed his last with no other

14. At Edinburgh, Mr William Wallace, Kin- attendants than his foreign servants, or the unciross, to Isabella, daughter of Mr Blackwood, tan- vilized natives. One of the companions of Mr ner, Kinross.

Bromhead's travels, the Rev. Joseph Cook, Fel- At Minto, Roxburghshire, J. P. Boileau, low of Christ's College, died on a caruel under aljun. Esq. eldest son of J. P. Boileau, Esq. of Mort- most as melancholy circumstances, near the Palm lake, Surrey, to Lady Catherine Elliott, daughter Trees of Elin, in March ; and the other, Henry of the late, and sister of the present Earl of Lewis, Esq. R. N., after traversing Palestine in Minto.

his company, parted from him at Beirut, in June, - At Naples, Sir James Carnegie of Southesk, and returned to England. Bart. to Miss Charlotte Lysons, second daughter Oct. 3. At Leghorn, from the bite of a spider, of the Rev. Daniel Lysons of Hampstead Court, Lewis Henderson, Esq. merchant, brother to A. Glncestershire.

Henderson, Esq. artist, Glasgow. 21. At Falkirk, Mr John Risk, jun. Camelon, to 19. At Erskine, the Hon. Caroline Henrietta Marion, third daughter of Mr Thomas Johnston, Stuart, youngest daughter of Lord Blantyre. stationer.

20. In the Barracks at Norwich, Lieut. Col. Sir -At Kirkton, William Cullen, Esq. surgeon, Thomas Hankin, of the Scots Greys. Carluke, to Jacobina, Steuart, second surviving - At Saxe-Coburg Place, Mrs Margaret Bardaughter of the late Charles Hamilton, Esq. of clay, wife of John Sim, Esq. accountant of the Fairholm and Kirkton, Lanarkshire.

Bank of Scotland. 22. At Stirling, the Rev. James Gilfillan, to 21. At Paris, Mrs Renny, Tailyour, of BorrowMargaret, eldest daughter of the late William Tel- field, eldest daughter of the late Sir Alex. Rainford, Esq.

say of Balmain, Bart. - At Llanfaes Church, county of Anglesea, - At his father's house, Leith Walk, Mr Jas. Alexander Anderson, Esq. Captain in the Madras Stirling. Engineers, to Mary Margaret, eldest daughter of 22. At Elder Street, Miss Isabella Page. Joba Hampton Hampton, Esq. of Henlys.

- At St Petersburgh, the celebrated astronc- Andrew Barclay, Esq. second son of the mer Schubert, in the 68th year of his age. late Williarn Barclay, Esq. of his Majesty's Navy 23. At Lyons, in France, Mary, youngest Pay Office, to Isabella, youngest daughter of Wil- daughter of the late Mr John Honeyman, merliam Creelman, Esq. Portobello.

chant in London. 24. At Rosehill, Hants, Colonel Thackery, of - At Edinburgh, Mr John Barclay, of the Lord the Royal Engineers, to the Right Hon. Lady Eli- Nelson Hotel, Adam Square. zabeth Carnegy, daughter of the Earl of North- - At Forres, Mrs Justina Dunbar, widow of

George Gun Munro, Esq. of Pointsfield. 23. At Kelso, Mr Thomas Sibbald, ironmonger, 24. At her house, Broughton, Mrs Margaret Edinburgh, to Ann, daughter of William Elliott, Lendrum, relict of Mr Peter Fairley, in the 91st Esq. architect, Kelso,

year of her age. 29. At Torbanehill, the Rev. James Monilaws, At Leith, Mr Walter Bruce, wright and of Annan, to Isabella Luke, eldest daughter of the builder there. late John Smellie, Esq. of Torbanehill.

- At Hawthornden, Mrs Mary Ogilvie Forbes Dec. 1. At Edinburgh, the Rev. Alexander Fer. Druminond of Hawthornden, wife of Captain guson, Tobermory, to Catherine, daughter of the John Forbes Drummond of the Royal Navy. late Mr Allan Macdonald, Dariroch, Mull.

- At Ramsay Lodge, Miss Isabella Elder, aged Lately, Thomas Aitchison Latta, M.D. Leith, 13 months, daughter of Isaac Baylay, Esq, to Mary, youngest and only surviving child of the 25. At Leith Walk, Mrs Forrest, relict of Mr late John Millar, Esq.

David Forrest, solicitor, Supreme Courts.

26. In Upper Harley Street, London, Walter DEATHS.

Fawker, Esq. of Farnley. Hall, Yorkshire. Не Jan. 12, 1825. At sea, Lieutenant-Colonel Com- was a descendant of the celebrated conspirator of mandant James Gardner, 31st regiment of Ben. that name, and prided himself not a little on his gal Native Infantry.



26. At Nelson Street, Adam Henry Crichton, Hearth; The Harp of Zion; A visit to Dublin; second son of Mr Hew Crichton, writer.

Marianne, or the Widower's Daughter ; and a - At Edinburgh, Mrs Mary Crokett, relict of great variety of Contributions in the Edinburgh Mr James Murray, solicitor-at-law.

Magazine, and other publications. - At Dalkeith, Mr Andrew Grey, baker, in the 13. At Allahabad, Lieut.-Colonel Campbell, of 62d year of his age.

the 32d Regiment Native Infantry. 27. At Preston Mains, Mr John Barn, aged 90 At her house, George Square, Mrs Grace years.

Græme, daughter of the late David Græme, Esq. At Kinnedder, Mrs Ann Haly, of Kinned- advocate. der, relict of Mr Williain Callender, merchant in - At Kirkaldy, in her 15th year, Elizabeth, Edinburgh.

only child of the late Rev. James Hutton, minister At Southampton, Capt. Alexander Richard of Beath. Mackenzie, of the Royal Navy.

At her house, Edinburgh, Mrs Douglas 28. At Banff, Mr John Richardson, painter Dickson, of Hartree, widow of Andrew Douglas, there.

Esq. 29. At Ayr, Mrs Colonel Mackenzie.

At Leith Mr Malcolm Wright. At Berwick, aged 64, John Hall, Esq. M.D. 14 At Kirkaldy, Mr James Greig, aged 77. 30. At Bridgend, near Sanquhar, Thomas Bar- - At Edinburgh, John Fuller, Esq. M. D. late ker, Esq.

of Berwick-on-Tweed. At Culross, Henry Brown, Esq.of Prathouse. - Mrs Marion Grahame, wife of John Lang of

At No. 15, Lynedoch Place, Robert Henry, Harthope, writer in Glasgow. aged 18 months, youngest child of Robert Paul, At Monteith Row, Glasgow, aged 20, Ann, Esq. secretary of the Commercial Bank.

eldest daughter of Mr Archbald Fullarton, book - At Dolls, aged 6 years, James Haig, son of seller. the late James Haig, jun. Esq. Sunbury.

At his house, North Castle Street, James - At Queensferry, Mrs Mary Muir, wife of Mr M'Farlane, Esq. of Ballwill. Walter Wilson.

17. At Aberdeen, Alex. Innes, Esq. surgeon. 31. At King Edward, the Rev. Dr Robert Duff, 18. Miss Sharp of Kincarathie. in the 87th year of his age, and 61st of his minis- At her house in London, Mrg Sarah Elliott, try.

widow of Archibald Elliott, Esq. architect. Nov. 1. At Leith, John, youngest son of the late 19. At her house, Gloucester Place, Miss CathaMr John Douglas, shipmaster there.

rine Glassford, daughter of the late John Glass3. John, only son of Mr James Winkworth, ford, Esq. of Dougalston. bookbinder.

At Edinburgh, Mary, daughter of Lieuten- At Woolwich, Mrs Bonnycastle, widow of ant-Colonel Leathem, 38, George Square. Professor Bonnycastle, of the Royal Military At Nenthorn, William Roy, Esq. of NenAcademy.

thorn, and, on the 21st, his daughter Isabella, - In Wimpole Street, London, Anne, wife of aged 10 years. Captain C. S. J. Hawtayne, of the Royal Navy. 20. At Broadlyes, Mrs Agnes Beatson, relict of

- At Edinburgh, Ensign David Jameson, of Mr Peter Kilgour, late of Balgedie, Fife. the Fifeshire militia.

At 16, James's Square, John Patison, Esq. - At Edinburgh, Margaret, second daughter of advocate, many years one of the assessors for the the late Mr George Porteous, merchant, Edin- city of Edinburgh. burgh.

At Capenoch, in the 85th year of his age, 4. At the Manse of Dunse, Andrew, eldest son William Kirkpatrick, Esq. youngest son of the de of the Rev. George Cunningham.

ceased Thomas Kirkpatrick of Closeburn, Bart. At Feversham, Westmorland, Henrietta, 21. At Edinburgh, Mrs Christian Orphoot, relict wife of the Rev. Dr Lawson, Vicar of that parish, of Mr Thomas Henderson, jun. merchant, Royal and daughter of the late Alexander Ranalson, Esq. Exchange. of Blairball, Perthshire.

- At No. 5, Antigua Street, Miss Elder, daugh6. At Colingsburgh, Mr Arthur Edie, late far- ter of the late Thomas Elder, Esq. of Forneth. mer at Muircambus.

At Strathmiglo, Mrs Elizabeth Gardner, re- At Mayfield, Mr Alexander Robertson, fifth lict of Mr David Gardner, brewer there. son of the late James Robertson, Esq. W. S.

22. At her father's house, Gayfield Square, in - At Laurieston Place, aged 58, John Clapper- the 16th year of her age, Christian, only daughter ton, Esq. merchant in Edinburgh.

of Patrick Black, Esq. late principal surveyor of 6. At Edinburgh, Mrs Helen Duncan, relict of his Majesty's Customs, Greenock. Mr Alexander Stevenson, one of the depute clerks - At his house, No. 4, Northumberland Place, of the Court of Session

Mr Adam Russel, builder. - At Ardardan, Dumbartonshire, after a few - At Pettycur, near Kinghorn, Mr Duncan Cadays' illness, Claud Neilson, Esq.

meron, vintner there. 7. At his house, Bonnington Place, John Boyd, 23. At Montrose, Mrs Innes, wife of Captain InEsq.

nes, Forfar Militia. -At Perth, Margaret, youngest daughter of At Mailingslane, Mr Thomas Sommerville, Capt. Menzies, 68th Regiment.

farmer there. 8. At Ayr Captain David Hunter, in the 80th - At Paisley, Mrs Margaret Morrison wife of ear of his age

the Rev. Dr Ferrier. AtClay

quhat, Perthshire, Mrs Janet Mit- - At her house, Hanover Street, Mrs. Janet chek wife of Wm. Spottiswoode, Esq.

Calderwood, widow of Mr David Gordon, mer. 10. At Aberdeen, in the 60th year of his age, chant. Mr James Cromar, rector of the grammar school 26. At Edinburgh, Mrs Dawson, relict of Mr there.

Thomas Dawson, of the Excise Office, Edinburgh. - At Edinburgh, Mr Neil Whyte, late of 25. At Brighton Place, Portobello, Catherine Greenock, after a few days' illness.

Gunning, infant daughter of D. Hunter, Esq. - At Kirkaldy, Mrs Ronaldson, widow of Mr - At her house, 15, Chapel Street, Miss E. Andrew Ronaldson, writer there.

Thomson, aged 76. 11. At Jamaica Street, Edinburgh, Mr Charles - At his house, 65, Potterrow, Mr David ForRobertson.

rest, auctioneer, Edinburgh. - At Edinburgh, aged six years and 9 months, - At Pilrig Place, Leith Walk, David, youngCharlotte Frances, third daughter of John Hamil- est son of the late Alexander Fairley, Esq. distilton Colt, Esq.

ler, Dunfermline. 12. At Gainslaw House, Berwick, Ralph Gilroy, - At Paris, General Foy, (Maximilian SebasEsq. late of Jamaica.

tian,) of an aneurisin of the heart. - At Ormiston, East Lothian, Mrs Margaret Suddenly, at his house, George Square, ArReddie, widow of John Thomson, Esq. of Prior chibald Campbell, Esq. Letham, merchant in Leith.

29. At Edinburgh, Malcolm Alexander, son of - At Moray Street, Leith Walk, Mr W. Knox, Malcolm Stewart, Esq. of Athol Bank, Perththe author of the Songs of Israel ; The Lonely shire.

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With the sound of our PREFACE It is surely needless, at this time of yet ringing in their ears, our many day, to point out the surpassing excelmyriads of readers will open this Num- lence of such a character as this in any ber in hope and fear of soine tremen- public and periodical personage, whedous explosion. The very least we ther in heaven or on earth. We cheercan do after last month's volcano, will fully acknowledge that many of the be to blow up both Houses of Parlia- other Magazines are tiresome to a dement !-No such thing. The great gree, of which those who have never beauty of our character-that which read them can form not even the most so rivets the affection of our friends, inadequate conception ; and yet it and so perplexes the hatred of our ene- would be cruel to call them bad Mamies,-is its apparent inconsistency. gazines. We believe them to be good We are never the same Magazine for Magazines. But what is a cold abstract two months together. The moon her- belief without accompanying emotion ? self, high as she stands for changeful. We do not feel them to be good Maganess, is, in comparison with us, a most zines ;-of which there cannot be a steady periodical. During the harvest, stronger proof than this, that when especially, she seerns always a well- we chance to fall asleep during the pepleased planet, as if a cloud had never rusal of even one of their most interestcrossed her face. Nay, astronomers ing articles, we never dream about itand shepherds pretend to understand never, so help us heaven !-but in our much of her behaviour all the year slumbers as utterly forget them as if round, and to predict when the fair such productions never had been born. editress is about to favour the public Now, no sooner do we sink into repose with a brilliant Number. But where an article in Blackwood, (we is the astronomer or shepherd, (even adopt the common phraseology,) than he the Chaldean,) who shall venture that Periodical pursues us into the to prophesy whether in a troubled or land of Nod, and haunts us in the serene heaven will rise the effulgence shape of a dream. We hear an unof our next month's horns ? Science certain sound like the rustling of herself is bafiled, and imagination con- wings; and then a countenance, fiucfesses herself at the wall. The nations tuating from sternness to suavity, smiles see the day of our rising advertised, or frowns upon us-is it that of George and wonder if, with fear of change, or Christopher-of North or Bucha we are to be perplexing monarchs, or nan-of Socrates or Solomon ?-Ioto merely diffusing our gentle radiance whatever imaginary scene fancy may over the paths of literature, and bright have wafted the contributor, he seems ening the privacy of domestic life. to ascend steps like the very steps VOL. XIX.



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